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A Congress of War or Peace? Diplomacy at Risk with Passage of 'Dangerous' Iran Bill


A Congress of War or Peace? Diplomacy at Risk with Passage of 'Dangerous' Iran Bill

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

After the House of Representatives on Thursday passed a bill that gives Congress more power to obstruct a final nuclear deal between world powers and Iran, advocates of diplomacy are saying now is a critical time for people in the U.S. to pressure lawmakers to choose peace—not military escalation and potentially war.


Total Treasonous Insanity! Boy the other wars are really going great!Wake up people!


It’s like somebody having there finger in the hole of a dam and it’s about to break. With the US now picking a fight with China, suppling weapons to Saudi Arabia, poking Russia in both eyes over Ukraine. And now Congress getting in the act by drumming the beat of war with Iran. We are brewing up the perfect storm to WW3.


Treasonous insanity to any sane person, but to the war profiteers not insane… and as they rake in more and more billions of war profit $ to them, the wars are going great! Peace is an anathema to these people in Congress with absolutely no conscience and are nothing but fawning parasites for the Amerikan MIC.

You have to know you are living in the Fourth Reich, when the House votes to keep funding a war that it has not debated as being illegally authorized,


I saw and felt WW-III at Bikini in 1956. I survived my exposure, many didn’t.

  • We don’t need war, we don’t need nuclear weapons, we need PEACE!
***I Have Seen the Dragon***

I have seen the Dragon
Through clenched lids and arms pressed tight.
I have felt its hot breath on my back
And listened to the rumble of its voice.

I have looked upon its breath,
Glowing Amethyst, red and purple,
Climbing towards the stratosphere
To deposit its venom downwind.

I have waited in fear as my gums began to bleed
And my hair came out in clumps.
I breathed a prayer of thanks
As I began to heal.

After fifty years, our ranks are thin,
We who have seen the Dragon and survived.
Those who have died or are sickened still,
Their numbers are legion.

All we can hope for, work for, pray for,
Is that no madman will ever be allowed
To unleash the Dragon again.
For its legacy to all is death, disease and decay.

© Stephen M. Osborn
2 November 2006
  • And these idiot politicians and war mongers who have never seen the Dragon seem to think of it as just a bigger firecracker.
  • I think we are “governed” by Thanatologists.
  • Einstein was asked what the weapons of WW-III would be. He replied, “I don’t know what the weapons of WW-III will be, but WW-IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”


Judging from the multiple wars all around us WW3 is already underway.


Besides the sale of arms, the mortgaging of land to finance war, the growth of the M/I/I Complex, Wall Street war profiteering and more, there is a push for war never mentioned: war as the greatest source of fresh organs.

If we follow the money, we are likely to find people who are making enormous profits from the sale of parts of the victims of war to multimillionaires that need a kidney, lungs, a liver, a heart and other organs for themselves or their loved ones.

Profits and power, or their sanitized definition “earnings and leadership” is conservatives religion. Killing for profit by the powerful makes it satanic.


Aw, look. We already know the way that this will end. As with the inevitability of the TPP, as with cuts to Social Security, the fix is in.

There shall be war. And, as in all the things which hurt us most, the abject sellout of the Democratic Party is the reason. The Democrats’ embrace of the Neocon warmongers and the One Percent have made this all possible. Every single bit of our oppression can be chalked up to the turn, hard Right, by the Democratic Party over the last few decades.

The only thing which might derail war with Iran would be war with Russia – another element of the Neocons’ PNAC agenda. Because war with Russia would derail the human race, and likely all life on earth. But even that possibility won’t stop the Neocons, as they merrily lead us into oblivion.


Yes, we do seem to be slipping into the abyss.


Americans love two things in life first is themselves and the second is war. They are the dumbest and most violent people on earth.


Yes I remember a while back you also told your story. It’s hard not to forget a story like yours. Your so lucky to alive. I’m sure you enjoy each and every day. Around ten years ago me and my japanese girlfriend went to Hiroshima Peace Park. The thing that stood out most were the children’s pictures of what they witness after the bombing. They are truly pictures of Hell. In one I remember people were walking around with there eyeballs hanging out. Over the years what happen at Nagasaki and Hiroshima have been suppressed. The US military filmed in color and made a documentary. But I believe is banned from the US. If people really knew what these weapons can do. They would demand that they be banned.

I also got to meet a survivor at the Peace Park. It was a special and emotional moment for myself.


Fascism is Alive & well.Perhaps we need to visit the Peace Factory–Google it!


Those imbeciles are the very definition of hubris. And if they don’t destroy humanity through global climate change, they will kill us all with their nuclear weapons. How did we get to this point?


Funny isn’t it how this congress will stick it’s nose into the Iranian legislation, yet can’t be bothered with their constitutional obligations as far as fast track and the TPP and the TTIP are concerned! If it comes to war with Iran, then the 400 congress critters who voted for this legislation and their combat age children (what is the age we apply to children in the middle-east 15?) should be the first boots on the ground to secure the Strait of Hormuz!


It’s worse than that. Even if irrefutable evidence to disprove all the lies were presented, they’d still shrug it off, repeat a few irrelevant clichés, and go back to sleep/TV.


If members of congress and the rich had to send their children off to war,there would be no wars. Period


As an American shaman I prayed at the peace parks of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for the souls of all people killed there. Buddhist nuns and priests were extraordinarily kind and respectful. I sure hope I don’t have to offer such prayers at American sites.


Empire is as Empire does!

Empire is the polar opposite of democracy.

As this particular ‘issue’ and subordinate ‘symptom problem’ of planning WWIII shows — and as is the case of all ‘issues’ and ‘symptom problems’ — the peoples’ wishes and deepest concerns are totally ignored by an Empire (particularly this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire, which few Americans understand to be the dominating and arrogant structure of their former country).

The bottom line on this and all issues is quite simply that less that 0.1% of Americans know and recognize that the political economic system they are ‘subjects’ of is NOT any kind of functional democracy at all, but is a Disguised Global Capitalist Empire which is just ‘posing’ as, and HQed in, their former country.

This disturbing,radical, but true reality is simply too upsetting for most Americans to admit to themselves or their fellow ‘subjects’ of this EMPIRE.

Today, there are a few hundreds of Thomas Paines and Paul Reveres attempting to alert, alarm, and forewarn Americans of this modern, deceitful, sophisticated, and guileful Disguised Global Capitalist Empire which has ‘captured’ and now fully “Occupies” our former country, and which hides (like a cancer) behind its dual-party facade of the neocon ‘R’ Vichy party and the neoliberal-con ‘D’ Vichy party.

And as the late great Kurt Vonnegut might say, “And so it goes”.

We are dying of Empire and few dare to even whisper the name of the disease in our body politic — just as few Americans even dared to mention “the big C” a generation ago.

So, we and America desperately need understanding, honest, and empathetic oncologists to diagnose the disease of Empire and to assure us that there could be life beyond “the big E” if we just face it together, non-violently, but with a rigorous regime of treatment with truth and ‘calling out’ this cancer of Empire for what it really is.

As Zygmunt Bauman hauntingly puts it, “In the case of an ailing social order, the absence of an adequate diagnosis…is a crucial, perhaps decisive, part of the disease.”13

Berman, Morris 2011 “Dark Ages America; The Final Phase of Empire”


You’ve got that right.