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A Constitutional Crisis in Portland

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/19/constitutional-crisis-portland


If O’Bummer and P’Loser had done their jobs in 2009, Eric Prince and his fellow War Criminals Dick Cheney, Lisa Haspel & John Yoo (among many others) would all be in prison — hopefully for the rest of their lives.   Instead, hav-
ing joined the DrĂĽmpf Crime Family, at least two of the four are perpetrating further nefarious schemes as members
of the current “administration”.


Doug Brown is an antifa mouthpiece and has been at least since 2016 when he worked for the antifa rag willamette week. The ACLU has shamelessly covered up antifa violence for years now. Also the National Lawyers Guild, the Mainstream Portland Press, which includes the Willamette Week, the Oregonian, the Portland Tribune, and the Mercury. Everyone one of these print outlets and organizations is compromised either by antifa operatives aka Doug Brown or are intimidated from reporting the truth of what is happening in Portland. I have watched the Green hatted “ACLU” stand and watch antifa thugs beat people to the ground whom were attempting to exercise their first amendment rights. These “left” front groups with ties to the Democratic Party are using their local power to destroy Portland, an act of perpetual war which hark-ins to the Red Terrors of the past. Antifa thugs are sellecting what small businesses will live and which will die, most are slated to die, as is the civic life of Portland.

U R 2 FUNNY! Stop, you’re cracking yourself up.

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When Rick Snyder sent in his own hand-picked goons to take over the legally elected governments of Detroit, Benton Harbor, and Flint, where was the ACLU? When Snyder, by proxy, poisoned the people of Flint by switching to a water source already polluted by GM, and shut up whistleblowers, where was the ACLU. All three cities are predominantly black and poor of all colors. Other cities and towns in Michigan were having the same financial problems, but Snyder only chose those three. Perhaps he had dreams of 2016 in his genocidal brain.
Flint is permanently damaged. Benton Harbor will never trust “democracy” again. Detroit will remain Detroit.
My point? Portland, Oregon has a rep among liberals of being a landmark city, with green spaces and food pods. Little is ever said about its inequality and burial of racial issues. When the dream is finally broken open to reveal a Potemkin village, and people rise up in speaking truth to power, yeah, those in Power will react violently. Lawsuits are lame, only playing into the Elite playbook. We need to push, and push hard. No violence. Join up with others around the world who are resisting the same forces. Flint and Benton Harbor are connected to cities and villages in Syria, Yemen, Ladakh, Uygher, Tibet, Mozambique, the Congo, poor areas in India…I could go on, but it’s not just a struggle in a limited area. And it can’t be healed by a lawsuit.
Stand and resist. The Elite can’t put us all down. Read what people are saying and doing in other countries. And, if a person knocks at your door dressed in a uniform without a badge or name tag, don’t answer. No one has challenged the Patriot Act’s effect on the 4th Amendment in a federal court to the best of my knowledge.


Trump just announced that he will have a healthcare plan for the country that he will enforce because the Supreme Court just gave him all kinds of power???

So the secret police or Gestopo are out of “homeland” dept —what a surprise
Hopfully people are realizing we live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE!


When you make such incendiary accusations they must be backed-up & supported by some form of evidence - witness - beside your own.

The avalanche of charges you make are filled with terms and incidents that demand evidence. I will not pretend to have experience in Portland or know who is who, and what is what, but muddling the truth, if that’s what it is we already have way to goccamn much of!
Neo-nazis, armed racist militia, right-wing goons, unidentified federal goons beating & taking people away, “Antifa” thugs targeting small businesses, the ACLU as the enemy - WTF?


Right on sir. Actually the policeman was just kneeling and George Floyd physically picked him up and put his neck under the policeman’s knee.
And the virus is a hoax and nobody died and hospitals have plenty of equipment. Also everyone is envious of the usa.


And Dubya stripping the right to due process from “enemy combatants” (not defined nearly two decades later), with Trump denying due process to “domestic terrorists”, a term not yet defined, except by progressives who have recognized the GOP as a domestic terrorist organization at least since Newt’s contract on America a quarter century ago.


The unmarked unidentified forces beating, inciting, and taking peaceful people off the streets without cause - kidnapping them - and zero due process is a violation of First Amendment freedoms, and as such is illegal - as well as Unconstitutional.

The deployment of unmarked goons is intentional by the trump regime that is shitting itself as its poll numbers plummet and corrupt power evaporates. Intentionally sowing fear and committing, and inciting, violence is the weapon of fascist dictatorships - often used in America by the military/police state, but should never be tolerated.

Oregon and Portland must resist this abuse of power, and their sovereignty, even to using state forces to either protect protesters or arresting goons violating the law and Constitutional guarantees to free speech.
That would shake things up!


Well, if people really want to know what is going on in Portland at night, every night for the last 50 days, they will need to follow @MrAndyNgo on twitter. To understand the rise of antifa in Portland requires more study. Doug Brown’s tweets @DougBrown8 are still available. Going back to 2016 will give you plenty of context for his partisan position. Businesses in the inner core of Portland are panicked that they will be looted next. Many are pulling up stakes, others put BLM signs in the window hoping that will ward off the wrath of antifa. The entire core of Portland has been trashed with graffiti calling for murder. Instead of an economy it is now filled with homeless people in tents. “Protest” is cover for the massive economic destruction of Portland. Language has become debased, gas lighting the entire population is now in effect.

I agree that there have been earlier disasters like Flint and government takeover of cities in Michigan that needed intervention.

Still, in the context of trying to somehow salvage a democracy in the US, I am grateful to the ACLU for suing the current administration in this instance. (We really dare not have federal police in the streets of our cities running roughshod over local populations – and it sounds like this is just a test case!) Maybe the lawsuit – plus Portland mothers, Navy veterans and Oregon state and local officials standing against this can turn this around.

This is fascism. It’s a very deliberate step, and if we learned anything from Nazi Germany, it’s how critical it is to resist in the early stages. I also think we need to be on the alert for a Reichstag fire type incident that might be used to justify further repression, the “postponement” of the November election or the refusal to give up the seats of power if they hold the election and lose.

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Why is this story covered in this way-----why are there no inteveiws with people on all the differing sides???THINK ABOUT IT --------SOMETHING IS MISSING-----------REAL FUCKING COMMUNICATION

Stay at home in Longview, please. These screeds of yours are off the chart, truly a joke. Really, Andy Ngo? More milkshakes, too?
The evidence is in and having tiny toesies ( little hands 2 ? ) isn’t much of a feat either, actually.

I wonder what building would be the new reichstag, and in what city? Chicago? His own building? Would that work? What building would evoke the right response? Statue of Liberty? What building is losing money?

It wouldn’t necessarily be a building. But making it one of the Trump towers might be advantageous if it’s losing money and he gets a fat insurance settlement…however it wouldn’t have the right outrage-stirring quality. Maybe the US Capitol, to follow the Reichstag example?

How is this different than Obama sending federal agents to crush Occupy Wall Street? I’m genuinely asking if anyone remembers the legal specifics. Did local or state authorities allow or request the “help”, and that would make it legal? Did Obama troops come from the border patrol? Did they wear unmarked uniforms?

Glen Ford writes today that Obama used the FBI to crush Occupy Wall Street.

“Who is the Most Dangerous Fascist?”

Agree. Maybe not a building. Maybe a person they do not like anyway. Similar to the journalists they cut in two, then use the outrage to increase the war. Two birds with one stone. Maybe set fire to a museum or a homeless shelter, then blame protesters. Oh well, nothing I can do.