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'A Coup Is Underway': Experts Warn Election Lies by Trump and GOP Leaders Could Unleash Violent Wave

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/12/coup-underway-experts-warn-election-lies-trump-and-gop-leaders-could-unleash-violent


Someone needs to send this article to Joe Biden as he has yet to realize that Trump, as he has recently said, is more than simply an “embarrassment” but is instead, as professor Snyder points out, a genuine threat to whatever democracy is left in this fragile country.


From the article:

“There will be a price to pay,” Voight said. “The ones who are jumping for joy now are jumping toward the horror they will be in for… We must fight the corruption that has taken over… Let us fight this fight as if it is our last fight on Earth.”

Twitter included a warning on the post saying it contained claims about “election fraud” that are “disputed.”

Warning about disputed claims?

How about banned for incitement to violence?

Twitter (and Facebook) is deeply complicit in the violence that is brewing.

Oh, and Jon Voight can go to hell.


Yes, it’s almost too quite –
and as the news drones on telling us that “inside sources” say that of course
Trump knows he has lost – and of course he will be out January 20th …

We have this hand-delivered outline as to what the attempt may be – and of course
it will involve the Pentagon –

State legislatures in the closely contested states are Republican, and they are currently being pressured to appoint electors that will ignore the popular vote and re-elect Trump. That is their right under the Constitution, and indeed it is why the electoral college exists. Even if only one or two did that, and reduced Biden’s count so that neither gets the required 270 votes, then the election goes to the House of Representatives, where each state gets one vote—and Republican controlled states currently outnumber Democratic run states.

So there is indeed a way, and Republicans usually do not hesitate to use everything they can to win. They are not wishy-washy like Democrats who really don’t care if they lose, because in the end they want the same kind of government anyway. Remember that in 2016 after it was apparent that Trump had been elected, some were calling for electors to vote for Clinton and reject Trump. Not a single vote changed.I will guarantee right now that even if no state appoints a slate of Trump electors, we will see at least some who will vote against the popular vote.

If we survive this election, bear this warning in mind –
If it doesn’t happen right now – we need to get busy removing the Electoral College
which is a danger to the freedom of the nation and to democracy.


How do you know that he has yet to realize?

Chill folks.
The nutzoid racist ignorant goons are infiltrated.
And if local police and state troopers cannot handle the situations (plural),
the National Guard under the governor can.

A massive show of force will disperse an armed crowd with their semi auto rifles.

The Michigan state house allowing persons to come inside, armed, was a clear
message to government elected and appointed that these are not ‘good’ people
as trump would label them. I do not know why the state troopers on the third floor
railing did not order the trespassers out.


Here in QAnon/3%/Boogaloo Boi Red County (yes, where Aberdeen has consistently tied with Flint, Michigan as worst city in the US), in the town that butts up against it, my public ed wife’s colleague had to call the police yesterday.

His Boogaloo & 3% neighbors were shooting AR15s and AK47’s into the air from their backyard yesterday. Citations issued, no arrests made.

It’s only 3rd hand since I don’t do FB at all, but I’m hearing now from local teachers that the local FB pages are all salivating with the thought of Drumpf calling them to war.

The current with this crowd is as tribal and viscous as the prelude to Rwanda was.

My only optimism lies in the fact that the republicans are mostly incompetent, but look down right brilliant next to the Drumpf appointees and faithful.

However, it doesn’t mean someone’s not going to toss a match into the all ready volatile situation.


I know this because of the simple fact that Biden is apparently not taking seriously what Professor Snyder is saying given that Biden’s only criticism of the authoritarian Trump is that he is only an “embarrassment.” Have you seen or heard Biden say any of the things which this article warns the reader about concerning Trump? I certainly have not which would seem to indicate that Biden does not want to seem too “radical” by alerting the American people of the fascist nature of Trump. It would seem that Biden thinks that all is well in the allegedly greatest country in the world. But as the article brings out, this is not the case when it is run by a person who has allowed over 10 million people to become infected with the coronavirus. One does hope that Biden will soon come to the realization that Trump has every intention to try and hold on to power and not relinquish it to his successor. At the very least Biden should not take it for granted that Trump will gracefully step aside on January 20, 2021.

Biden would be quite foolish to think that Trump would not unleash the rage of white supremacist groups across the country in the days before Biden officially becomes the next president.


can we stop with the panicky pearl-clutching? these “militias” are disorganized idiots. i’m not saying there won’t be incidents of violence, but there aren’t thousands of disciplined, well-trained cadres ready to storm out of montana and wage civil war. i look forward to these clowns facing down the same tanks deployed against demonstrators.


I worry more about police departments “answering the call” by either inciting violence or standing down when it happens. Never trust a cop.


A large percentage of the Oath Keepers are from PDs, Dept. of Corrections, and ICE.

You know which way they lean on the political spectrum.


First off, stop calling these deluded, apparently massively aggrieved nuts, militias.
They are domestic terrorists.
They are whitey-righty-christo-dominionist cos playing fools with dangerous weapons.
and a whole lot of hate.

That said, yes, I have concerns.


What is deeply concerning is that Biden does not seemed concerned. With people like Pompeo, Trump, Bannon, Bolton on the one side along with many far-right wingers who think that The Deep State is trying to destroy this country, he should be concerned. And if Trump ever leaves, this undercurrent will still be there… . Biden needs to wake up.


Biden has to stay on Trumps good side because 8 years down the road the Democrats will be asking him to speak at their convention even as they claim the Republican sitting in Presidency at that time called incompetent.


We have a unique mixture of criminal intent and insanity.

The White House staff gets its marching orders from Mr. Trump. The trouble is, Mr. Trump is asking for impossible things. Nevertheless the staff needs to somehow carry out their directive to overthrow the United States Government.

The most direct route to overthrowing the government is to round up the army and take over everything. The problem is, Mr. Trump already called the soldiers suckers for dutifully going to Vietnam. Where is Mr. Trump’s staff going to find enough generals willing to defy their own oaths to uphold the U.S. Constitution? They are firing all sorts of enemies and appointing just about anybody still wearing pieces of clothing to be generals for the duration of the coup.

Beyond the regular troops, best guess, the Trump administration can only expect halfhearted support from some of the INS cops that they deployed in Portland to abduct random citizens off the street. Really, the INS cops want their jobs.

Finally we get to the cult. I’m sure that if seven guys can be found to kidnap the Governor of Michigan, at least twenty more gonzo gunmen will, if ordered, attack the Pentagon in a frontal attack. Another 2,000 gunmen will happily wave their guns around at polling places but will do nothing that might be illegal. They have families.

I suspect that Mr. Trump doesn’t currently command the same unwavering loyalty in state legislatures that he has demanded of Congress. Republican legislators have to ask themselves if fomenting a failing political coup will be in their best political interests. We’re going to get lots of legislators unwilling to overthrow the U.S. government but who are also unwilling to speak out, not until the Trump is gone and stuffed into a nursing home with lots of psych meds up the tush all day.


As Greenwich and others have explained, the coup will not require Trump’s base to attempt a civil war. Under our present system, a coup can happen bloodlessly and even legally, by those determined to thwart the will of the majority.


Perhaps the most alarming report I have yet seen. Perhaps it is time to visit the sighting-in range.


Dear America, we are so glad we won, BUT this entire ENTIRE election B.S. can be avoided SO EASILY!!! TOWIT Everyone has a Social Security number. The Social Security portal online can have a vote attachment section so we can just vote there, and be able to check it anytime. Easy Peasy, no mess no fuss, no mail, no Proud Boys, no guns no protesters, no DeJoy no manipulation no fraud. The sheet storm that was this election has GOT TO STOP!!!

The Federal firewall at the SS admin can be ‘beefed’ up to international banking standards making hackers liable for federal crimes.

Lots of people have phones and can vote by phone, library’s have computers, internet cafe’s can allow free access for voting. NO disenfranchised voters, no racial divide.


In the 1970’s a private organization known as the trilateral commission existed. It was a fraternity, an elite multinational organization whose members were admitted by invitation only and whose mandate was to advance the global economy in the three dominant regions Europe, Asia, and the United States, hence the term “Trilateral”. The press was not invited to attend. Naomi Klein wrote an exhaustively large book on the Trilateral Commission in the 1990’s, an organization which Jimmy Carter had been part of until his presidency, (it was he who began the deregulation, not Reagan). It was leaked in the 1980’s that the organization, filled with economic elites from around the globe, had held a conference on “the threat of democracy”. The ruling class now exists in many such fraternities: skull and bones, the project for a new American century, the Bilderberg meetings, the council on foreign affairs…there are others. These powerful economic elites are the players behind the scenes which the public supports when they elect status quo politicians like Biden, although admittedly Trump may not have made the cut. The threat of democracy is also the reason they cannot allow persons like Sanders to win in the primaries, and they have to rig those elections to stop progressive’s from getting a foothold in mainstream American politics. It is unlikely that Biden does not know that Democracy itself is in trouble, that is after all the point! American riff raff concerned about democracy should not be voting for mainstream democrats like Obama, Clinton or Biden, but should instead invest their hopes in actual progressives. The democrats are far and away right wing neoliberal oligarchs, save a rare few, who can very visibly be seen getting blocked out of the political mainstream by the other democrats. People need to stop rewarding this democratic subterfuge with their vote, and then lamenting the loss of democracy later!


There’s only one world that we all live on, so how on Earth can there be a “third world?” It’s a pejorative term and from the outdated Cold War Era, but it is what I’ve come to expect from some fake-progressives who are nothing but D cultists – supporting an imperialistic right-wing party – at voting time. Maybe this will help to inform: