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A Couple of Things About Jimmy Breslin


A Couple of Things About Jimmy Breslin

Michael Winship

Last Wednesday, I sat down to write a piece about the late Jimmy Breslin, the newspaper columnist whose blunt yet eloquent and crafted prose captured New York and its environs as no one has since Damon Runyon.


Michael, thanks for a wonderful first person recollection of Jimmy Breslin.

Jimmy saw 9/11 for what it was, after the NYPD was not allowed to treat it as a Crime, with a Crime Scene.

He saw Long Island Bishop Murphy as the Materialistic (Mansion Murphy, he called him, after his first order of business was to outfit a Mansion for himself) and Mendacious (Complicity in the Boston Scandal reply : "Well...there were other Murphys..") person that he was.

His Voice and Regular presence have been missing since his last Gig, at NY's Newsday, after it was acquired by the Billionaire Cablevision Dolan Family, who fired ALL their Opinion Writers as THEIR first order of Business.

I miss his Contributions to our Community Fact Bank, and am dismayed that there are those who might refuse to see past his Colloquial Honesty, and attempt to Undermine him, and his Memory, on Style Points.