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A Court Just Slammed the Guantánamo Gate Shut

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/11/court-just-slammed-guantanamo-gate-shut

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While I’m thankful for whatever positive move in the right direction
is occurring - I really don’t see this kind of optimism as warranted if
we consider the years since the end of WWII – and how far this
nation has been moved to the right –

not only this nation, but its effect on so many other nations where we have
destroyed their efforts at democracy, or their own liberal/national wishes for
their nations –

and US/CIA effect on the United Nations which has been deterred from the very
meaning of its intention to protect the peace of the world post WWII - and to stop
“illegal wars of aggression.”

Is it some coincidence do we think that the US/CIA superpower which has been
destroying democracies all over the world has most benefited from its destruction
of the United Nations –

especially to free women throughout the world from forced pregnancies – in worlds
where they are still under the gun of organized patriarchal religions which support
systems of control by Elite/Patriarchy –

where those methods continue to ensure poverty for the already impoverished in these
lands and high profits for the already rich –

US/CIA has done everything it can to support Elite/Patriarchy throughout the world and
to use violence/chaos of drug running and gun running to encourage the rise of organized
crime to further be used against the people –

And where we now sit and watch as our fascist government moves to recreate a world of
“White Supremacy” here –

It took them 75 years to get to this point – which speaks for the strength of liberties and
freedom and democracy which did exist over the last 75 years here –

Can we grab onto what’s left now and walk it backwards – especially without violence?

United Nations is still trying to warn us none the less of the greatest threat to our peace …


Thanks to Carol Rosenberg, Linda Greenhouse, a lot of persistent lawyers, and a few judges.

I admit to missing this bit of news – glad Ms Greenhouse is keeping us informed.


Biden and Trump are certain to use their power to keep Guananamo open. The only way I see it shutting down is through a massive mobilization of US citizens to shut down the US ports that support it.

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“I’ve come to think of Guantánamo, born in fear and sustained through political cynicism and public indifference, as a mirror of ourselves during these opening decades of the current century”

Guantamo was not born out of fear in my book. As fear implies victimhood. And an empire state is far from being a victim. Guantamo was born by design, as one of the many tools that preventively intimidate the unwashed for the interests of the economic cartels. It is really not that different from other tools that the US has historically used (not just in the past couple decades), for the same purpose. The tools are plenty, but a few are a long list of wars and regime changes, where generals and dictators were propped and supported to torture and murder with impunity. There was another 9/11 that happened in Chile years before Guantamo. So, the mirror has been there all along, way before the “we tortured some folks” Guantamo.


That was one of a few milestones in the Obama years when the cake received its icing for me. Obama, who I believe was pretty serious about closing down Guantanamo, ran into opposition from his own right leaning House and Senate majority caucuses. They could not and would not accept being labeled “weak on terrorism.” I couldn’t help but conclude: The d-party is just an extension of the r-party. The evidence for that conclusion never stops mounting.

Just as paranoid.
Just as beholden to the MIC.
Just as beholden to hayseed white folks who have never, and will never, meet a Muslim.


Level it to the ground.


The corpress, including the Times, bears a major amount of the responsibility for this travesty of justice, breaking out the spandex and pom poms to cheerlead the GWOT at every turn.

If Greenhouse wishes to apportion blame, she can start with her publisher.


Yeah , guys like Krugman writing for the NYT and claiming there was no anti-muslim behaviour in the USA after 9/11.

I wonder how many people locked up at Gitmo were not Muslims?


Time to revive the advocacy for ethics. The war machine is an economic model. A parasitic model. One need only observe the killing of the host to jerk back the curtain.

There is a stunning of the people going on. The stun gun is not electric it is psychological trauma.



Use justice to rule a country.
Use surprise to wage war.
Use non-action to govern the world.

How do I know it is so?

As for the world,
The more restrictions and prohibitions there are,
The poorer the people will be.

The more sharp weapons people have in a country,
The bigger the disorder will be.

The more clever and cunning people are,
The stranger the events will be.

The more laws and commands there are,
The more thieves and robbers there will be.

Therefore the sage says:

I do not act,
And people become reformed by themselves.

I am at peace,
And people become fair by themselves.

I do not interfere,
And people become rich by themselves.

I have no desire to desire,
And people become like the uncarved wood by themselves.

Tao Te Ching
Lao Tzu


AND give the land back to Cuba!


Yes, if we dont stand up for human rights both here and around the world we’ll end up like China, India or even North Korea very soon, where large scale industrialized state sanctioned improsonment of groups to get slave labor, forced labor and bonded labor (modern slavery) are common, and human life is cheap.


Near slavery conditions under nonimmigrant visas are already a serious problem in places like Silicon Valley. And thousands of people are being subjected to it.

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Guantanamo is the newer version of what Cuba has endured for over 50 years,
permanent punishment on display for all the world to see.

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Hi Pony –

Right –

Rather than see it unused – they’ll just start filling it up with new bodies.
90% of those roped in re 9/11 had absolutely nothing to do with terrorism.
And the 10% others were also questionable –
US paying Taliban to just round up people –
Any of us could be … one of those people … any time now.

TORTURE is very high on the list of necessities for Dictatorships.

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