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'A Crime Against Humanity': Trump Denounced as 'International Embarrassment' for Refusing to 'Believe' Climate Report

'A Crime Against Humanity': Trump Denounced as 'International Embarrassment' for Refusing to 'Believe' Climate Report

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump was panned on Monday for his dismissal of his own administration's recently released climate assessment.

"In all seriousness, the willful denial and obfuscation by Trump on climate change is a crime against humanity. Billions of people will bear incalculable harm for generations to come. Much, much, much worse than possibly colluding to steal an election." —Eric Holthaus


Very unofficial reports say that there is a gag order on fire fighters about reporting casualties in the CA fires and that the death toll is grossly under reported. Death reports can only go through the highly political FEMA and political organizations tow the White House line.
Don’t know if it is true, but there are still thousands missing.
It will probably be reported late on a Friday night.

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So, climate change is going to cost “the economy” $500 billion per year. What part of the “economy” is going to pay this money, and,more importantly, who is going to get this $500 billion?


It’s not Trump. It’s capitalism. The reason that Trump doesn’t believe it is the same reason why the other capitalist party isn’t going to address the problem in any comprehensive way that might give life on Earth a chance. The capitalist’s who run both capitalists parties aren’t going to give up any of their wealth and privilege. Yet another article on CD where the c word doesn’t even appear.


c word?

You mean "children’?

Because overpopulation is the underlying cause of climate change, and CD has never once presented an article on that.

Yet, there is endless banter about evil capitalism. The irony is that it’s all done on computers made by capitalism.

Vasectomies however are the most socialist thing you an do.


Capitalism makes computers? Socialist countries can’t make anything?

I agree with your last sentence.

Well of course capitalism makes computers. Where did you get yours? Did they grow it on an organic commune and then give it away to you?


Guess who!


Seeing that our “economy” is based upon the petrodollar it’s a circular problem. Until the money systems of the world are restructured, there can be no change.

Although people are saying that Trump’s base are going to do their part and rake the forests. I’m not saying that’s it’s true, it is just what people are saying.

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I’m not sure which is worse, Trump’s denial of the report or the countries in Asia that accept the science yet are building or planning more then one thousand coal-burning plants. And there is Germany which talks a good game but hasn’t reduced emissions in 10 years. In the US while Trump is ignoring the conclusions of the report many states and numerous cities are ignoring Trump and working to meet the US pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Americans would be wise to work locally on climate change since there is not much that can be done about Trump at this time.


Yes, our state is doing that- but this is much bigger than making small token moves.

As soon as the coal or oil companies complain that their profits are down, working on meeting that pledge will become illegal.


Check out Chris Hedges’ article today for a lesson on what capitalism means. Labor makes the computer. Capitalism exploits labor.


What many states are doing is far from token moves. But the US can’s do everything as about only 15% of CO2 emissions are from the US. Half of all coal is burned in China which accounts for about 25% of CO2 emissions. it has to be a worldwide effort but it would certainly help if the US was completely on board.

“I read some of it, it’s fine”. “I don’t believe it.” This orange buffoon has the IQ of a rock.
Another day another one of Trump’s ridiculous comments.I don’t even think they surprise anyone anymore.


Trump’s violation of emoluments laws and his alleged collusion with Russia are nothing compared to his and his administration’s denial of the accelerating Climate Catastrophe.

He won’t be impeached & convicted, but he IS a World Criminal due to his anti-science policies.

Previous administrations have done far too little to mitigate the disastrous effects of the accelerating Climate Catastrophe, but Trump’s administration has gone out of its way to make that catastrophe worse.

He should be arrested and frog-marched out of the White House, and his cronies, starting with Pence and the entire anti-science RethugliKKKan Party and all the Corporate DemoCraps (who talk a good climate game, but still accept fossil fuel industry $$), should also be arrested for their Crimes Against Humanity.


What a moron.


They have located more deceased people in the last several days. Many who were thought to be evacuated have been found close to home. I never seek anything from the FEDS. A pretty good network here on the west coast keeps us up to speed. And many more feared dead were not taken off the totals when found by families or scattered in shelters. There are not thousands missing anymore by anyone’s account who are on the ground. https://www.sacbee.com/latest-news/article222064265.html

There are just too many of us on the planet. No matter what the Dick-in-Chief thinks, we have passed the point of no return in terms of living with a sustainable climate system. Crumpus is just taking us all over the proverbial cliff faster than ever.


Really need to make it a rule for the media to NEVER feature a close up of the gums of the Fuhrer. REALLY put me off my coffee.

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