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A Criminal Trump, GOP Complicity, and Hitler's "Chimera of Conscience"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/04/criminal-trump-gop-complicity-and-hitlers-chimera-conscience


Trump is not the cancer. Trump is just a pustule. Removing Trump – yes, remove him! – is not a cure. Removing Trump is just popping a pustule.

The cancer on the USA is hundreds of years old. It has now metastasized into the living systems of the Earth’s ecology, and ALL are now suffering under this disease.

The economy is build on colonization, on the verb “grab” that Davis sees as Trump’s operating principle. It is indeed Trump’s operating principle, but it is the operating principle of the USA itself. Limited-liability investor-owned corporations are designed and operated to “grab.” Whiteness and white supremacy were invented to facilitate “grab.” Capitalism is built on mountains of “grab.” Grand theft continental, mass murder and enslavement “made America great.”

This colonizing, capitalist, corporate cancer must be seen, and removed. Removing Trump and declaring victory will be disastrous. We need to see the whole systemic disease, and we need to institute healthy ecological economics that rather than being based on ethics of “grab it” and “get away with it,” are instead based on ethics of “Care for the Earth; Care for the People; Fair Share for All.”


The Gorda naranja gilipollas accuses everyone of the very things he does. He IS a cancer, a pox, a virulent virus that has no adequate adjective or cure. Even if he is excised from office he will spread because it’s all he knows. He doesn’t connect the toxicity of his actions to the outcomes that follow. He is a maggot-infested, bloated pork-belly that’s ready to burst and spread. Knowledge, education, eradication, and patience are the only cure. God (assuming there is one) help us all.


The author’s onto something–US culture since WW2 has had a long-running love affair with antiheroes, and Twump, for some at least, is part Clint Eastwood and part Don Rickles.

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Lol…you taught me a new word. I never heard gilipollas before! It fits!

As for your cure of education…that’s not going to happen. Our schools have been deliberately dumbed down and are controlled by the rightwing, starting with Texas which buys the most textbooks, and their benighted gilipollas set the publishers’ standards. But kids are pretty good at filling in little circles on sheets of paper…that doesn’t require much critical thinking which they weren’t taught to do in the first place.


Uh, yeah. And can you tell me why no one is mentioning Ayn Rand and her profoundly perverted view of “conscience” versus the pursuit of self-interest? I mean, really, folks. Get with the program. She is the foundational figure for “intellectual” Trumpers. Paul Ryan, for example. You know, that “policy wonk” of the Repugnican Party.


Here’ the rude awakening for all you optimists…Let’s assume DT doesn’t cancel the 2020 election, he doesn’t declare martial law, he loses and vacates the White House like the mad dog he is, AND Dems take control and a Dem is in the Oval Office. What then? They will not be able to undo the damage DT has done across the board nationally and globally. It’s. Not. Possible. They have done this over and over and the voters vote them out, and we have another DisgustaPub in office. After a four year period of them fighting with each other, nothing getting accomplished, and guess what? Another RP in the White House and Dems outside again, looking in. Can it get much worse than Agent Orange? Count on it.


Well to me, a good analogy is the U.S. government is also a chimera; it is a monster that is completely out of control.