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A Crisis of Revelance: Why We Need a New 'Public Plan' for Peace


A Crisis of Revelance: Why We Need a New 'Public Plan' for Peace

Robert C. Koehler

And the word of the moment is . . . opportunity:

“What unites our party is a belief in opportunity, the idea that however you started out, whatever you look like, whoever you love, America is the place you can make it if you try.”


The thought of ending any of our permanent wars was completely off the table during the interminable 2016 POTUS election.

I interpret that fact as evidence that USA is governed by the Pentagon, that sometime in the last 20 years or so we quietly slid into a defacto Military Dictatorship.

It's an awful truth, but I don't think we can live up to the hope & optimism of Koehler & others unless we start facing up.


When the headline photo was taken the media serially addressed the gubmit's "credibility gap" that at least one pundit noted was big enough to fly a B-52 through.

By eliminating the draft and soft selling war for nearly half a century. by the time Trump announced his POTUS candidacy the credibility gap had become big enough to fly the entire B-52 fleet through in V formation.

Recall during the Gulf War the media coined the phrase "collateral damage" to describe injuries and death sustained by civilians, a major milestone in sanitizing and soft selling eternal military occupations and wars.


Mr. Koehler has consistently put forth his rational and heartfelt critique of our national shame: unremitting war-making in the service of greed, pride, adventurism, righteousness, whatever. He is sick to death of it and so are many Americans. (If we had the draft still, would we still be at war in the Middle East?). Thank you for keeping this status quo of America's war and bloody civilian carnage, of drones, and 'kill lists' and undeservedly claiming the moral high ground, always--in our mirrors, with your writing, Robert.
Would that your pieces were published in the NY Times, Washington Post, , St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Chicago Tribune, etc Also in magazines many people read, like People, Redbook, etc.


I am so disgusted by politics and politicians these days I don't think I'll be posting much here or anywhere else for some time, except on environmental issues, and even then, I'll stick to science and my own thoughts.

According to Andrew Bacevich, in his book "Breach of Trust", the Pentagon has been running the show for a lot longer than 20 years, if I may be permitted a bit of interpretive leeway here.

If Ronald Wright is correct in his book "What is America?", then the MIC goes back at least to 1776, probably to the Pilgrims - a religious bunch who immediately began the process of conquest - in fact, just another offshoot of religious/cultural exceptionalism everywhere, throughout recorded history.

No - I'm returning in spirit, and perhaps even physically, to the mountains, the only place I have found wild nature - and sanity - in my life.

I will be reading Karsten Huer's "Walking the Big Wild" - as a way back into this sane place. Karsten is here in Canada right now, shepherding the re-introduction of the North American bison to the wild in Banff National Park as we speak.

Signing off from politics and politicians for now.


Forget the democratic party. It destroys democracies when it is in power.

Become an autonomous democrat. Align yourself with quantum physics.

You are cosmic powered biology surfing big still banging at life speed. Forget the totalitarian heirarchy known as the democratic party. Autonomous democracy is an ancient tool used by humans to focus distributed intelligence.

Be modern. If the party is no fun, go home and get some sleep.


If the new DNC chairman is able to concede that his party is in the midst of — and being destroyed by — a crisis of relevance, then perhaps he can defy the establishment that backed him and stand up to the State of War, as McGovern did 45 years ago. - Robert C. Koehler

From Clinton and Obama to Sanders and Warren to Perez and Ellison, the Democrat Party establishment has embraced drone killing, crowd killing, sociopathic Special Operations massacres, and worldwide war.

Yes, progressives need to work to develop and promote peace initiatives. But war is profitable and, giving the middle finger to progressives, the DNC just voted to allow the corporate buy out of Democrat Politicians. There is absolutely no chance that the Democrat Party will make any positive contribution to such efforts.


That plan should recognize that the people never want warfare. It is a president/prime minister/dictator and/or a legislature that do.

Until an improved International Court of Justice is able to haul these bellicose politicians before itself for trial, and punish those who attempt to start a war with prison or death, any public plan for peace is probably doomed to fail.


I have come to believe that there is a substantial number of Americans whose mindset is very much pro-war, pro-defense spending. I come across them too frequently to believe that our so called leaders are not cognizant of that. The brainwashing began long, long ago and has been entirely successful. Thanks to Truman. Dulles, and all the rest who have followed since then.


Thank you. This is the kind of article we need--it is purposive, focuses us on a goal of the highest importance, and thankfully, doesn't descend into the time wasting anti-Trump this, anti-Trump that which takes our eyes off the prize. I have always believed that financial, moral and spiritual costs of the wars are contributory to so many of the issues that confront us today.


Yes, there are many Americans whose mindset is very much pro-war, pro-defense spending - since they are not personally involved in the warfare.

Warfare for Americans is always something that happens far away. The common US citizen is never involved in warfare. It's not really warfare for them, so they favor it because...

these people are very heavily propagandized, but equally relevant to their attitude toward war is the fact that the jobs of many depend on the production of war machines and materials. In at least one state, more than 50% of all employment is either directly or indirectly dependent upon "defense" spending.


America needs to wake up, The glorification of everything military from toys, guns, games, clothing, songs, sports etc. is manufacturing cannon fodder and that fodder will be our sons and daughters and their sons and daughters. The world is littered with the graves of those who believed they could control the world, buried right next to their collateral damage.


It's pervasive, seeping into almost every area of life, attitude, treatment of others. In many ways, it innoculates us from having to be responsible, or to care.


From what I have read but not researched, most of the 50 states have some significant industry or employment related to war. What I read, and can't remember the source, is that this may be a strategic calculation (I know that sounds like conspiracy theory). With so many tied up in weapons and war technology, it makes it next to impossible for a congress person (such as my own Patty Murray for example) to take a stand against a Boeing, which builds the cruise missile among other bits of weaponry. The tentacles seem to be everywhere.


I believe it is a strategic calculation.

Some conspiracy theories are right on the mark.


There is a reason Sanders won't go after the war dept. This needs to come from the bottom up. But we need hard reporting on what the US military is doing around the world---why will congress be voting to cut healthcare and increase war spending? We could easily cut the war debt budget in half and still have a strong military to defend this country.

War is a racket -----this is stuff most people don't know?????

I will never forget that night---the PEACE candidate lost every state except my home state???and McGovern proposed a plan to give back $1,000 to every adult in the US-----he was way ahead of his time.


"reality is an illusion; albeit a persistent one!"--albert einstein


MLK knew this 50 years ago. He saw where it would inevitably lead, and here we are! One year later, to the day, they silenced him forever.


Yes! War is taken for granted now. Americans think it is normal. Many of them actually like it!

Those who own shares in "defense industries" absolutely love it, and do not want it ever to end.


MLK made a prophetic speech about our role in Viet Nam. This also reminds me of Rev Wright who was right as well.