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'A Dangerous Attack on Our Democracy': McConnell Backs Trump's Refusal to Concede to Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/09/dangerous-attack-our-democracy-mcconnell-backs-trumps-refusal-concede-biden


Article closes with:

“Most everything McConnell does from here on isn’t about January 20th,” Costa tweeted, “but January 5th (the Georgia runoff elections). To win the latter, [Republicans] believe the base must be stoked, especially in a fast-changing state.”

Don’t trust that motive. Sure they’re concerned about January 5 but they are moving on multiple fronts for January 20 as well. Don’t be lulled to sleep by droning pundits.


He’s Mitch Freakin’ McConnell. You expected reasonable considered advice to The Orangutan?


A republican coup is well underway. Trump has no intention of ever leaving office.
Totalitarianism is at our doorstep. It’s happening here.


Oh my word. I’d feel better with a tougher president elect like Sanders. (At least Sanders applied for conscientious objector status.) What is Biden going to do? Does he have rapport with the military?
Harsh reality is that strong revolutionaries like Lenin, Trotsky, Chavez, Arbenz, at least tend to have rapport if not experience with the military. Yes, I’m joking here (I have to explain most of my jokes since they are no longer funny even to me.) We are hardly dealing with even modernly revolutionary politics now.

But seriously, I’m not sure how this will play out. Yikes.

From wikipedia:
While in school, (Biden) received and afterward was classified as unavailable for military service due to asthma.


McConnell is just more proof that the Republican Party is an Amerikan, fascist, party. Progressive friends, it is in my opinion, that it is just a matter of time until they could destroy us all…UNLESS WE DESTROY THEM ALL!


75 million American citizens voted for Totalitarianism, that tells me you are correct.


Repub look like they are waiting for a propitious time to win again bigly with the firing of Esper… perhaps when Arizona flips or Biden slides on a banana peel or ?


We have another issue to be concerned about, Trump just fired Sec. of Defense Esper. We should be very cautious about why. Did Esper refuse an illegal order from Trump? Is Trump planning military action on US or foreign soil? Or is this just Trump being the snowflake he has always been?



Feel free to correct me if I am wrong as this is speculation on my part. Are the electors appointed by state legislators and not by popular election? If that is the case the Pennsylvania legislature, Republican majority, only has to appoint Republican representatives to the Electoral College regardless of who won the popular election. Think about that for a minute. Some democracy this is. (Assuming this is correct.)

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If the shit hits the fan, and trump refuses to leave, and tries something with OUR law enforcement or the military, we can’t all travel to Washington to air our grievances. That means our local government may become the punching bag of the oppressed.

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What you mean-um “decisive”, Kemo Sabé?   The DimWit-Rats needed to whomp the ‘Poop-Lickens by at least 55% to 44%, but snuck by at 50% to 48% and barely eked out a victory at all in the deleterious college.  Mr. Turdle-Face still controls the Senate, and will do his utmost to block anything even slightly in opposition to his handlers’ agenda of total Korporate kontrol by 2030 (not that Sleepy Joe and Nutso P’Loser aren’t in on the game).  About all most of us rational people have to celebrate is a slowing of the descent and a lessening of embarrassment on the international stage (the latter of little importance to the average american).


Electors are appointed by state legislatures.

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I guess so…but did anyone really have a choice in this election? Maybe some who voted for Trump would have preferred someone else but could not accept Biden even though he could be considered a moderate republican by the old standards. Even so…I cannot understand how anyone could vote for Trump unless they are hopelessly deluded.

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Two can play that game. If both senate races go to the repubs in Georgia, the dems simply say they do not accept the results because of voter fraud (in this case it would be true). Your move repubs.


This, is the greatest negative effect of having only a two-party political system. The Duopoly’s main reason for being is to keep this nation’s voters divided.

Shanti, I believe you give those 70 million voters too much credit when you assert they voted for totalitarianism.

The majority of them are totally ignorant of what that even means.

They’re just so freaking addicted to either being a member of the Republican party, or it’s their group identification with the racists in the party that brings them together in their own hate filled universe.

It really must be our goal to create and coalesce around the Movement for the People’s Party, and give all of our future generations a real chance at denouncing these two Corporate Warmongering Political Parties and forming a true People’sParty that is dedicated to the masses, not the few at the top.


That is correct. It will depend on whether or not they want to burn the country down along with drumpf. My sense has been that state legislators are a bit less cult like than those in DC, so they may not buck the will of the people.

Not meaning to speak for shanti, but by mentioning 75 million, may be talking about the dems. Correct m if I am wrong. trumpster got 70 million.


The Firing of the Secretary of Defense (Offense) is a very dangerous situation. Just as Mitch’s non-acceptance of the outcome… The battle lines are being drawn… Most likely to be more firings in the days to come for those who do not back Trump… Faucci will soon be next. The Coup is underway… Things are playing out as designed… This situation we have could not have happened unless the country was almost “evenly” divided in the election… Could have been planned for this to have happened. If there was a more decisive outcome on either side, this type of Coup could not have happened… With the outcome so close, one could claim legitimate doubt of a fair election. Trump will not leave office, and now that he has a loaded Supreme Court, anything could happen. It is sickening to watch the jubilee, for things could go the other way.


Yes, deluded, many of my Trump relatives believe the Democrats stole the election!