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A Dangerous Move to Crack Down on Protests Against Israel

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/07/dangerous-move-crack-down-protests-against-israel


By Pompeo’s logic, those who boycotted Apartheid South Africa were anti-white.


Such folly to try to equate Jews with Zionists. Yes, a Venn diagram will have some of the former inside the latter, but not all of the former. The latter also includes many Christian Fundamentalists, for instance Pompeo himself. Most people are not familiar with the objectives of Zionism as espoused in the works of Oded Yinon’s writings circa 1980 in which he explains that Israel wants to expand to the Nile (I believe) and to the Euphrates (I believe). Think about the chaos involved with that. The extermination of the Palestinians is only the Zionists practice game, if Yinon’s playbook is to be taken seriously. Don’t take my word for it, the information is out there, it just is not discussed much for some strange reason. BDS!


A bill passed by the New York state senate in 2017 held that any campaign to persuade university endowments to divest from stockholdings in companies supporting the Israeli occupation and settlements “seeks to advance anti-Semitic, anti-freedom, and anti-capitalist principles.”

They equate Zionism with “freedom” and “freedom” with capitalist principles. And the populace swallows that swill up. SMH. These people’s allegiance isn’t to the Jewish people, or even to the zionists in particular, IMO: their allegiance is to whatever continues the capitalist “megamachine.”


No poster that I’ve seen here is truly Anti-Semitic, but the term is used to describe anyone who is against Israel’s policies, inside or outside of Israel, it must stop. The Zionists and their supporters know full well what they’re doing when they do this.

“Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni On Anti-Semitism: ‘It’s A Trick, We Always Use It…’”
TruthPolSciLif Platform


To claim that all Jews espouse the genocide and ethnic cleansing relentlessly perpetrated by Israel would be anti-semitic. To point out the obvious fact that Israel has, for the past 70+ years, engaged in genocide against the Palestinians is simply a statement of the obvious.

Apparently, objecting to genocide is being equated with terrorism by the U.S. government, which makes perfect sense since it is that same government who has been the foremost perpetrator of violence across the globe for the past 50 years. The real question is: why does ANYONE take ANYTHING they say seriously?


The CIA/Mossad has some ugly dirt on most of these politicians.
In the meantime, here is Abby Martin with an update on her case.



The anti-BDS “movement” serves as a convenient smokescreen for multinational corporations seeking to do away with Country of Origin labeling requirements.


All of these are good comments. Personally I am sick and tired of being labelled anti-semitic simply because I support a ‘one State solution’, an end to the Gaza restrictions and object to any State founded on principles of race and/or religion.
Israelis are now suffering from the same problem that Germans had in 1939 when all Germans were designated as Nazi loving, Jew hating bigots who only seek world domination at the expense of everyone else. Though many Jews recognize and oppose the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, many are lumped into the right wing, racist faction that currently rules Israel. Zionism is racism. There is only one race in Israel… the human race.


Here’s a good reason to boycott Israel, and Germany too for that matter.


In this climate of CANCEL CULTURE (I began worrying well before the term was coined by victims of BLACKLIST) I worry about Prof Zunes’s op-ed published here with integrity under his name. While he teaches for a Jesuit University, behind-the-scenes alliances by the rich and powerful landed gentry can turn on any ‘mere educator.’ Fortunately, for us, career damage is about the worst one risks for speaking out against powerful vested interests. Whistle-blowers in Israel\Palestine and much of the world risk life, limb, acid splashed onto skin, as well as their childrens’ health and prospects or the demolition of their homes by legal decree. Y

Yet, there is a real risk of later unseen dire consequences whenever livelihood is threatened. So no minimizing that here in the land of the troika of credit bureau reporting agencies that can slap a Scarlet “E” for Eviction on one’s cyber-record and prevent that person from ever being able to rent and\or remain sheltered inside within these United States ever again…

That prompted me, some years ago, to comment on an op-ed of the opposing view to this one expressed by Prof Zunes in the English edition of the German newspaper Algemeiner when they ran a typical character assassination op-ed from within the closed world of Zionist Orgs and distributed by the Jewish News Service dba JNS. JNS does distribute dissenting views, so I don’t wish to impugn the news\views carrier, rather the message if not the messenger in this case.

I cut and paste my comment there and then to here and now because in my haste years back some key argument points came out. I’ve not seen them expanded on or published at all by those with access to publication.

In the intervening years of activism I find the need only grows to clearly distinguish (mostly for activist communities that I am active in support of, like the civil society use of the tactic of targeted BDS) between B as in BLACKLIST and B as in BOYCOTT . Divestment and sanctions are clear terms.

Mitch Ritter • 5 years ago [Algemeiner May 27, 2016]

Consider for a moment the ethical differences between a BLACKLIST and a BOYCOTT.

The BLACKLIST is a tool of repression, usually involving State & Corporate collusion. Search under RED CHANNELS for a historical example of Blacklisting via the Post WW II Truman Doctrine Cold War struggle for hearts & minds in the Land of the Spree and the home of the Knave. A BLACKLIST is often implemented via anonymous bureaucrats, company men & women or oligarchs who conspire to subvert competition, prevent ideas, people, commodities or services from reaching the market. See HUAC and the Cold War-era careers sunk in academia, business, media, politics, research\development, ‘pure’ science and the arts during the McCarthy Witch Hunt years of Post WW II U.S. history.

You can teach yourself how the ’Free Market of Ideas’ worked in the book of essays edited by Christopher Simpson titled UNIVERSITIES AND EMPIRE: MONEY AND POLITICS IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES DURING THE COLD WAR. Or for an even more vivid illustration of this dynamic Wiki the name ROY COHN for a Profile in Parasitic Exploitation of Paranoia. Better yet, see the historical character of Roy Cohn in his full complexity by taking in one of the archived or filmed performances of Tony Kushner’s Broadway breakthrough ANGELS IN AMERICA.

More recently you can find online counter-intuitive examples of the BLACKLISTING of folksinging activist-satirist Michelle Shocked as followed in the TEXAS OBSERVER and in discussion with Yippie co-founder and pioneering publisher of THE REALIST, Paul Krassner on KBOO Community Radio’s THE OUTSIDE WORLD, Portland, Ore. The Gay Mafia transforms after decades of civil struggle from repressed into repressor! Flexing its buffed BLACKLISTING and bullying muscles from San Francisco across what is left of the New Millennium’s FOLK MUSIC CIRCUIT.

A BOYCOTT on the other hand is a tool of civil society resisting a freely marketed idea, person, commodity or service often with the goal of persuading free societies to change an unjust behavior.

Think of the Cesar Chavez Farmworker-organized boycotts of table grapes and other fruits picked for California feudal lords before the union reached a settlement to raise the workers’ standard of living once the market effect was felt on down the supply chain. It took time, activist focus and much persistence around commercial mass media’s resistance to running paid advertising and equal time Public Service Announcements explaining the civil society action. Recall the goal of isolating the policies of the apartheid government of South Africa after decades of boycott in the face of Washington and the Cold War industry’s as well as the DeBeers EU diamond cutting & distribution monopoly not to mention Jerusalem’s own intimate nuclear ties with that apartheid regime.

We can now lament that Arab Spring activists in exile were never able to mount any such civil society and global sympathy movement with western progressives to isolate the western-backed corrupt oligopolies. Here in Po’Town, Ore the Libyan activist-intelligentsia were out early to mobilize U.S. support for stopping Colonel Qaddafi’s mobilization of the best western weapons money could buy to wipe out the Benghazi Uprising. Only after coaxing an overextended U.S.-EU air defense of Benghazi leading to the ground capture of Qaddafi and his crumbling regime, did we learn the Benghazi Uprising was hardly a defense of civil liberties, rather a religio-Fascist herd masking an ISLAMIST CORE. Where has the boycott movement been against ARAMCO dba Saudi OILigopoly that has underwritten Islamist Wahabism since the Cold War Industry’s black budget folly of ousting instead of joining the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan to combat the global mujahideen being coordinated in Pakistan. We couldn’t or wouldn’t give up that cheap source of oil. Ka-Ching.

To understand how very pro-Israel diaspora Jews and Israeli citizens can continue to define and refine the tools and tactics of BOYCOTT while resisting the use of BLACKLIST by Jewish organizations the world over against Jews and others who support such BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT & SANCTIONS (not against Israeli academics, but against multi-national corporations and governmental institutions that profit from occupation or continue to build “facts on the ground” of conquered and occupied lands) and to deepen your understanding of the context systemically edited out of corporate news-entertainment coverage of these issues please sit down with a pad and pen, a cool or comforting drink and take in this guest lecture by Israeli Mathematics Professor at Haifa University Dalit Baum who visited Portland State University in 2012 when her country’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu was scoffing at the lack of effectiveness of BDS and crowing about the robustness of the Israeli economy:

Check Zionist Military Hero General Peled’s son Miko Peled’s English language talks on YouTube for a taste of how Zionism can evolve its way out of the “building facts on the ground” path to Apartheid & Worldwide Pariah status.

If you wonder about PM Bibi’s declaration back in 2012 concerning the robustness of the Israeli economy, search online for Bibi’s earlier appointment to the post of Accountant General his friend Yaron Zelekha, who upon reviewing the State of Israel’s finances through a macroeconomic macro-scope compared with the broadcast Mass Media’s micro-economic lens and reporting publicly to the Hebrew press, thereafter was hounded out of government in 2007 then chased back to the sanctuary of academics delivering a series of lectures (in Hebrew and approaching a quarter million views on YouTube without even the benefit of English subtitles) at Israel’s Technion titled OLIGARCHY 101.

For an English language gloss on Yaron Zelekha’s whistle-blowing that has caught the attention of precisely zero U.S. journalists, despite the clear parallels with our own Crony Cartel Capitalism having reached critical mass in 2008, not just of corruption that intensified the eventual investigation of and conviction of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. After all, CORRUPTION (aka CRONY CAPITALISM) is merely a symptom of oligopoly. The OLIGARCHS themselves and their foreign enablers pauperizing the state of Israel get a pass from the less-than-inquisitive corporate-captured ANGLO BROADCAST MEDIA & BUSINESS PRESS.

Please search for HAARETZ’s English edition articles on Yaron Zelekha’s whistle-blowing or more recently the coverage of not only Yaron Zelekha but of Israeli Business Editor Guy Rolnick’s participation in the smash tv news documentary series, MAGASH HA’KESEF\THE SILVER PLATTER as glossed by the TIMES OF ISRAEL in late 2015. Zelekha’s lectures (will somebody with the $ pay for English subtitles so that not only Hebrew speakers can understand what has been PAUPERIZING the 99.9% of the world sinking into THIRD WORLD status) titled OLIGARCHY 101 from TECHNION, KIRYAT ONO BUSINESS SCHOOL and various tavernas & pubs around Haifa accessible to everyone being fleeced by their own government’s global FREE MARKET SNAKE OIL PEDDLERS.

"The superstar accountant: Yaron Zelekha’s crusade to save Israel from itself"
"Forget the occupation, the Arab nations and the Haredim. The reason Israel is the poorest country in the west, says Yaron Zelekha, is crony capitalism."
By Asher Schechter | Mar. 20, 2013"

When Broadcast News doesn’t report of the Jewish-Arab co-operation in shifting the paradigm from Mediterranean Tragic to Civic Cooperative Pluralistic in what the late Colonel Qaddafi liked to refer to as Isra-Stine, then we are locking in a death culture that outside investors are profiting from. Why can’t U.S. Broadcast News interview a Jeff Halper, an Israeli who has worked with Palestinians to stop the demolition of Palestinian homes and has to tour U.S. churches to speak on his new book about this co-operative political and human rights struggle because synagogues and well-funded Jewish Centers BLACKLIST such ISRAELI PEACE & JUSTICE ACTIVISTS.

But you don’t have to BOYCOTT THEM!

Same with Dalit Baum who came on intercession from teaching at the U. of Haifa to speak at Portland State University back in 2012 (see YOU TUBE) and the organization she works with represented by the tri-lingual (English-Arabic-Hebrew) - Who Profits DOT Org. Simple question any journalist following the money should ask: Who profits from the Israeli Occupation? See Dalit Baum’s lecture and wonderful Q&A with students posted to YOU TUBE April 12, 2012. Grab a pen, pad and comforting beverage and settle in to audit this public education session that is presented with much interactive wit and wisdom in English while visiting Portland State University because no American Jewish houses of worship or orgs would host her.

Refer also to the tri-lingual (Hebrew, Arabic, English) website and clearing house of information pertaining to the Neo-Liberal transformation of Occupied Territories into a totally environmentally deregulated INDUSTRIAL ZONE as envisioned and enabled by former UK Labor Party PM Tony Blair at WhoProfits dot org.**

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Hi Mich at Lay_Low StudiosOre_Wa;

Maybe it’s time to retire the term AntiSemitic. As I understand the term Semitic, Ancient Jews were probably Semitic as are Arab people today . But nowadays. many Jewish people are Polish like Mr. Netanyahu, or European. In fact I read that Sammy Davis Jr. converted to Judaism–as did Elizabeth Taylor. It seems that anyone can convert to that religion. But semitic seems to refer to a group of people with similar beliefs who are of a semitic race.
Sadly when people criticize Israel—they are named as being anti-semitic. I truly dislike the Netanyahu person, and people have called me anti-semitic—but I dislike Mr. Netanyahu because he lies and dissembles, and it as would appear that most of the people in Israel are European. The word "anti-semitic is used by people like Netanyahu to stop free speech in both Israel and America. That I think is a disservice to actual semitic people.


The Single most antisemitic organization in the world today is the government of the USA.

The use of the word Semitism has been reduced to meaning the people who speak Hebrew.

In fact, Semitic people and their diverse cultures have lived from western north Africa across

northern Africa through the Middle East for thousands of years.

So, any organization which targets any people from any nation from Morocco to Algeria to

Libya to Egypt to Palestine to Iraq to Syria to Yemen to Saudi Arabia to areas in Iran

is an Anti-semitic organization.

Therefore, no organization is as grossly anti-semitic as is the government of the USA.

They and their corrupt allies have dumbed-down their ignorant populations to believe

Semitism is limited to those who speak Hebrew - a minor language within the much

greater diversity of the Semitic world.

Sanctions have been applied throughout the Semitic world to crush their societies

by the very hypocrites who insist that Israel is the embodiment of Semitism.


“Antisemitism” is the last refuge of true scoundrels.


“[T]he bipartisan effort to label the BDS campaign as…anti-Semitic and the punitive nature of such a designation, suggests that the actual motivation is to discourage campaigns for corporate responsibility and nonviolent advocacy.”

Hard to judge exactly what part anti-corporate responsibility plays in the attacks on BDS.

But I’d argue the main “motivation” of labeling Israel critics antisemitic is political rather than economic - the longstanding Republican drive to get largely Democratic-voting Jews to vote for them.

Whether that will work with a younger generation is moot:

h ttps://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/04/opinion/sunday/israeli-jews-american-jews-divide.html

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It appears that’s true, and they’ve been using this “trick” for a long time.


Sorry, StardustIBID to see that you continue to cling to the race categorization. It doesn’t work in science as scientists the world over began agreeing around the middle of last century when the science of Eugenics was discredited. You’ll have to do your own research on that, I’ve referred you to the Stefan Kuhl book published in English, but just going to wikipedia could help you further clarify what categorizations are simply human constructs and which can be observed and tested by peer-reviewed scientific standards.

The term Semitic can only be loosely tested as a linguistic category. People who use the term will ultimately determine what it means. Keep an eye on the newer editions of the English dictionary and scientific glossary of terms. Racists gave the term Semitic its value as a genetic categorization. But all the records reflect how scriptures from the region keep recording inter-marriages. You wanna run a recombinant DNA test? Why do so many Hebes who’ve intermarried and wandered the far corners of the world still have genetic traces aligned with Syriac genetic modeling?

The closest we come to making race a scientific category are diseases that are unique to this or that ethnic group. Look up Tay Sachs and tell me what it means that so many Jews of European extraction are predisposed to this disease like African-Americans are pre-disposed to Sickle Cell Anemia.

Relying on genetic pathology runs into problems with people who marry and have kids outside their own ethnic group. Diversity isn’t just a social value, like its opposite of Racial Purity is a social value.

We decide and we’ve changed our minds throughout history by observing the groups that don’t inter-marry and compare them with those that breed outside of their own gene pool. Royal families that used to marry their own kin had high rates of idiocy and other genetic disorders. When Jews get too insular in this part of the world or another the same genetic pathologies appear. In-breeding ain’t just an Appalachian legacy…

Yet to be confronted in the Anglo world is our use of the term Asian. Note that we learn in school that continents are the separate land masses that are some undetermined measure larger than islands. We can see where Asia meets Africa on a map: the Sinai Peninsula between Israel and Egypt. Where does Europe stop being part of Asia? That too, dear fellow bewildered, is to become a racial issue, even though “race” doesn’t exist aside from how we make it exist. Yellow skin? High yella? White skin? Off-white? Olive skin? Red skin? (Don’t go there if you own a ball club) What language them Asians speak? U decide! Is Australia an island or a continent? What about the Anglos 10 generations back from that South Asian conquest by the British Empire (where the sun never set) who never inter-married with the Aborigines and where the far northern Anglos sent their century of prisoners way down under (the equator)?

Ciao, bella (Italiano? Indo-European or Afro-Hamitic? U decide!)

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
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BDS the US


Re. the subtitle,
Pompeo’s decision to brand the BDS movement as anti-Semitic has bipartisan support. Will Biden let it stand?

The answer to the question is implied in the first sentence. Of course he will let it stand, if not champion even more strident anti-BDS measures.
. Israel is a key partner in US/corporate imperialism and global hegemony, and Biden is nothing if not a champion of those imperial designs.

I realize that Prof. Zunes wrote that as a rhetorical question and possibly a vehicle for advocating a change, but surely a professor of politics and international studies will know that such exhortations are unlikely to receive any reception in the Biden White House or in Congress.

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BDS is not anti-Semitic – this is propaganda. BDS is anti-Zionist and Pompus maximus is an ass.

Israeli products to steer clear off include:

Pampers, Victoria’s Secret,

Israeli dates, Sabra hummus, Pastures of Eden feta,

Soda Stream and Eden Springs bottled water,

Ahava and Moroccanoil beauty products

Corporations complicit in the occupation and oppression of Palestinian people include:

Volvo, Intel, HP, Motorola and McDonalds