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A Dangerous Move to Crack Down on Protests Against Israel

some observations: people are still free to boycott anything they want, and advocate for such, as it should be. But taxpayers have rights too, and if they don’t want their government to do business with companies that boycott they should have that right thru elected government.
BDS is clearly not necessarily anti-Jewish but it certainly has elements that are, and too many are loathe to see that, they never see anti-Semitism unless its amongst white supremacists. But more fundamentally, progressives should oppose BDS because it doesn’t work. Palestinian allies have called for that since Israel was founded, but to no avail, but their economy has done relatively well anyway. BDS gets in the way of bringing people together, it discourages compromise on both sides even as compromise by all is the only possible way to actually improve lives.

Hi MitchLayLowStudioOre

What I am so tired of is Netanyahu calling any criticism of Israel as antiSemitic. That makes no sense to me as I said that so many people in Israel are European and not semitic as say, people in Saudi Arabia. And as anyone can become a member of the Jewish community —why do people keep calling people who disagree with Netanyahu as anti-Semitic?
That term has been overused to death! And as anyone can become a member of the Jewish region, I find it odd that other semitic peoples are ignored. I try to send money to Jewish Voice for Peace because I agree with what they stand for.
I did read recently that the light colored green or blue eyes could have very well originated with the Neanderthals----- so maybe that’s where my eye colored originated but that was so long ago that who could say who I am-----I don’t think matters much either—as we are all homo sapiens-----
I would actually prefer that Netanyahu and other icky people would stop calling those who disagree with them as anti-Semitic----- that’s my objection to the word, as there are many semitic people in the world and many are treated very badly—but it appears that Netanyahu is not interested in helping them. : )


I think Jews have some claim to the land of Israel-Palestine, and the Palestinians also have some claim and these claims collide.

Asserting that anyone who believes that the Palestinians have some claim and getting a raw deal are bigoted and punishing them for what they should have a right to do, protest and withdraw their support for what they see is wrongdoing, is tyranny. Tyranny should be opposed wherever it rears its ugly head even if it’s tyranny by or on behalf of Jews. It’s counter-productive and so repressive with a Jewish label that it is an incitement to antisemitism.

It is possible to have a criticism of something Jewish without being a bigot. Perhaps Pompeo holds that even objections by Palestinians themselves arise out of bigotry, and if they were not bigots they would just pack up and leave, or at least welcome the settlements etc. and their own subjugation (as Pompeo in his magnificence, not being a hypocrite, apparently would be prepared to do).


Right on!

So well said!

For What It’s Worth:
Several years back, Canadian Green Party’s then leader Elizabeth May voted against a motion for the Greens to endorse BDS Israel because she felt it was anti-Semitic. Her reasoning, which I feel is valid, is that there are many other countries which similarly oppress an ethnic group or ethnic groups in their midst that singling out Israel is in fact anti-Semitic. Let’s BDS all such countries. We could
start with China and the U.S.A., and our own gov’t in Canada too, and many others.
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Hi northernflicker20:

When something is proven to work , nations should try to adapt to that .The idea of BDS worked very well in South Africa. The US clings to the idea of using the idea of BDS( Boycott Divest and Sanction, against many nations in the Southern Hemisphere—I wonder why it can’t support BDS wth what is happening to the Palestinians?