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'A Dark Day for America': With Gorsuch Casting Decisive Vote, Supreme Court Upholds Trump Muslim Ban


'A Dark Day for America': With Gorsuch Casting Decisive Vote, Supreme Court Upholds Trump Muslim Ban

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a 5-4 ruling on Tuesday that further demonstrated how much the "stolen Supreme Court seat is paying off for Republicans," Justice Neil Gorsuch joined his fellow conservatives on the nation's highest court in voting to uphold President Donald Trump's Muslim ban.


Explain to me how banning travel from North Korea and Venezuela constitutes a Mulsim ban.

As noted in the decision, the ban covers perhaps 8% of Muslims.

Presidents have historically had the power to ban travel to and from countries.


It’s really a " Not a lackey ban " to those folks who refuse to kiss the white male’s ring and bow before his superior and preordained right to have dominion over all.
It is really a U.S. Empire Encyclical from on high, telling the world " we own your ass " and we’ll blow your country back to the Stone Age, if you don’t allow my boot to rest heavily upon your windpipe.
As to N. Korea and Venezuela: Congressman Ellison called this " lipstick on a pig ". ( He was being too diplomatic, methinks. ) And, its application is not against all the citizenry of these countries, only certain government officials, etc.
The SCOTUS is an appendage of the Neo-Fascists in this Trumpian Dystopian Village, at this point. Supported by the $$$ Class, pretty much and mostly.
The soft coup continues… So it goes… when you’re not white, wealthy and guided by American law. Also called Predestination. Or, Double Predestination, if you will. It still stinks.


Wow… .so Russia, China, and all those other countries are “lackeys”?

I agree with you - calling North Korea and Venezuela pigs is demeaning to the pig.


When you read the text of the ruling, it wasn’t the fact that the travel ban was “masquerading behind a facade of national security”. The ruling affirms the absolute right of a President who “finds” that a particular class of persons would be detrimental to the interests of the US if allowed entry, that President can suspend indefinitely the ability of any member of that class to enter the US. Period. He doesn’t need permission. He doesn’t have to have any help. There’s not even a boundary on what constitutes a “finding”. PLUS the fact that nothing outside the order can be considered when looking at the allowability of the order. In other words, it doesn’t matter what Trump said on the campaign trail, only what got written down in the order.

This wasn’t really a victory for Donald Trump. This was a victory for the rule of law and the separation of powers.


Your wordtwisting is quite Trumpian. Did you get your degree from Trump University?
I had a good friend whose name was " Whitey " Thronson. He taught me how to fish like a pro, among other useful things. He was a thoughtful man.
I’ll call you " Whitey " from now on, too. Only the connotations will be diametrically opposite of the original man. You’re the worst kind of " whitey ".
And, the real pig Congressman Ellison spoke to.


Call me whatever you wish - name calling means a lack of argument.

Your statement implied that any country that wasn’t banned was a lackey of the US. So, which is it? Is everyone a lackey, or was it not a “not a lackey ban”? You can’t really have it both ways…


Why weren’t Saudis banned? Or, the other 9/11+ countries whose $$$ we want, banned? Why were our bought and paid for lackey regimes spared? Egypt, Qutar and the UAE. It just goes on and on…
" The only real god in America is money ".
Malcolm X.
And, those who buy their right to be indulged by our rascist and hyper-militarized country. Might makes right… The worst kind of right, btw.
There you go, Whitey the Deuce.


And; calling a German Shepherd a dog or Fido, is not an inaccurate label Whitey the Deuce.


temper temper…


The truth hurts, Whitey? Or, the truth hurts Whitey the Deuce?


No, your name calling is immaterial. All it does is speak to your lack of an argument.

And the fact that Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qutar, the UAE, Jordan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Tunisia, Algeria, etc. shows that it wasn’t a Muslim ban…

And I don’t think Pakistan, Algeria, Indonesia, etc. consider themselves to be US lackeys either…


$$$ changes everything. And, it certainly changed most white Americans. As to Pakistan and Indonesia, they can be added by Executive Order. They just haven’t reached a critical mass yet to influence White Supremacist political power. And, give it time, Whitey the Deuce. They’ll get to you in good time, too. You can kiss that ring until your lips bleed, in the end it won’t save you and yours, either.


An end will come to this Hatred, and Love will prevail.

Trump and his corrupt court are merely a bump in the road on our trip through time.


As we have seen from multiple Supreme Court cases this year - this is clearly one area where Hillary Clinton would have made a better President than Donald Trump. The likes of Neil Gorsuch simply would not be on the court if Clinton was elected. No doubt she would have infuriated progressives in hundreds of ways especially with bad choices in foreign policy - but we would not be saddled with the reactionary judiciary that now hampers us at every turn.


Is it just me, or is it true that when a republican politician smiles/smirks, their inward thought is something like “I got my way therefore I am justified” about whatever it is they’re smirking about. Democrat politicians seem to smile when they’ve achieved some goal that serves a broader public interest.


“Democrat politicians…serve a broader public interest.”

Perhaps, once their allegiance to the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX has been satisfied.


Coulda, shoulda, woulda. The Democrat establishment—including the sitting POTUS—had a whole year to fight for Merrick Garland’s appointment, but instead practiced “civility.” Real opposition parties put their constituents ahead of collegiality.


I wrote the following on 5 January, 2001, just before Bush II put his hand on the Bible and lied the first time. I sent it out to my friends and readers with a request to set it aside for a few months, then read it again and see if I was perhaps correct.
*I got roasted! “Steve, this is the United States! Things like this might happen in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, but not here! This is a democracy!”
*I got many responses with a similar message. Don’t hear much of that any more.
*Hitler is reputed to have said, "To truly control a country, you must first control its courts. Then, whatever you do is legal, whatever your opposition does is illegal." It’s as simple as that.

*Well, it seems the President-appointee has selected his cabinet to guide us through the next four years. As expected, he has filled most of the posts with the most reactionary right wingers he could find. The Secretary of labor is anti-labor and anti-Social Security, the Attorney General probably thinks Hitler was a liberal. We have retreads from the Reagan/Bush administrations, corporate CEO’s, in short, a cadre of people dedicated to ensuring that the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class supports it all until it is taxed into poverty, too. The environment will be raped and despoiled for every last dollar that can be squeezed out of it. The International Cartels and the WTO will have yet more of the poor and the displaced to exploit, at home and abroad. Protests of this wanton destruction will fall on the ears of a bought Supreme Court which has already proved that it is acutely conscious of who put them in their lifetime situations.
*Our Constitution will be more narrowly interpreted by this court and the civil rights gained at so much pain, suffering and sacrifice will gradually be eroded or disallowed. We will become a nation of dispossessed, poverty stricken, hungry and illiterate people standing in lines for jobs or food, fighting for crusts and watching the limousines drive by.
*If he can accomplish this, the President-appointee will no doubt get a pat on the head from his daddy for accomplishing what daddy only made a start at.
*As it was under Nixon, Reagan and Bush the First, our children will once again have their role models in high places to teach them that greed, venality, vengeance and the bottom line are the only things worthwhile and that caring, compassion, love and conservation of resources are just weaknesses to be exploited if there is power or profit to be gained.
*What is needed today are statesmen, but who would risk assassination or being dragged through the muck of character assassination by what passes for leaders today. Mussolini’s Black Shirts made thinkers, intellectuals, idealists, teachers and opposition politicians drink a quart of castor oil and stand in the street until they soiled themselves, to the amusement of the fascists. It is rarely remembered that this humiliation was also the administration of an often fatal dose of a slow acting poison.
*Will we and our cherished Constitution manage to survive this increasingly blatant takeover? Can we live through another “Corporate State?”
*And then, of course, there is war and all the corporate profits that accrue to that, not to mention the curtailment of personal liberties in the name of “National Security” that goes with it
*Written 5 January 2001.

*Bush had many KBR no-bid concentration camps built, for holding people "should the bird flu become epidemic, to put people who might be trying to enter the United States, or for whatever other reason the President might decree."
*I have never read any articles stating that those camps had been dismantled, but I did see an RFP on the net for bids to staff, supply and run these camps.
*If We the People let this travesty continue, then we shall have no voice whatsoever in our lives and future (unless of course we have a few billion dollars in the bank, in which case, “Life will be good!”), and that future will be very bleak, and probably short lived as this nation continues its rape and pillage of our Mother Earth.


So I guess most Egyptians, Saudi Arabians, etc. are not Muslims