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A Day of Action To Stop An Oil Pipeline and “Keep It In The Ground”


A Day of Action To Stop An Oil Pipeline and “Keep It In The Ground”

Isaiah Poole

Bolstered by an extraordinary order from the Obama administration to halt construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline at a site considered sacred and environmentally vulnerable by Standing Rock Sioux in North Dakota, thousands upon thousands of pipeline opponents will participate Tuesday in “#NoDAPL Day of Action” events around the country, including an event at the White House featuring Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.).


Hopefully Mr. Poole isn't a Hillary supporter and that he will be putting his own body on the frontlines on the "day of action?"
Which is what we should all do if possible.


I was just at a powwow last weekend and the protest on Standing Rock was big talk. One of the speakers was just over there at the protest. Tribes across the continent are pooling resources and sending them to Standing Rock to support the protesters. It was said that the pipeline was originally going to pass near Boise? but they changed the route to send it near Standing Rock because they were afraid of any pollution that the pipeline might cause near Boise. So what makes that same pollution ok to spill near Standing Rock? This whole thing is just all wrong! Its good to hear that construction was halted even if only temporarily. It would be best if they halted construction altogether but if not perhaps they will reconsider the original route near Boise. And its not just Indians, white farmers are having their farms cut in half for this pipeline. I'll be damned if my tax dollars are being used to take land from people under Eminent Domain in order for a petroleum company to make freeking profit! There's absolutely NO WAY the gov't should be taking land from people in order for a privately owned business to make a profit! That really is the absolute height of Fascism!


Just had a solidarity protest in Albuquerque with over 50 of us at Washington and Central. Present were youth of Native Nation and of course the group hoping to make big sales and union solar jobs, 350.com or was it .org. Anyway four former Bernie Sanders DNC delegates showed (with one now hired by PDA) keeping the spirit going like Crazy Horse or Geronimo in the fight for the mother that sustains all those living. Like a Jane Sanders mother who went to San Carlos Oak Flats. A new revolution. ALL PEOPLES POWER.

This event happened the day after a movie nite for support of freeing Leonard Pellitier by Presidential pardon.

Brought to mind how if you do want to get attention you could, like I did, turn the U.S.A. flag upside down to an international audience on regular and social media. If they still mess with you, well there is always the high risk route of John Trudell. A.I.M.

R.I.P. John, sorry for your losses. Sure hope it wasn't a goon squad from.the Shoshone government. Most likely someone spoke to someone about what John was going to do. John, they just can't have you burning the flag in front of the White House. Liable to upset the President and the dinner guests, redman burning home a point. It sickens me that there was a high probability the directive was likely done by one gov black ops sections.


The Native American population has its back up against the wall of the oil Empire. The Black American community has its back up against the wall of racist Empire. The Iraq and Syrian populations of "refugees and three-year old orphans" (as Tom Brokaw said on "Meet the Press" last November) have their backs up against the wall of "American policy" and the Middle East wars of Empire. And all of us have our backs up against the Wall Street of financial Empire.

While it's encouraging to see Bernie out on the campaign trail for the 'issues' and "symptom problems" caused by Empire ---- instead of shilling for Killary, as he did in Manchester NH last week ---- instead of jumping from issue to issue without "adequately diagnosing our entire ailing social order", I would greatly honor Bernie being a "real socialist" and "speaking out against Empire" across the board if he sees the 'Forest of Empire' through the hundreds of 'trees of issues'.

Even though Bernie himself is threatened by Empire he should --- like the "Bulworth" that Obama dreams of being, but does not emulate --- "Be the spirit, Bernie. Don't be no ghost, Bernie"

For as Zygmunt Bauman hauntingly puts it, “In the case of an ailing social order, the absence of an adequate diagnosis…is a crucial, perhaps decisive, part of the disease.”

Berman, Morris 2007 "Dark Ages America, The Final Phase of Empire"

Our disease is the hidden cancer of EMPIRE.

So, we need to WAKE-UP folks!

"It's (not) the economy, stupid", as LIC (Liar In Chief) Bill Clinton said 25 years ago.

"It's the EMPIRE, Stupid"