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A 'Death Blow': Critics Decry EU-Turkey Deal on Asylum Seekers



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Words fail me! These politicians have come up with a truly disgusting idea.
It cannot be justified on any grounds.
!. refugees have certain rights - this proposal rides roughshod over those rights.
2. The idea that Turkey would be a safe country to return these migrants to is to disregard Turkey's current government's policies, of eliminating any independent media - how many journalists have been jailed? the use of tear gas etc against those who demonstrated over the government's takeover of the main newspaper!, the ongoing efforts to eliminate the Kurds and their political organisation.
3. part of the deal proposed would mean Turkey being accepted as a member of the EU. yet Turkey does not and will not comply with the EU values and principles.It is by no means a democratic country.
4. In addition, Turkey would be able to get fast-track visas for its economic migrants to go to anywhere in Europe they choose..
Why was such a deal agreed?
The answer must be that EU politicians are either themselves xenophobic or are scared stiff of their presumably xenophobic electorates.
As a UK voter myself, I am hopping mad that they make such an assumption about me and mine.
I am an internationalist. My husband at one time was himself a refugee, fleeing for his life as a result of the violence when India was partitioned.
The whole problem is that refugees are the inevitable result of war. Western powers and others are good at launching wars in the Middle East and elsewhere, but no good at planning for the results of such wars.
Maybe one day humankind will get round to getting rid of all national borders - maybe.
"And the world will be as one!". Imagine, John Lennon.


The only long term solution to the refugee problem is one that the EU and US won't take. That is to get the H out of Dodge or in this case Syria. Let Russia clean up the mess that the US and NATO made in Syria and once ISIS or Daesh are defeated, the refugees can return home to the secular nation they left, and yes with Assad still president!


So are you voting in or out? Does this change your vote?


in or out will make little difference, especially for those who think as I do that a world without national borders and this exploitative class system could be a heck of a lot better!
Remember, the earlier referendum on the Common Market:when politicians either scared us by alarming accounts of how "No" would risk mass unemployment, or bribed us with phony promises of a "Yes" vote meaning endless economic growth and prosperity.
Both sides were predicting the unpredictable.
Nor has this EU meant getting rid of nationalism - just look at the TV news films showing razor-wire fences put up at every possible national border, while EU politicians refuse to take any refugees, not even children!
Nationalism fuelled 2 world wars and a lot of other wars and conflicts. It remains a force for evil and inhumanity ,and the EU has clearly failed as a project for eliminating it.


I'd disagree, there's been no wars within the EU zone since 1945, 70 years of peace. It is an extraordinary human achievement that countries, bogged down in the petty nationalism and tribalism you criticise, who have been at war with each other for over 3000 years, have managed to put that behind them and work together in a co-operative alliance. What Europe can do, the world can do. It's at the vanguard of human social evolution. Of course, non one mentions these idealistic aspects in the 'in or out' debate, the English (not the Scots or Welsh) being a nation of shopkeepers and all. All that matters to them is 'how much is in it for me, how much will I gain or lose in economic terms.' Grubby.

It's the xenophobic petty nationalists who are the bulk of those against the EU. Look at them across the continent: Marine Le Pen's Front Nationale in France, xenophobic-TTIP advocating UKIP in the UK (run by a City ex-banker BNP lite), the far right Golden Dawn in Greece, sinister Sverigedemokraterna (Swedish democrats) in Sweden, Nazi-saluting Alternative für Deutschland, in Germany, etc. Strange you should want to be in with that crowd. The racist Sun, Rupert Murdoch! Etc. You seem to be an absolutist, if something is not perfect then you call it a failure. Humanity progresses by small steps not by an absolute change and ridding onself of nationalism cannot be forced from without it is down to individuals to cultivate. I mean look at the UK, Scots, Welsh, English still after 350 years of union, have strong sense of national identity rather than seeing themselves as one, so why do expect the EU to achieve such in the space of 60 years? Yet at least the UK has not been at war with itself for all that time. (Ireland excepted.) The EU referendum is quite simple, you either believe in human unity or you don't. And odd that some of the people who argued for unity in regards to the Scottish referendum arguing we are better, stronger together, now suddenly drop this theory and advocate separatism.

And of course in or out will make a difference for one who believes as you do, it is a global step towards it, that is the whole point.