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'A Death Sentence': Trump Reportedly Moving to Deport Kids With Cancer, HIV, and Other Deadly Illnesses

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/27/death-sentence-trump-reportedly-moving-deport-kids-cancer-hiv-and-other-deadly



Hitler would be so proud.


Just when you (maybe) thought these despicable scum, like the POS steven miller in the background of the photo, who is likely behind this outrage, and bolton, et al, and the trumpenfuhrer tiny prick douche bag himself couldn’t get any more depraved, monstrous, and ugly,they do! The depraved, evil look on miller’s ugly face makes me want to smash it!

The stage was set for this by DINO dems, like obama, who did nothing to hold war criminals and others to account - they instead added to the foundations of today’s zero accountability; for what?? didn’t want to rock the fuckin boat?? Their friends and crony’s were up to their necks in the crimes? or the DINO sellouts themselves had too much to lose! Screw them All!!

If there is any justice there will be prosecutions for all in the trump regime that violated any damn reading of what protective laws still exist -investigated to the max, indicted, tried and spend the max at hard labor - something probably none of them have ever experienced!


though calling the trump regime as “fascist” is still labeled as hyperbolic by the “very serious persons™”.


our country doesn’t do things like this. It is beyond evil.
btw when I look at Steven Miller, I see an Arabic face. DNA will probably prove that he is part Arabic.
So much for white supremacy. He could be deported.

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There was a time when our country didn’t do this. Unfortunately that is no longer the case just like this is no longer our country.


You’re right.

What I get from this is that anyone that lets their legal status lapse are no longer eligible to apply for deferred status and are therefore remanded to ICE for consideration. There is legal recourse but it is quite harsh and ill considered. Anyone with a mixed status is at risk. There are other groups that share similar risks.

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When I was a child, my Mother and Father told me there was no such thing as monsters.

Fortunately, they didn’t live long enough to witness the one that now inhabits the White House.


Trump’s daddy, Fred, taught him how to be a ‘killer’ and that’s what he turned out to be. As it gets more and more unlikely that he will be reelected, it’s (the killing) going to get worse and worse.


I think you’re right, Trump might be a monster for going along with this BS, but he doesn’t have the mental capacity to come up with this on his own. Enter Little Evil Stevie, this is where all of the immigration evilness starts. His mind was warped all the way back to High School (see a HS speech archived on-line), contrary to what his uncle claims, he was raised that way. I hope his parents are proud, they raised one of the largest shitstains in America.

Kudos to CD for the photo with the story, zeroing in on the person behind these awful policies.


How about women who “bleed every month” which so often seems
to be on Trump’s deranged little mind?


‘I will always be on the side of those who have nothing and who are not even allowed to enjoy the nothing they have in peace.’
Federico Garcia Lorca, poet and playwright, who was tortured and executed in 1936 by Spanish fascists.


This makes us wish that every time a kid with cancer is deported, that cancer is transferred to Trump. He should be able to afford the treatments.

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Wait until he become Der Führer. He’ll be doing that with American citizens as well, and elderly, and minorities, and other religions or beliefs, and mentally ill, and physically impaired, and…

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Hi yore:
When the deep state gets tired of him, he’ll drop dead with a hamburger in his mouth, and everyone will say-----well of course. Easier than Jeffrey. : )

Brian, you know I’ve been saying all along that that piece of Nazi crap Miller is the architect behind all the Nazi practices, changes, policies and that Dump is the puppet. We agree—he ain’t that bright nor does he really care to t h i n k about such stuff. Whatever Miller does to fellate Dump, literally or figuratively, he then gets his way.

You say Miller was raised to be like this, but I’ve not seen any articles describing his family of origin thusly. Any leads? I’ve seen, heard, or read stuff by the uncle several times but nothing implicating the parents.

Hey Toni, It has been said Millers family was middle class, held standard dem party ideals and this is how they voted. Obviously I don’t know them personally, but find it hard to believe the uncles statement that “he wasn’t raised like that”, and yes Miller could be an aberration, but 9 times out of 10 kids grow up in their parents image, with a lot of the same values. The video was made when he was a junior in HS, with a vile remark made towards the custodial staff. Make sure you check the first link in the Newsweek article, it talks about his younger years, and shows op-eds to school newspapers.



His friend in the video claims it was a joke, but it noteworthy that this friend excuses Millers actions even today.

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Yech. Brian, I’d seen the written article and several others but not the video. Sorry I ate breakfast before seeing your post…

I recognize what you’re saying about most kids taking up the beliefs they were raised with, but I think Miller IS that anomaly we talk about. I don’t really know how much pathology is actually congenital, so I can’t say that’s what happened to Miller. I’m more inclined to say that he was abused, physically, sexually, or emotionally, in his early formative years by someone he should have been able to trust. Nursing that betrayal, pain, and grievance turned him into a terrorist…yes, a terrorist, but one terribly constrained by a society he still loathes, so that he APPEARS civilized. Add the obvious narcissism and xenophobia and misogyny…and guess what. We haven’t seen the worst of Stephen Miller yet.

He’s bright, astute, archly manipulative, and f’n dangerous. I feel sorry for his parents.

I hope some brave media people will muckrake and get the right scoop on him to expose him to everyone and defang him.

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