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A Decision Cruel and Callous


A Decision Cruel and Callous

Bhikkhu Bodhi

Much has been written over the last several days about the political and economic repercussions of Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out from the Paris Climate Agreement. It’s been pointed out that the decision will diminish our standing in the world and cast us in the role of a rogue state, a pariah among nations. Our economy will languish, overtaken by other countries that make the leap to full reliance on clean energy. The mantle of global leadership will pass to Europe and China, and we’ll find ourselves increasingly isolated on the international stage.


I would add that the decision was also criminal and vicious. Trump and his gang should be reviled and recognized by future generations as traitors to humanity, fossil-fuel gangsters, and earth-destroying terrorists. People really need to rise up against these mobsters and put them in jail where they belong!


Time is now for total, Gandhian non cooperation. We are faced with multiple planetary crisis, and none so important as the ecological imperative.


What you mean-um ‘will’, Kemo Sabé?  In many areas, to be a westerner has been a mark of shame for more than 200 years – it’s only relatively recently that many peoples subjected first to the control of the ‘Empires’ of the western nation-states, and subsequently more directly to the control of the Multi-NaZional Korporations inti-
mately integrated into the governments of said nation-states, have begun to openly revolt against their western “masters”.  So-called ‘Islamic Extremists’ owe much of their success in recruiting adherents and jihadists to the cruel history of western imperialism and rapacious greed which their homelands have had to endure for two centuries and more.

[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:42210”]". . . Large swaths of farmland in sub-Saharan Africa [the Middle East] and South Asia have been trans- formed into desert, no longer able to sustain their populations.  Four countries border on famine – South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and northern Nigeria – partly because of political turmoil, but also because of climate change."[/quote] Add Syria to that list.  IIRC, the revolt against the Assad regime began as protests against the government’s inability - or unwillingness - to deal with widespread famine due to crop failures resulting from several years of drought apparently brought on by ‘Climate Change’ (aka ‘Global Warming’).

He who sows the wind shall reap the whirl-wind.   Whirl-winds indeed, as the intensity of storms fueled by the steadily rising temperature of Mother Earth’s oceans and atmosphere continues to increase (not to mention the Billion$ in arms being sold to the Saudis and the announced build-up of American troops in Afghanistan.)