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A Defeated Trump 'Has No Authorization for a New War,' Say Campaigners After NYT Reports President Wanted Military Strike Options for Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/17/defeated-trump-has-no-authorization-new-war-say-campaigners-after-nyt-reports


Trump, you’ll never be known as a “War President.”

However, because you sold out the American People for every penny you could get, you will be labeled, the “Whore President.”


Yo! Sounds like kuzin vinny from da family made the cardster a offer cuun’t refooze.
So what did the bloviating “deal maker” do, and with whoms(s), sucking the stem of atrocity to try make his insensate world of narcissistic disorders be something other than inert? Candy gram from weapons makers me thinks? … and their transnational mining buds, others in the extended ‘family’ ,

Time to make certain that this operation to generate death and destruction is shut down to prevent the continuing criminal damages!!!

Never, ever underestimate the capacity to follow through on four years of threats of every shape and mindless disorder.


Trump is No King Midas. Everything that Trump touches, he destroys.


If Biden gets the U.S. back into the nuclear deal with an ending of sanctions on Iran, that would be a great reward flowing from his election for the people of the U.S. and the Middle East and a major step to sanity and peace, on our terms (but Israel and the Israeli lobby (including evangelicals) wouldn’t like it. So, who calls the shots?).


And Joe Biden just said that he has no intention of holding Donald accountable for his crimes.*

How many of us here predecticted that Biden would follow Obama’s “Let’s look forward, not backward” mantra.

Until these criminals are held responsible, we will have business as usual. Oh, yeah, that is just want Joe promised when he said “Nothing will basically change”

*NBC news today:
“President-elect Joe Biden has privately told advisers that he doesn’t want his presidency to be consumed by investigations of his predecessor, according to five people familiar with the discussions, despite pressure from some Democrats who want inquiries into President Donald Trump, his policies and members of his administration.”


Trump has a reverse Midas touch! Everything Trump touches turns not to gold but to… chose any expletive, because they all fit.



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There’s a two-step going on here. Trump is already under investigation in NY state. Biden himself isn’t going to order his DOJ to investigate Trump, a highly unusual thing, but if the federal government gets a request for information from state prosecutors, there’s nothing stopping an independent DOJ from facilitating that request. It’s actually very smart politics, despite how much hyper-online folks want to yell about it. Moreover, there’s still a strong chance Trump pardons himself and his family, so federal prosecutors are going to be limited on what they can do anyway.

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How about “rubbish”!

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This infant is acting as though the election only occurred in his nightmare. Rather than transitioning to the new administration so the pandemic can start to get under control, so the ecological crisis or already collapsing systems can be addressed he is busy saber rattling. Monstrous idiocy.

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The Federal Government must finally hold crimminals accountable. We have had no accountability for how long? 40 years and beyond and the reason we have trumps crime family for the last 4 years. It has to start NOW! It will be a travesity of justice if these people are not indicted for the crimes they have committed. We are not a lawless nation and leaves the door open more despot leading this once great country.

Let the DOJ do the prosceuting and Joe can govern.


If Trump pardons himself and his family, the federal government is not going to be able do a thing. However, states can do things, pardons do not protect him in state courts. Investigations are already happening in NY and, as I say above, the DOJ can facilitate the gathering of information on the federal side if so requested. There’s a big difference between Biden ordering his DOJ to investigate his predecessor—a very controversial action that would lead to strong reaction by Republicans in Congress who he will need to pass emergency Covid relief—and federal prosecutors in sharing information with NY’s AG. Investigations go forward while a Biden administration (hopefully) get the tools to manage Covid relief and deliver a vaccine.

Biden is being smart.

Trump could care less about Iran. He is collecting as much money as possible from donations and think tanks for his 2024 run and to fight the fraud from the election. Really he is finding ways to get the money into his pockets. Everyone knows major Jewish donors like Sheldon Adleson, or whatever, are willing to give big money to bomb Iran. Trump would bomb Nashville if he got money for it. Milo Minderbinder is in change of the country.

Astonishing if true, that warmonger and Iran-hater Pompeo had to serve as the adult to tell the wailing Trump that bombing Iran would be idiotic.

He can use his executive power to either state his pardon power does cover the states or in the case of financial crimes all are both Federal and State. There are a million ideas for law suits after he issues the pardons. Remember the State AG in NY despite overwhelming evidence did not charge Epstein for years because they didn’t want to go against the Feds who gave him and his “co conspirators” - AKA pedophilic monsters- blanket immunity forwards and backwards.

Trump, you loser moron: We are saving new wars for Biden and his
warmongering team head by chief warmonger Susan Rice…et al

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Sanctions could be lifted saving thousnds of lives-----also there is a bipartisan group of Senators who want to stop supplying Saudi Arabia with US weapons being used on the poorest country in the world Yemen. And now people need to ask why the US has sanctions on Venezuela killing thousands.


If Trump pardons himself this cannot be allowed-----

Trump can only pardon for federal crimes, not state crimes. It’s limited to “offenses against the United States,” not any specific state, per Article 2 of the Constitution. NY’s current AG is investigating Trump now. She had nothing to do with, nor was she responsible for, the Epstein plea deal our current Labor Secretary negotiated.