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A 'Defining Moment' to Stand Against Torture as Human Rights Groups Demand Senate Reject Gina Haspel for CIA


A 'Defining Moment' to Stand Against Torture as Human Rights Groups Demand Senate Reject Gina Haspel for CIA

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Gina Haspel, President Donald Trump's pick to head the CIA, continues to face intense scrutiny over her "central" role in the Bush administration's torture regime ahead of her May 9 Senate hearing, more than 40 national human rights and civil liberties organizations sent a letter (pdf) to every U.S.


Medusa had the face of an ugly woman, and serpents for hair. She was most famously a Monster in Greek mythology.

How in Hell did they find Medusa reincarnated, and decide to put her in charge of the CIA?


Gina Haspel says she was only following orders. The right thing to do would have been to resign. She believes in Bush’s " You’re either with us or with the terrorists" slogan. US, UK & other allies terrorize people in 3rd World Nations. That explains people being tortured @ Gitmo.:scream::scream::scream::zombie::woman_zombie::vampire:


She should be in prison for the rest of her life - not running the CIA.


She’s probably a good friend of Killary Clinton. I’m sure Clinton admires Haspel just like she bragged about having the endorsement of Kissinger!!!


This will be a challenge for McCain, not to mention the Dems who reject her nomination and, if successful, only again have to waste their time with another of Don’s $adists.


Hillary was only following orders, too. From AIPAC, the ADL, Goldman-Sachs, Citigroup and the rest of The Usual Suspects. Plus,The Big Casino(s) will weigh in. We could only hope that what happens in Vegas ( or Macau ) stayed there. Centralized money laundering sounds like a no-brainer for these smart folks, right?
Haspel will follow those orders, as well.


Clearly she is no Antigone. No such thing as the Higher or Natural Laws.


Yes: anyone who looked her her would turn to stone and, looking at Gina, I can see that…


How could we expect the brutality of war(s) not coming home. Now it is mirrored in the most depraved of ideologies being installed in the US (and globally!). Fascism knows no morals, knows no mercy, no humanity…


Following orders is no excuse. I wouldn’t take any money from Wall Street, like Obama is currently doing for speeches. We all still have choices!


Feinstein has her back. She will be confirmed.


If you want to be the Capo dei Capi then you’ve got to play the part of one. Trump is now only the loyal lieutenant in the great scheme of things. But, running in 2020 and winning, would cement himself in as solidly as Jimmy Hoffa’s feet, in The Big Bamboozle. Which is where the Great American Theocrats and Their Ilk, want to take us.
" When you have them by the balls ( and bellies ) their hearts and minds will follow ". Here comes that updated for the 21st Century. Kissinger’s 2.0 or real legacy, writ in the blood of the 99%ers.


What Haspel (and trump) brings to the table in photos…following orders??..new Nuremberg or Hague trials for this regimes war crime (and all those preceding) are so needed. The leadership of conscience and accountability for war crmes has been superseded by lauding and rewarding vile scum… We have indeed met the enemy, and he is us!

https://original.antiwar.com/news/2006/02/17/abu-ghraib-abuse-photos/ the torture photos - lest we forget!


"Had President Obama prosecuted Gina Haspel and other CIA torturers, she would have gone to prison. But Obama said he wanted to look forward, not back. Now the past returns.

Haspel “is a torturer. Her office skill set includes overseeing torture and taunting victims as they lie gasping and near death.”

Obama sold-out all those who (at first) believed his lying con BS, and now we are paying the price for his and clintons’s sellouts and utter failure to build any strong progressive political base - they BOTH sabotaged that base, leading directly to the the trump win and our current nightmare!

"Those who ignore the past are condemned to repeat it" – George Santayana


Have you noticed that MSM predominantly uses her smiling mugshot when she was much younger. Age and even physical ugliness can not overshadow a bright spirit. The photo related to this article reveals her dark spirit.


This vote sends a message to the rest of the world where we as a country stand. Trump can posture and preach all he wants but for Congress the proof is in the pudding. Congress endorses this woman and they are making a statement that they are okay with torture. No other way to view it no matter how much spin they try to put on it.


If only she would suffer the fate of the witch in the wizard of oz.


She fits the profile for Fascist (a)merica. She will be a shoo-in.


THAT is the “get-out-of-jail” (RESPONSIBILITY) card for ALL cowardly Fascists!