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'A Definite and Sustained Increase': Europe Leads Record Single-Day Worldwide Covid-19 Infection Surge

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/08/definite-and-sustained-increase-europe-leads-record-single-day-worldwide-covid-19

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With bars and restaurants open, and Airlines down but still running, what can be expected in a worldwide pandemic.


From article:

“We’re in a crisis right now and need to immediately change our behavior to save lives,” said Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, who on Tuesday bars and restaurants in the state to limit occupancy to 25% of capacity. “There’s no other way to put it, we are overwhelmed.”

Live report from bizarro Mad Max land in rural Wisconsin:

Based on the behaviors I’ve seen from the f—ing republican politicians in Wisconsin and the citizens who support them I’m surprised it’s taken this long for the sh$t to hit the fan re: covid in Wisconsin.

In the meantime, every step I take is with extreme caution so that I don’t have to go the hospital—there may be no hospital to go to soon.

Between the anti-maskers, and the trumpeters in their f—ing ATV’s/trucks (with no mufflers) intimidating blue voters this is complete insanity.

Need to at least get out of this state if we make it through the “election”.

In another vein-----
This is news that I was not aware of:

COVID drug Trump touted as a “cure” was developed using cells derived from aborted fetal tissue


Donald Trump called medication he received to treat COVID-19 “miracles coming down from God.” But one of the experimental drugs he took was tested on tissue from aborted fetuses, even though the Trump administration has been cracking down on such research when it could help fight other diseases, including HIV.

Regeneron is asking the FDA for emergency approval for the experimental treatment now that it may have saved Trump’s life, even though the drug remains unproven. But the Trump administration hasn’t been vocal about the fact that it was first tested on cells derived from an abortion.

The CEO of Regeneron —which makes the experimental Covid-19 therapy taken by President Trump — is also a member of Trump’s golf club, and the two have met and discussed Regeneron’s drugs, according to a report that casts new light on Trump’s exclusive access to the company’s experimental antibody treatment that he lauds as a “cure” for Covid-19 and vows to make freely available


Sign of the times, Part Zillion:

So I’m fresh off making a mad 1600 mile dash to save my medicine and go from OK to my previous home of MS gulf coast. As it happens, one of the more annoying events of the year just happened to be in full swing: Cruising on the Coast.

CoC is basically a throng of white small business.middle class GOP types running around in rvs and vintage cars and drving up and down the gulf coast between New Orleans and Panama City, FL.

In Gulfport, there were 10s of thousands of these, and the predictable mass of MAGA pseudo rallies posing as cruisers.

So we’re looking at a massive coastal superspreader event, none of which was locked down by any of the states involved and, topping it all off, a strong hurricane coming into the area with countless thousands of rvs still perched by the beaches as of yesterday afternoon.

Some of the Texans understood the magnitude of the threat and were heading out of the area. But the rest appears to be totally ignoring the reality of a Cat-something hurricane storm surge on rec vehicles on beaches.

And they will sit there and barbecue until the waves take them or the storm decides to blast the chemical and oil plants to the west instead.

Covid couldn’t have asked for a better era to be born in. Medieval peasants had more survival sense than this.


Damn, if America finds out that Europe actually exists we might learn something. But WE are governed by the most greedy, ignorant, self-interested bozos on Earth so expect nothing. If you don’t like it, vote out your incumbent, it’s his or her fault, and the problems won’t be fixed elsewhere.

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The coronavirus has torn through the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, sickening more than 10 percent of the tribe’s 10,000 residents and killing at least 81 people

Likely have inadequate medical in the area.
8% death rate is twice Chicago’s, who have all
these 'we’ll take all your money, thank you, medicals.
Let us learn to pay for high quality results.

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Being up here in the boonies, I forgot all about the Cruisers, hard to believe they haven’t been sent home. Here’s more bad news if you haven’t already seen it, there’s like an 80% chance of another storm after Delta (forming in the Northwest Caribbean). We’ve been lucky so far in this hellish hurricane season, but I’m over it. I really feel for the Lake Charles area, a Cat 4, 6 weeks ago, and now a possible Cat 3. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of that in one season.

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My brother got burned out of Berry Creek (on 9/9, Admission Day, by the Bear Fire) and plans to relocate to Oregon somewhere. My sister’s community of Oakmont (Santa Rosa) is gradually allowed to repopulate their homes, hopefully safe by now from the Glass Fire. It’s the third time she’s had to evacuate, and by now she thinks her purchase of a home in Oakmont (a retirement community) was probably a big mistake.

My own place here in Richmond CA is metropolitan, and has the best weather (when not clogged with smoke) in the continental USA, and maybe a tolerable level of random buttheadedness, so I’d like to stay here until my remains get flushed out to the Farallons, if I can. But if something uprooted me from where I now feel so firmly planted, here in Richmond, I wouldn’t have any idea where on Earth to look for a safe place, where the landscape is unthreatened.

Also: It would break my heart (again!) – It’s a lifelong task, sometimes, to settle into a landscape which adjusts and feels like an extension of one’s body, like a home: a place, at long last, to be. To belong. But the big clumsy worm turns and shatters the chandelier mi corazon from time to time. Having a place, even a family tradition of belonging to some place somewhere, is a major theme of Wendell Berry’s. Once I heard a Miwok elder say that Indians can’t begin to understand how Europeans could ever bear to separate from the land where they belonged.

The broad view, contemplating what conditions the virus will impose on USA by year’s end – let alone 12 months from now – feels so opaque to prognostication, it’s imponderable. Like a tidal wave of suffering headed our way, and not much we can do but watch how big it gets. If only US Americans weren’t quite so certain about their direction, they might not sail off the cliff. As if only!


We need to get cracking if America hopes to stay number one. All this endless election nonsense is making it hard to keep the eye on the ball. We have to be unified if we want to remain on top. But the White House under Donald J Trump’s leadership is rising to the challenge. This week the White House alone had more new COVID cases than all of New Zealand. That’s both the north and south islands combined, in case you didn’t know. Way to go, White House!


louisiana’s been target practice this season.

and reeves has gotta be thanking his lucky stars his state’s largely been the only one spared so far. seems the Cruisers are going to get lucky this time, too. WLOX says the 'cane’s too far west to ruin their fun for long.


Ah yes. And we are just now approaching the flu season. Better batten down the hatches folks. The flu season combined with the anti-maskers is about to hit the turbo charge button. I fear that last year’s peak may be less than what is coming, unless mask wearing becomes mandatory.

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God, I miss Hunter S Thompson at times like this. I’d gotten my hopes up about a Harley packed RNC caught between two intermeshed hurricanes & was about to start a YOOJ FundMe to PAY physicians, nurses and first responders to vacation up north until the plague, ah, er… died down? I’ve pals working all between Baytown, Morgan City, BSL and Panama City & HAVE to work, well past their “retirement.”



~https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2020/10/how-a-police-state-starts/ (herd mentality AND police state!)


I miss Molly Ivans. She was always so on the mark.


Just curious, you staying in GP, or back at your place in MP?

Back in Oklahoma hell, actually. I’m partnered with a pain patient community activist here and we’re both fixing to have to go on the run again shortly, so I have no idea where is next for us. She just lost her doctor of 5 years to the DEA, so god only knows where we wind up.

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Sorry to hear that, I thought you had landed back here after reading your post. Good luck to both of you, keep-em guessing. Hope I didn’t do any damage with my above post as it relates to your situation.

By golly Aleph Null this is one of your most beautiful, thought provoking posts ever and I’ve followed your posts for years!

I only started commenting about 4 years ago. I seem to recall you and a person (woman?) who called herself Sioux Rose having interesting comments exchanged (correct me if I’m wrong). What happened to her?
She would probably have a hard time with me due to my grammar/spelling that goes off the rails at times! I seem to recall that she was rather militant about spelling/grammar.

There is no place where the landscape is not threatened. I’m trying to come to a place of acceptance with this fact—not there yet for it (i.e. that fact piercing my brain) is regularly gut wrenching.

I do hold out hope (?) that there are places where there are people (at least a critical mass?) who respect the land, soil, water and all that live there. And if I should move one more time, it must be to an area that is not filled with white wing conservatives or neoliberals.

Perhaps that place does not exist either.

I was blessed to have lived on a nature preserve as “steward” for over 15 years and that was the only time in my life I felt at peace and completely in the moment each and every day that I was fortunate to share life on that land. You wrote above:

That is exactly how I felt living there—it felt like an extension of my body.
Had to leave it and have been out of sorts since-----separated from a place where I felt that I belonged (I’ve never felt that connection among people, including my family of origin), a place that I would do anything to protect and a place that offered infinite, new wonders in the form of all the flora and fauna that lived there; some mysteries still unknown as to why they lived there, how they lived there . . . . it was a fen, sedge meadow, prairie and oak savanna.

Wendell Berry wrote (my bold):

"The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.
The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all. It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life. Without proper care for it we can have no community, because without proper care for it we can have no life."

That last sentence is where intense grief enters the psyche/soul/spirit for it is clear that we do not have even close to a critical mass of people who care for the soil (and the air, waters, flora/fauna). And the soil is literally being poisoned and washed away.

Most people have no idea (nor do they care) what kind of soil they live on (or what was there before humans altered/ruined it), where their water comes from (and goes), where their trash goes . . . .

So what are we to do? What are we left with?

I’ll quote Wendell Berry again here:

And the world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles, no matter how long, but only by a spiritual journey, a journey of one inch, very arduous and humbling and joyful, by which we arrive at the ground at our own feet, and learn to be at home.

This is challenge----especially for agnostics and perhaps impossible for atheists?
(I’m not fully in the latter camp, still leaning, most days, toward agnostic)

We are an integral part of the web of life but much of it . . . most of it … . we have killed and are still killing----is it even possible to learn to be home in a home we’ve destroyed?
This leaves us with our minds . . . . . our hearts and each other, those that understand these -----what I believe to be---- truths. And we are still here today with nonhuman life that is still hanging on. . . .

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SR had her account suspended for 60 days (for promoting “unfounded 9-11 conspiracy theories”). Her account still exists but she never came back after her suspension.

EDIT: About a year ago i had my account suspended for 60 days for “assholery.” They were right, i was being a jerk. i came back after my suspension.

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Yikes! I missed those posts (thankfully). Thanks for responding.
And I better review the rules so I am not suspended! I need to be here during the next few weeks more than ever as I don’t participate in any other media platforms and as I’ve said before, the discourse her is generally respectful.

Not sure what constitutes “assholery”!

I wish trump could be suspended from all public life (and twitter) as he far exceeds that.

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Yes, I’m waiting for the Christian right, the evangelicals, and the deplorables to poo-poo trump using dead babies to survive his illness.
I wouldn’t put it that way, but righty would be incensed if it were a democrat.
Caroline, I also wonder if we can ever have parity in our state house.
I’m waiting for these republican asses to challenge this new attempt at saving us.