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A Deflategate Slapdown of NFL and MSM


A Deflategate Slapdown of NFL and MSM

Robert Parry

It’s been my experience from nearly four decades in Washington journalism that it’s increasingly rare when a powerful institution protects an individual from unfair and abusive treatment by another powerful institution. The U.S. District Court decision throwing out the National Football League’s kangaroo case against New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was one of those exceptions.


All I learned from this article is that Parry is a Patriot fan. His slide into irrelevancy is complete.


Either you didn't read the article or you are incapable of recognizing relevant facts. Get a life.


Another Patriot fan heard from. Or are you a Bradyphile? Got a thing for him? He's taken brother.

Get a life? Originality is not your strong suit I see.


Don't worry Robert, I'll put your unconvincing defense of an obvious cheater in a box, separate from your great work on the Ukraine and other important national issues. Many lawyers thought the case wouldn't even be heard by the Federal Court, because it is a dispute that is to be settled under the arbitration clause in the Leagues' Collective Bargaining Agreement, which it was. You didn't mention this, and it was being talked about as a possible outcome. It is quite likely the case will be thrown out, for this very reason, upon appeal. Teams shop Courts, the Minnesota Vikings found a friendly judge right in their back yard, and were able to delay suspensions for two of their key linemen for the use of banned substances for the entire season.

And I notice you didn't mention the infamous conversation between the two people actually handling the balls. The Brady team said their, the men handling the balls, use of the word deflation referred to a diet one of the men was on, oh my. Or the mysterious destruction of Tom's cell phone. No, the rest of the football world is tired of the sainted Robert Kraft and his "iffy" organization.

Of course Tom Brady is going to fight to the last, those of us who in our youth tried to throw a football understand that the larger the hand, the better the grip, and the more accurate the pass. Deflating the ball is a way of compensating for hand size and grip. The issue isn't limited only to games played in the cold. Oh, my.

Sports acts as a microcosm, Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones are the Goldman Sachs and J. P. Morgan Chase of the football world. Parry knows the Patriots and Tom Brady get more coverage by far than any other team in the league, with the exception of America's team--not, the Dallas Cowboys. Where's the mention of those Thanksgiving Dinners the Commissioner was wont to have at the Kraft's, now the Commissioner and the Media are personae non grata. Remember, ESPN stands for Eastern Sports Network, now this great eastern wurlitzer- conglomerate is the evil one, spare us please.

Saturday, 9-5-15: Yesterday evening the Patriots announced they would pay the large fine and agreed to the loss of a pick in the next draft. Why would they do this? Those innocent Patriots.


The guy is irrelevant because he has an opinion on something having to do with sports? WTF?


Yes and no. Not necessarily because it was about sports. Because it was an article suggesting it was a good idea to use federal courts to settle disputes among members of private sports clubs. Considering this is occurring in a justice system notorious for not hearing important cases involving real harm to our society.