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A Demagogue, Fascist, and Serious Threat: UK Mobilizes to Make Sure Trump Knows He 'Is Not Welcome'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/03/demagogue-fascist-and-serious-threat-uk-mobilizes-make-sure-trump-knows-he-not

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I love it, especially the orange baboon Tweeting on the toilet bowl.


This is priceless. I hope he saw it:


What does the Queen see in Trump enough to invite him, his family and numerous hangers-ons to a state visit? Or is she grasping at semi-demented relevance in a seriously troubled world which now is experiencing the deadly effects of the criminally rich?

I’m sure their banquet dessert will be “to die for”.


Strange world we live in … the Brits are on the verge of electing their own ‘trump’.
Once a toadie always a toadie?


Its disturbing to realize that we share the common heritage of falling for the self-appointed demi-god-ish families - European version of the mafia having to constantly massage its public profile in order not to use killing as its method to hang onto ill-gotten resources. While their “people” starve and worse, that “wealth” is so poorly stewarded that humans who do not live like them or kowtow are denied the status of being fully human. The latter being the basis for genocides in colonization like a cancer virus.

Shift the foundational model to MYCELIUM.

Unbelievable … birds of a feather.


While doing a little surfing I happened upon a couple of clips of Trumpenstein answering questions from the press. What can one say; Trump is a self indulgent pigasaurous and a major dick.
Americans should all be ashamed.


They get it:


Dear Mr. Mayor Kahn of London:
I agree with everything you said.: ) The key to Trump is that every awful thing he says about anyone , actually seems to apply to him.
Meghan , the Duchess of Sussex is “Nasty, " he declares…oh that’s also Trump. It should be interesting if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex join in in any state dinners. Her mother is African American, and so therefore not being ALL white( whatever that is,” I suppose that’s what Trump’s demeaning comment was all about.
Maybe Trump will fall into a London sewer and emerge confined within a giant fat berg. Now that would be ,“nasty,” but hilarious.

I’d really hoped a few Brits would get lucky and milkshake the bastard.

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“who should focus on crime in London,”

But he IS focusing on crime in London. For the next three days you are the most dangerous criminal in London or in the UK for that matter. And your crime family isn’t a whole lot better than you are. For that reason alone you need to be carefully watched and controlled. Kind of too bad one or more of the honor guard didn’t poke a bayonet into you.


I think Trump redeemed himself at the state dinner. What a fashion statement, tunic length waistcoat, palazzo pants, and heels. Too bad he wore a too large obviously borrowed jacket. We can all be proud that nobody is laughing at America anymore.

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Very Stable Genius Indeed.

Emperor Trump-------Trump just visited the new emperor of Japan----and now the royal family in England---------didn’t we fight a war about monarchies ??? support INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM over the power of the state----SUPPORT THE COMMONS-----the people are the “owners”.

It is called “protocol” and is something that she can not really avoid.
I doubt very much she is enthralled by the prospect and is secretly very pleased that others are telling it how it is!