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A Democratic Debate Report Card

Lester Holt, not Maddox.

Begon, slight little man.

So you gots nothing to refute the fact of your concern trollery which I quoted above.

Begone, slight man.

• Harris: A- Status Quo all the way!! Wait until people start attacking her record!!!
• Warren: A- Warren and Bernie are battling for Progressives.
• Sanders: B+ The one and only!!! Needs to toot his horn!!!
• Mayor Pete: B Status Quo 2. Won’t get the black vote.
• Gabbard: B VP all the way!!
• de Blasio: B Hanging by a thread
• Booker: B Status Quo 3
• Castro: B Latinos votes are his ace in the hole but will that be enough??
• Yang: B- One trick pony
• Biden: C+ He done!!! Can’t ride Obama’s coattails forever…

The rest don’t matter…