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A Deportation Moratorium, What Comes Next for Biden?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/29/deportation-moratorium-what-comes-next-biden

The US has too many underclass people and does not need more including cheaters who break into our country against our law and with few or no marketable skills.

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Out of this list the most important thing is being left out.

That is stop supporting right wing Governments in Latin America. Stop supporting coups of Governments who are voted in power by the poor of those Countries to help the poor. Stop killing people defending watersheds and forests and farmlands from foreign mining companies. Stop sending arms and soldiers to train thugs in places like Colombia and Guatemala. Stop proscribing sanctions against Countries just because they are deemed “on the left”. Stop claiming “property rights” as more importants then the rights of people to earn a livelihood.


What he said =====do what Ronny did???GIVE EVERYONE AMNESTY and let them become US citizens-------lift sanctions on Venezuela-and our goal should be to create thriving countries around us for political stability. My family was here before this country was a country and I say WELCOME!

I think the President could do this on his own----but Reagun had the full force of Congress.