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A Different "Trail of Tears"


A Different "Trail of Tears"

Fran Shor

The anguished cries of mothers being separated from their children on the U.S. Southwest border recalls earlier travesties visited upon immigrants, native peoples, and the poor. White vigilantes in the early decades of the twentieth century terrorized immigrant, Mexican, native, and working class families in Border States like Arizona and New Mexico. In particular, white mobs in Arizona, organized by local government officials, kidnapped orphaned children being cared for by Mexican families.


The founding pillars of the United States of America, that the foundation on which it was built was not “freedom and Liberty”. That was just the sales pitch.

It was Genocide and Slavery. The rot on which it built still manifests its destiny today.


Welcome to the real America and its myths about immigration. History is written by the victors.


“I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.”
–Mohandas K. Gandhi

Yeah, Jeff “Selective Bible Quoter” Sessions, I’m talking to you.


Yes, the **United States of strong textAggression **was built on slavery & genocide. The Pilgrims could have stayed in Holland but they chose to come here to persecute Native Americans & Blacks.


I agree, this is another Trail of Tears.
Conservatives once again fanning the flames of racism.
Will they ever learn the error of their ways?


Not until it stops working for them, I’d guess.


If it stops working for them, will they even admit to it?


As an Indigenous woman, I resent the use of the “Trail of Tears” to describe the current situation at the border. My people were here on this land before hordes of immigrants came, wreaking genocide on us and enslaving our ancestors. Those coming here now, left their homelands that the US foreign policy, in part, has made unlivable.
We have never left our homelands, have never given up our fight to retain our identity, and are nearly invisible to most Americans. Our race is rarely mentioned in polls, charts, graphs and statistics. Even the CDC does not include us in their stats, but has several categories for Hispanics, which, in my understanding, is not a race but a country.
As millions of Americans fight for the rights of other countries refugees, we continue to be killed by police at a higher rate than all, incarcerated at a higher rate, have the shortest life expectancy, highest level of suicide, drug & alcohol addiction, and highest unemployment rate.
While I agree that all people must be treated with respect and dignity, and I have personally taken in homeless people for over 30 years, I would ask that appropriating our unique suffering at the hands of Americans be stopped. Until millions of Americans that have enjoyed the fruits of our genocide and enslavement, protest and acknowledge the horrific, continuing treatment of the Niitsitapii (Original Beings) of our shared land, IMHO, the chaos and division will continue. Niitsiniyitaki ! (I honor you and am thankful)


I am not a Native American. I am an Asian Indian. I feel the same way you do. Native Americans were here 1st but are always excluded in discussions about race. The topics focus mostly on Blacks & Whites & sometimes Hispanics & Asians less often. By the 2050’s, the US will have a Non-White Majority. Asians will be 10% of the population. I’ve seen Westerns. They negatively portray Native Americans. Many ethnic groups speak up about the way they are portrayed in movies & TV. even if nothing changes. I did not like the way Asian Indians were portrayed in “Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom”. They were portrayed as Devil Worshipers that ate monkey brains. Eating brains may not make one a Devil Worshiper but they were still negatively portrayed.


Thank you for your answer. We have a long way to go to be accepted as equals to the dominant society as the ingrained superiority is so deep, plus the lack of curiosity in people who whose culture is only 200+ years old. The amount of comments I get from people who believe they know my culture better than I do, or that all Natives are the same, or think we were engaged in perpetual warfare is astonishing.
I’m sure you have experienced similar ignorance regarding your country and culture from those who really don’t care to listen, as they’re #1, and automatically superior. This saddens me as I believe we all have something to teach and learn from each other.
Many blessings to you and yours, my friend!