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'A Disaster': Critics Pounce on Trump USDA's New GMO Labeling Rule


'A Disaster': Critics Pounce on Trump USDA's New GMO Labeling Rule

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Food safety advocates express are expressing sharp disappointment with the final federal GMO labeling rule, released Thursday by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

  1. There is an overwhelming consensus among scientists that climate change is real and is being caused by human activity.

  2. There is an overwhelming consensus among scientists that genetically engineered food is safe.

The anti-GMO crowd are no different to the climate change denialists.


That’s funny … “Pouncing Critics!” Who are they pouncing on? All too obvious this entire non labeling of our food is meant to Kill us. I read everything before I buy it, but still can’t be positive if it’s truly organic or not so I do the best I can. So, good luck to all of the Walmart shoppers. You are eating 100 percent GMO garbage. Don’t forget the Diet Coke to wash down the Cake and Doughnuts!


Wow, what a crock of shite! Don’t come near me after you binge on your next round of Fast Food GMO Burritos. If your toilet water is Orange, u will know Your info is totally flawed!


Maybe you could calm down and point out the flaws?



Take genetically modified wheat, corn, soybeans, etc. seeds which have been modified to be resistant to Bayer/Monsanto’s Roundup. If such seeds are grown in organically pristine soil (where no pesticides or herbicides have ever been employed) without the use of Round-up or any other pesticide or herbicide, perhaps the plants that result are safe to eat. The jury is still out on that.

But, when such seeds are grown in soil that’s been doused with Roundup (or another such pesticide or herbicide), the roots of the plants that develop will have taken up such chemicals from the soil; and, when a person eats those plants, they will be intaking those chemicals. In addition, at least 14 days prior to harvesting, GMO wheat (and some other crops) fields are often sprayed with Roundup; so, now, you’ve also got the surface of the plant covered with the herbicide.

Montanto’s claim has always been that the herbicides in Roundup (and in other such herbicide products) pass right through our digestive system; and, have no effect on our various body tissues. But, they have always claimed that their studies which supposedly prove this contain proprietary information/trade secrets; thus, they can’t be released for public scrutiny.

Around 2013, we learned that the glyphosate herbicide in Roundup adversely affects the beneficial bacteria in our gut, thus allowing pathogens to overgrow and take over. Furthermore, these pathogens product toxins that can cause inflammation and disease.

So, you go right ahead and keep consuming this crap. I won’t; I’ll stick to organically grown, non-GMO/GE/BE foods; and, I’ll bet I live longer than you; and, will enjoy a significantly greater, disease-free life.

Interesting that Russia is not permitted to grow any GMO/GE/BE crops; and, now, numerous countries are purchasing grains, especially wheat, from Russia, while our country’s non-organically grown crops are sitting in silos; because, other countries don’t want that product.


So why is there an overwhelming consensus among scientists that GM food is safe?

And what has the safety of an agricultural chemical (roundup) got to do with GM food safety?


HI Bandersnatch: The tobacco companies said that smoking was good for you, and in WW 2 the soldiers got lots of cigarettes, and doctors even made ads saying how great tobacco was for their heath.
Scientists , like politicians can be bought too. : (
Plenty of scientists have said that GMO is safe, but I don’t believe them. Remember the Love Canal story? I recently read a story about how the company that polluted the land and water made a deal that they would not be blamed for anything, but they did tell the town, NOT to build schools in certain areas, and the schools did anyway. Lots of sick people there!

As for why you should worry----------Round up stays in the ground and of course, in the plant. when you eat GMO foods you eat the chemicals too. A person has to wonder why so many little kids have cancers and other odd diseases that you would think only old people get—but it really is true that you are what you eat—sadly we don’t always know what we’re eating—because apparently the USDA used to actually work, and companies lie a lot because they don’ t want to be sued—they would apparently take your money AND kill you. : ) Remember companies rush things to market like Bayer did early on----and sold their wonderful drug that made people feel heroic-----yeah, that stuff was heroin. It seems awful that people are paying for things that actually turn them into guinea pigs instead of protected consumers. : (

Reading about that long ago history was a nightmare—but if you go back even farther, during the Civil War, companies sold tainted meat that killed soldiers. So it seems hat when governments and business get together—they seem to often kill a lot of people. That’s why every person has to be their own advocate, and research on their own—because in America, We the People die for the dumbest reasons. : (

So Bandersnatch—is your first name Frumious? : )


As I said in my first post: The anti-GMO crowd are no different to the climate change denialists.

The rest of your post does not concern genetic engineering.


I wouldn’t say there’s an “overwhelming consensus among scientists” — it really depends on what group of scientists one is referring to; and, what GM/GE/BE food is being considered. – This isn’t a cut and dried topic. It’s huge; and, there’s lots of controversy.

If you ask scientists who are either working for the Big Ag companies, or the academic scientists who are being paid by the Big Ag companies to do research for them or write articles, you’re going to see a lot of consensus that such foods are safe. Essentially, scientists, whether they are corporate or academic, are as easily influenced by money as are politicians. That’s a known fact.

There’s very little, if any, money being tossed to scientists to do research that might prove contrary to Big Ag’s claims.

Then, there’s the type of GM/GE/BE organism under consideration:

If you’re talking about GM/GE/BE salmon, there’s the consideration of whether the flesh of the fish is actually safe to eat, which it may well be (if you like eating farmed fish that are cooped up, swimming in their own feces; but, you’re still taking the chance that the fish were fed GM/GE/BE food that may contain herbicides/pesticides). But, then there’s the ecological question of whether that monstrous fish is going to escape those farms and breed with the non-GM/GE/BE salmon in the earth’s oceans; and, cause the demise of those stocks. No one has the answer to that type of question; because, it’s impossible to predict what will occur.

If you’re talking about GM/GE/BE crops, that too depends on whether you’re talking about something like a tomato that’s been modified for a particular trait, rather than modified to be resistant to a particular herbicide and/or pesticide. A tomato that’s been modified for a particular trait might well be safe to eat.

But, if you’re talking about a crop seed that’s been modified to be resistant to a particular herbicide or pesticide; and that seed is then grown in a soil containing that herbicide and/or pesticide (which kills all other plants, insects, and microbes in the area), or is sprayed with those poisons, now you’ve got the question that I answered above in my first reply to you. – If I give you an dish of corn that came from stalks that developed in soil containing those poisons, and/or has been sprayed prior to harvesting with those poisons, I would hope that you would be curious whether those poisons might be harmful to you. The USDA is not truly addressing these questions. They are accepting what the Big Ag companies, like Monsanto, tell them. If Monsanto tells the USDA not to worry, the USDA says “okay”, we won’t worry about that. So, now you have Bayer/Monsanto being sued by thousands of people who contend that they’ve been poisoned; and, Bayer/Monsanto are starting to lose some of these lawsuits. – it’s like what happened with Big Tobacco, who claimed that there was no harm from their products. – We know how that played out. – Now, we’re about to see the same scenario being played out with the companies who have been introducing poisons into our food chain. – It’s important to understand that companies like Monsanto are offshoots from the WWII, Korean and Vietnam war chemical companies that supplied killing agents to our government to be used against enemy soldiers or to defoliate large tracts of land. After the wars were over, there were stockpiles of these chemicals all over the country. So, what to do with them; and, what to do with the companies themselves? What better way to keep the money coming in than to put these deadly chemicals to use in agriculture? --This is what happened; and, we’re all paying for it, health-wise.


I would love to see a couple of fellows whose muscles have been sculpted by hauling hay take Secretary Perdue to the barn for some schooling…


The reason for not labeling GMOs is because it creates false fears among people uneducated in science. If we can convince enough people that the phase of the moon during planting or harvest affected its quality, should we demand that this info be on the label? The whole “label GMOs” movement is about fear, ignorance, and promoting the organic food industry.


It is a bit difficult to get excited about something that doesn’t matter. If there is no way to distinguish between a cow fed Bt corn and one fed wormy corn or a cow fed alfalfa with less lignin from a cow fed alfalfa with more lignin, then what is to get excited about? And note that there are no animals that are GM themselves with the exception of salmon.

Quite frankly I would much rather that manufacturers were required to list the pesticides that were used on whatever it is that they are selling. Studies have shown that too often there is residual insecticide on plants including potatoes which are underground which offers a greater danger to human health than a gene change does.


Welcome to the site, Mr. Troll. Looks like Big Ag is coming out in force. We’re not so ignorant here that you can spout such blather; and, be believed. -Go away.


The overwhelming majority of scientist with backgrounds in biology and toxicology know that GMOs are safe. The fear if GMOs is equivalent to the fear of sailing off the edge of the earth. 100 years from now people are going to wonder why people would reject science in favor of fear.


I once worked for a biotech company that provides the equipment and reagents used by dairies to test for antibiotics in milk. We were developing a pesticide test; and, I recommended testing grapes…both the skins and the pulp. Guess what we found? … Chock-ful of pesticide…both the pulp and the skin.


As I said…and, I’ll preface it with a “please”…GO AWAY!


Hate to bring science into the conversation, but glyphosate is a very simple molecule that is broken down rapidly by soil microbes. It is NOT root absorbed.
Try again.


Ah, the truth is hard to handle. There was a famous scientist named Bruce Ames who determined that 99+% of the pesticides we consume are natural. Plants produce many tertiary compounds for there own protection. Oh course, the dose makes the poison (Paracelus).


No,it really is an overwhelming consensus.

Both your posts are about agricultural chemicals and not about genetic engineering.