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'A Disgrace': Israel Sending Covid Vaccine Overseas as Occupied Palestinians Left Without Access

More than once before. US genocide against the Native Americans within its boundaries was far closer to being complete. Many other empires have been as horrible.


Medical apartheid, this time with a dual purpose:
to serve the empire in Honduras, Guatemala, and the Czech Republic.

Your statement is obviously correct - but exactly how radically anti-Palestinian Biden is will be seen in whether he lets Trump’s order to label products from the West Bank as “made in Israel” go into affect. It is scheduled to do so on March 23 - AIPAC types supported Trump in that while Jewish American groups like J Street are against it.

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Hi Phred_Pharkel:

Wherever Israel got it’s vaccine—it’s sending some to Guatemala. Oh, maybe that’s where Israel will be sending Palestinians who don’t die of Covid?

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Pretty obvious after all these years that the Israeli’s are hoping all the Palestinians die.

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If they thought they could get away with it, they would

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