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"A Disgrace": Trump's FDA Nominee Paid Millions by Big Pharma, Big Opioid


"A Disgrace": Trump's FDA Nominee Paid Millions by Big Pharma, Big Opioid

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, President Donald Trump's nominee to the lead the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), drew fire on Wednesday for the millions of dollars he has received from Big Pharma, including the U.S. opioid industry, which he would be charged with regulating.


USA, Inc.


Many of our local opioid addicts are among Trump's most ardent fans so Trump needs to promote opioids to keep his base and enable expansion of his base.

Unfortunately many of those Trump fans rely on gubmit programs like Medicaid and Medicare to fund their opioids and when Trump cuts those programs they will be forced to buy less costly black tar street heroin.


And then these people, guilty of only being in chronic pain, will be treated like criminals--for trying to treat their chronic pain.


This appointment is yet another nail in our nation's coffin pounded in by an insane imbecile causing/mandating pain and suffering during his every waking minute.


Time to import drugs from India.


There is pot too but with Sessions in power this is in doubt too.


This fits perfectly with the Die-Already Ryancare. May 1 General Strike, show -up!


I am reminded of the original Black Panthers who said: "Whatever they are for we are against" Trump, Inc. is moving in the opposite direction to anything worthwhile. May 1 General Strike!


Yes. However being familiar with some money makers in the Colorado business (there is a saying in Colorado "If you want to become a millionaire, get into legal weed. If you want to be a billionaire, get into legal hemp") , it would be one helluva fight.

I.E. this one company, owned by 3 Speidel brothers, all ex-military (like 4th generation), went from 4 locations under Medical, and in 2014 when Recreational hit (pun intended) they grew to a dozen locations by 2015. Now that's growth.

These guys are fighters, and thousands of others. For example, a public school teacher (science--of course) who became a successful grower comes to mind. Another farmer who became a hemp farmer. A little girl with epilepsy who stole our hearts (Charlotte Figi) and helped expand CBD treatment nationwide. Then her mother, Paige Figi, goes on to form nonprofit to help other parents/kids with epilepsy.

Her non-profit, Realm of Caring here:

It has changed the culture in big ways that one can only see by living there. People come from Japan for it, seriously. All of that brings in tons of revenue for travel industry. Nobody will stand by and lose that.

And just everyday businesses. I know ex-cops who work security (these places cannot put cash into banks directly, so lots of green changing hands). And ironically, those big black security vehicles, still used in the War on Drugs by SWAT etc, are used in CO. to transport cannabis and cash by ex-cops, who make more money in Marijuana security than being cops in the War on Drugs.

And the police can now focus on things like rape, murder, domestic violence, where in other states, smoking/possessing bud is a comparable offense to rape, murder, domestic violence (all felony).

Now living in a prohibition state, it feels like 1973 again.

But as the first director of the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division said (an ex-cop who put many in jail/prison for weed) "This (Medical Marijuana) is like a locomotive coming down the tracks. You can see the train from afar getting closer, and there is nothing that you can do to stop it."

Truth will prevail, or we will become slaves. I'll bet on the former. The emperor is now naked for all to see. Scientific/medical facts will prevail.

But the propagandists are just like climate deniers. They deny science, facts, history just to apparently conform to their own puritanical beliefs, which is red meat cover for filling their pockets with dark money. And any prohibitionist is also, by default, a racist, due to the racism inherent in the drug war judicial/prison system. They are simply on the wrong side of history, but want to keep it that way.