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'A Disgusting Display': Police Fire Rubber Bullets, Stun Grenades, and Tear Gas at Demonstrators Protesting Killing of George Floyd

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/27/disgusting-display-police-fire-rubber-bullets-stun-grenades-and-tear-gas


Does anyone need it made any clearer that the fascists have taken over this country? Do the trumpanzees still back this criminal behavior by cops?

It’s time for the people of this country to stand up and put a stop to these badged murderers once and for all.


Nazis. Doesn’t Memorial Day honor those who fought the nazis?


It’s really quite simple… IF you want people to stop protesting, stop killing innocent POC.


ALL white Americans are racist. There, it’s on the table.

If you don’t like us thinking that about you, if you reflexively think “not all,” then phucking prove it! Fight the fascists, instead of telling us to “be patient” for the umpteenth time. Phuck y’all! You’re just fine within the status quo, so nah: you’re part of the problem, unless your ass is willing to actually fight the racists. Not the police; they’re 100% militarized; you’ll be slaughtered. But these little maga vigilantes y’all could nut up & stand up to em in order to show that you’re really not secretly sympathizing with em.

All white Americans are racist.




Welcome to Hong Kong:


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Nazis, Iraqis, Vietnamese, Koreans, Kuwaitis, ad nauseum.


I disclaim “whiteness” (being the one in the family with the most African features, for some reason!) but I’ve had the experience of growing up as white in Orange County, CA (a white ghetto at the time). From that view on the other side of the Orange Curtain, I can testify to a very hard, crystalline inner core of white-supremacy which comprises a lifelong challenge to overcome (indistinguishable from liberation, actually). Anglo children are continuously impressed to cling to an exclusive self-awareness – that we’re better than (politely unspecified) others for some (politely unstated) reason. This rationalization for any conceivable horror is usually presented to little kids in sunny, optimistic language, like “You can be anything you want!”

Anything you want. They should print that on our money as the national motto, instead of e pluribus unum. It’s impossible to unmake yourself and start over with a fresh, young brain to simmer in fewer toxins. The question I always have for this practical joker Fate is why She decided to plop me down in the middle of this crazy place? Why can’t I understand anyone, or vice versa, and what use can a wretch like me ever be to anyone here?

Out here we have a must-see for anyone (I do mean anyone) dropping by the Bay Area, called the Museum of the African Diaspora (MOAD) – a transformative experience for anyone with open eyes, every time. The first time you walk in that beautiful building, you’re confronted with a huge, imposing question across the back of the entrance lobby:

When did you first learn you are African?

Something to consider, now that African is imperiled like never before: the more African-looking among us, and the sacred mother-continent herself.


As US capitalism collapses, police and military attacks on civilians will increase until some unknown percentage of government forces learn of atrocities committed against their own families and friends.

At that point, the armed forces become unreliable servants of their rich masters. What happens next depends on if hired private mercenaries confront armed and trained former police and military who have returned to their neighborhoods to protect what is left from the continued predations of barbaric wealthy pirates.


ORGANIZED FORCE PATROLS (police) are given permission, instruments of pain and repression, and orders to punish and disrupt people organizing to defend our civil rights, … and the functioning of representative democracy.

If you read the many declarations of war the U.S. has issued in the past against those we claim are attacking our most basic freedoms and a democratic system, then you would have to arrive at the conclusion that those cited above who are attacking our citizens for exercising their rights and defending their communities, can clearly be seen as enemies of democracy — our enemies — and should in no way be given authority to act in this manner, but they and their order-issuing superiors must be judged for their violent and illegal actions.


I think it is important to recognize that the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is intimately involved in supporting the protests in Hong Kong. The NED, founded during the Reagan administration, is an organization advancing CIA and MIC initiatives in destabilizing areas of the world under the guise of bringing democracy…sound familiar? Two of the NED’s four offices are located in Hong Kong. It is no coincidence that during the obvious efforts to smear China by the US government and establishment media, we are also seeing protests in Hong Kong supported and funded in part by the NED. Hong Kong is a former British colony and has been an outpost of US surveillance of China LOCATED WITHIN CHINA. How can anyone look at a map of China and see the location of Hong Kong, and think “one country, two systems” is acceptable and fair to China? Would we allow Boston to be a communist city within the US, with a different system and allowing China to establish surveillance of the US?


Another headline in CD claims these officers were fired. However, the article itself says they were put on PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE (whatever that means). So the whole thing might be charade. Those mentally unstable officers will probably get off scot free. And it won’t be the first time. The main, cowardly culprit (who had his knee on the neck of a handcuffed, unarmed man, probably crushing his jugular), is clearly unfit to be a cop. He allegedly has been involved in 3 previous shooting incidents, all involving minorities. Clearly, this guy has a problem. How he is allowed to carry and gun and operate, beats me.


“Shortly after video of the incident emerged and spread rapidly across social media, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced the firing of four officers who were on the scene.”

Oh, good, everything’s okay now. As soon as Floyd said he couldn’t breathe, and the officer continued to hold him down with his knee, it became premeditated murder.

Floyd cannot breathe.
If he cannot breathe he will die.
The officer knew that if he continued pressure on Floyd’s neck, Floyd would not be able to breathe.
The officer continued the pressure.
The officer knew that Floyd would die.
The officer committed premeditated murder.
Thank goodness he was fired.

“It is the right decision for our city, the right decision for our community. It is the right decision for the Minneapolis Police Department. We’ve stated our values, and ultimately we need to live by them.”

Oh, yes, you have QUITE CLEARLY stated your values, no doubt whatsoever about that.


There are those who are seeking to equate dissent with disloyalty. It’s a dark day in our nation when high-level authorities will seek to use every method to silence dissent.


Never forget that justice works, it works from the bottom up. Power operates from the top down.


That’s an interesting scenario I had not considered. Mercenaries, yes, probably. Foreign troops called in by the government?

Under anything resembling a democracy, the protests are fair, justified, and necessary if we are to address and correct the injustice that the murder of an American at the hands of the police screams out for. But the response by police is a foreboding of what is ahead of us if the US citizens ever decide they have had enough of our racist, corrupt, and wholly controlled oligarchic system. When Americans finally rise up, they will be greeted with disproportionate violence by our police state. It is then that we will see how much resolve we have as a people. This country was born of revolution. We will see if that trait is revealed as genetic or learned. My bet is that it is learned and has been unlearned by a sleeping, fat and mostly content populace.


You seem to forget that the United States is the most indispensable and the most exceptional country on the face of the Earth. Normal rules don’t apply to the United States. You know, just as that Dick, Nixon, told us, “When the president does it, that means it’s not illegal”, when the United States does it, that means that it’s not illegal, not unethical, not immoral.


I think, rather, it is time for more white kids to stand up. Blacks have been standing up for decades and have been mostly ignored or violently put down. Nothing changes unless the white majority insists upon it.