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A Dismantled Post Office Destroys More Than Mail Service

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/18/dismantled-post-office-destroys-more-mail-service


For the love of G-D, awaken America and rise to the reality that we must save our Post Office, our election, our sanity, our collective health, our children, our grand children, our country! Peace


Where are the voices of business affected by this? Late payments anyone? Those would obviously benefit credit card issuers, so we can likely assume they’ll remain silent.

But a late payment through no fault of your own? Directly or indirectly sabotaging the credit rating of the public because they can. Nothing “free” or “freedom” about that.


I suppose it’s nice that some dems have “found religion” with respect to saving the post office.

It is entirely too late to change the effect on this years election.

Bush killed the post office in 2006 with the 75 year pension funding.

Obama and congress had 2 years in which they could have rectified this - they did nothing. In fact, Obama put down the USPS by stating fedex and UPS are doing just fine.

Sometimes you do reap what you sow.


Here’s my advice:

If you’re voting absentee/by mail, make the effort, if at all possible, to deliver your ballot well before election day to your county clerk’s office. Or risk the Covid and vote in person.

Because the Repubs are playing for keeps and a little tactic like sabotaging the USPS is how they roll.


Obama and the Dems sowed the seeds of future privatization, and are now distancing themselves from any responsibility for the current calamity.

An investigative reporter would do their country a big favor uncovering how many members of the House and Senate already have investments in those companies awaiting the privatization of the Post Office.

Names, ranks, and serial numbers on the stocks they purchased must become public information.

They are after all, “public servants.”


Hi PonyBoy:
If Congress thought prepaying retirement was a great idea, then we must immediately make sure that Congress has this same opportunity-----turn about is said be be"Fair PIay-"
although probably Congress might want to take another look at that, ; )


I had a real conversation today with my pharmacist, Sydney. Her father was a proud worker for the USPS, which makes us blood sisters. There’s an esprit de corps similar to the Marines working for the USPS. You know that it doesn’t matter if the weather is shitty, if the roads aren’t plowed, if sidewalks aren’t cleared off, you still must deliver the mail because it holds the community together. While Sydney is young enough to be my granddaughter and doesn’t remember the twice a year catalog season and her dad was a city carrier so she didn’t ride shotgun on those back roads, cold air blasting through the car window as you put mail in the boxes while Dad drove. Towards the end, shrapnel from an old war injury sustained at the invasion of Anzio began to work out of Dad’s legs, making even driving dangerous. He stuck it out to the mandatory retirement age.
Now. let me share another experience. Some Gen X mo-fo, raised on the mores of the Raygun era, and totally hooked on the latest technology, shamed me as I was lying in a hospital bed with two IV’s and a port, oxygen canula, a moderate head injury. He said I was a hoarder because I had lots of books and old magazines, not the mass market stuff, but ones devoted to ships and to history. Then he went on to say he didn’t even bother with that anymore, that he saved it all to his latest Smartphone. I had mentored him in Great Lakes ships and history for 30 years, giving him free room, board, transportation, and film. This cohort has no past, no respect for the past, and therefore have no future.
This is why the so-called Third Places and institutions are dying. We have failed to teach the children of three generations the importance of the past, instead relying on a device of some sort, whether television, computer, cell phones, whatever. No human contact. Or knowledge from Elders.
Did I mention that the said person then went to my house, not to take care of my cats, but to take my collections so he could upload it and then dispose of it…We have raised generations of vipers and a confederacy of dunces…


And for those in the military, anticipating daily “mail call” is an important link to family and friends no matter where the military person is stationed.


I am a disabled senior who has outlived friends and family. I know that if something happens to me my mail carrier will get help. Of course now I only get mail a couple of times a week. Does Trump have to destroy everything?


A dismantled democracy you mean,
thanks to TWO LYING totally crooked parties and lots of crooked media and NGOS as well.

And crooked web sites that must be wearing two masks.

By the way there are no statutes of limitations for crimes against humanity.

My son is in prison because of the bogus drug war on Americans. Inmates have been put into solitary confinement in their cells because of the virus, only getting out for 10 minutes three days a week, (even though fresh air and sunshine help kill the virus!). People have been cut off from phones and email, leaving writing letters my only communication with him in his horrid “corrections” situation. They’ve been given even worse crap for food, as the kitchen staff tested positive for covid and their commissary privileges to buy supplementary food has been cut off as well. I have no idea how such an abusive system can “correct” any behavior, and now the only way I have to communicate with him is being sabotaged as well.
The US, touted as a beacon of human rights, is a bastion of human wrongs.


My deepest sympathies for you and your son, but fresh air and sunshine don’t help kill the virus.

Hi sekhmetsdaughter:
I am sorry for the loss of your books----but even more sorry that the person who took them seems to reIy on technoIogy—if TrumpWorId continues—books wiII be banned and history either erased or rewritten. AND ----no doubt the internet wiII become a pIace only for the rich as We the PeopIe won’t be abIe to afford that either.
SadIy Georges Santayana was correct: “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it!” And as for America… Afghanistan was the graveyard of many Empires…it took out AIexander the Great------ and oh look------the graveyard is coming for America too. : (

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I hope you reported him to the police for stealing and selling your valuable collectibles.


We all should also remember that uploads to corporate web sites become their property, not any kind of peoples property. They are stealing all of our planet’s social capital intentionally to aid in their atomization of our society. People should learn how to create web sites and host them on a cheap single board computer. Make backups. Corporations are up to no good. Do people know the reason they want to get rid of Medicare, Social Security and even the Post Office? Their future- the one they want us to be irreversibly trapped in with no way out, vote turned into a ridiculous sham, even worse than it is today, is a cashless one where people will be enslaved by debt so badly they wont even be able to walk down the privatized sidewalk aithout paying a corporation to do it. Most people will no longer have any income, or any future. We may have to pay to be out into suspended animaton against the day our families get the funds to thaw us out, but only if its before our use by date. Wouldnt want them to assume any liability.

I bet thats the real health care plan they have planned. Suspended animation for ransom. This was a plot element of the film “Avatar” and its quite possibly going to be a real aspect of health care - soon. It will start innocently enough and indeed it will save lives as many people need some time to be able to get some procedure. The problem is this could and I suspect likely would become the default when somebody doesnt have the money for an expensive procedure, or perhaps even an inexpensive one. healthcare, if its available. Because people have to be made an example of under “our system” and people cant be given anything for nothing in a world like we have today when jobs are rapidly being traded like poker chips. When people no longer have any chips, nor credit, the system wont be generous. If it was it would be a slippery slope as more and more people fell off the map. The system we have today has to be heartless to maintain control by fear.

Much more likely than Medicaid For All, is something that makes it clear that people who no longer have money wont gain any advantage.

Anything else will still involve spending money on people. Which is forbidden if a corporation might otherwise sell them something.

Expect hibernation (SATIRE) to suddenly expand as the offered solution for the poor, real, as it does not violate any trade deals or devalue any markets to freeze the poor until they have enough money. Another option is a scenario similar to the film “The Matrix” where people who cant afford even a few square meters of space are put - as simply their brains, into a giant co-location facility like a server on the Internet might be. And plugged into a Matrix like shared reality or simulation.

They are almost there with the deep sleep until cost of a cure is ready… Sewer gas, nitrogen dioxide may be the key to hibernation. We’re doing it with animals.

If they pollute the world enough people will have to pay to simply breathe, like in Terry Gilliam’s dystopian film Brazil, but privatized.

People laugh, but you wont be laughing then.


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Oh, yeah, I made a police report. And reported it as elder abuse to APS. But, you see, the system is broken. I was up against two very wealthy and powerful people. The only thing I have that’s truly worth anything in this fucked up culture is my sense of honour, belief in empathy and compassion, and that someone’s word means something. And it’s the wisdom I would, as an Elder, pass on to the children, telling them this culture’s measure of success is the sweetness of poison, and that real life is bitter.

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