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A Domestic Terror Law Could Quash Political Dissent in the US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/15/domestic-terror-law-could-quash-political-dissent-us

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From the article:

“The counterterrorism preventive model would also invite pre-emptive surveillance and investigations based on people’s ideologies, associations and political memberships.”

Does anybody doubt that we’re already subject to that kind of scrutiny, which lacks only codification? It’s hard to tell exactly where we are on the slippery slope to fascism, but I don’t see many signs pointing up.


This reminds me of the times in the '50s when my parents would take us across country from San Diego to Kalamazoo to visit our grandmother. Us kids would constantly ask “Are we there yet?”. Of course as children, we had no landmarks to inform us of where we where or how far we had gone. We had no control over the car, the direction it was going, or how fast it was going. Well, the citizenry of this country are in the same situation now related to fascism - we have no idea what direction we are headed or how fast we are going. All we know is that we are headed to grandma’s “fascism house”, wherever the hell that is located…


Government officials can pass any laws they like. As long folk are in the street , in mass, folk in power will continue to make structural changes that the people demand.


Exactly, Antifa is not even an organized group with any kind of leadership. Protestors shouldn’t worry about breaking small time laws to achieve their goals, it’s the only way some will even listen. When most are in the streets, we’ll all be “domestic terrorist’s”, their law will be shown to be quite silly.


Trump, Moscow Mitch and their domestic terror syndicate disguised as the GOP are simply putting a new spin on Dick Cheney and his puppet Dubya stripping due process and other rights from anybody they designated “an enemy combatant”, a term that nearly two decades later has not been defined.

The Cheney doctrine and the current “domestic terror law” both enable the GOP to designate anybody or any organization, including media organizations as terrorists, enabling stripping due process and other rights.

Today is the 1005th anniversary of the Magna Carta that enabled due process. The GOP would love to consign US due process to the dustbin of history before the 1006th anniversary.

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Any group that is antithetical to American hegemony and it’s vested world wide interests has always been demonized like: SAVAGES, ANARCHISTS, REDS, UNPATRIOTIC; COMMUNISTS, AND TERRORISTS. Now the latest government pejorative is ANTIFA, which have been demonized as “domestic terrorists”.


Demonizing any “antifascist group” is tantamount to kicking sand in the face of every living WWII era veteran of allied forces, and s----ing on the grave of everybody who participated in subduing the fascist forces in WWII.

Although the axis powers were defeated in WWII, fascism was not defeated. Franco’s fascism in Spain lasted for three additional decades, and within a decade of VJ Day Joe McCarthy, the Dulles brothers, Robert Taft and others made it clear that the most powerful fascist forces had relocated to the western hemisphere.

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These types of laws have been passed in the USA for decades. Various laws prevent activists from interfering with the raising and slaughter of animals suggesting that said activists are “terrorists”. In Wyoming it deemed terrorism to take samples of water from public lands , this in order to protect the Oil industry. The Murrah bombing in Oklahoma , 9/11 and other such incidents led to even more laws being passed so as to expand Police powers and to deem more actions as “terrorist activities”.

With nary a word in protest from the MSM regarding those laws passed it inevitable that Herr Trump wants to expand the definition of terrorism to dissent and political activism.

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I’m sure demodogs will stop this bill dead in it’s tracks I little humor for you all because we all know they jump on the band wagon to prove the tough also.

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An old chess expression: “The threat is worse than its execution.”

Just publicising the move to legislate such a law would, the fascistic elements feel, be enough to restrain opposition to the extreme right.

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Could Quash ??

Isn’t is obvious that killing Dissent is the goal?
Both parties fear the People and Democracy.



“A Domestic Terror Law Could Quash Political Dissent in the US”

That’s the purpose. Only naïveté is surprised.

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Should Trumpty Dumbty be declared to be a domestic terrorist in his next impeachment?

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Really active dissent will not be legal.

Police are already beating people and shooting them with (usually) nonlethal weapons to force them to not assemble. There are also abundant agents provocateurs and likely penetration of most organizations that will mostly remain unknown for a generation or so. Cops will not stay on a knee and Congress will not try to boogaloo in kente cloth forever.

We are going to have to do things without permission.


ultimately genuine resistance to this monstrosity of a country is going to mean breaking “laws” and going to jail. this is the price of taking on a rotten power.

the sooner we all embrace that bleak reality, the better the chances for turning this ship elsewhere that we have.

this is still a problem in protest circles: the notion that we have to accommodate immoral law. We don’t. But we’re going to get clubbed if we become a threat enough to capital.

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Here’s what we do, protesters, go buy camouflage, fatigues and when they send the troops, we will be dressed like them. Then what will they do?

The Al-Jazeera article says that right-wing terrorists killed 106 people between 2001 and 2016.

That matches the statistics in Wikipedia, which say that between 2008 and 2016 right-wing terrorists killed 79 people. So presumably they killed 27 people between 2001 and 2007.
Wiki Terrorism_in_the_United_States - Recent trends
According to Wikipedia, between 2008 and 2016

  • right-wing terrorists caused 79 deaths
  • left-wing terrorists caused 7 deaths
  • jihadi terrorists caused 90 deaths
    Therefore Islamic terrorists actually killed MORE people than right-wing terrorists. Furthermore, if we assume that right-wingers make up 10% of the US population, and Muslims make up 1% of the US population, then per capita, Muslims accounted for TEN TIMES as many terrorism deaths as right-wingers did.

Therefore Muslims are far more prone to terrorism than right-wingers.