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'A Drastic Difference': With Climate Crisis Fueling Storms and Floods, Historic Delay in Planting Season Threatens US Farmers and Food Prices

'A Drastic Difference': With Climate Crisis Fueling Storms and Floods, Historic Delay in Planting Season Threatens US Farmers and Food Prices

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Farmers in the Midwest are watching the spring planting season shrink due to the climate crisis as damaging storms and flooding are making fields from Oklahoma to Arkansas impossible to sow, a situation that is driving grain prices up in futures markets in a way that could have devastating consequences.

Perhaps when climate change and its myriad devastating consequences hit the wider now-sleeping idiot public economically, rather than primarily farmers, especially family and small farms, and others in the bulls-eye, wide political pressure to actually do something strong and life-affirming, beside kiss the fossil-fuel conglomerates ass, will build and gain traction, promote wide education and a return to science as the driving-wheel, rather than big-money greed, official corruption, and astonishing ignorance, especially among our current political class!.


Here we have yet another reason for farmers to switch from conventual systems to sustainable or organic production methods. Switching would not stop the flooding, but with higher organic matter % in the soil and a wider range of biological activity that comes with switching systems, it would allow the soil to drain and dry quicker. This would in turn allow for faster planting after these type of floods. The higher organic matter %'s could also allow the soil to act as a sponge when it’s raining hard, to lessen the effects of the flooding itself.


So what would a geoengineered climate look like? All that moister will have to come back to earth. These are men with money. Their money rules their brains. They might as well have brains of straw. Sooner or later they will try geoengineering. But they will leave the arctic out, because they want the oil.

but but but… The conservatives in their infinite wisdom try to tell us that if climate change isn’t just a hoax and scam for tax money, like our wars in the Middle East are, that it would mean farmers will have a longer growing season and will be able to grow more crops! Why won’t nature obey the conservatives’ “politically correct” way of thinking about climate change?

What’s the other conservative politically correct way of thinking about being poor? You made bad decisions and/or are lazy. So, according to conservative politically correct ideology, all farmers have to do is not be so stupid and work harder? For some reason, I have my doubts about that.

The real problem is the market expectation that farming be as industrialized as possible in order to maximize profits. Farming shouldn’t be “for the money” but instead it should be to feed people. People don’t buy food because they want to as a fashion accessory.

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Regenerative farming would greatly reduce the flooding. See the movie The Biggest Little Farm.


Yeah, we hope to fix global warming. Meanwhile farmers need a fix right now.
I dont think geoengineering will do it because making desirable conditions in one area requires that surrounding areas suffer.
Flooding, too much rain, think monsoon. A lot of the world has had this for a millennium. Terracing, drainage ponds, buildings on higher elevation, that’s what they do around where I live now. Lots of connected rivers. Sichuan (which means Four Rivers) actually built sluice gates and interconnectivity centuries ago, so that when one river was too high it could dump into another.

Corn and soybeans? Drop the GMO. Diversify crops. Solar and wind pumping into drainage ponds, which can raise fish.

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