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A Dream Deferred: MLK’s Dream of Economic Justice is Far From Reality


A Dream Deferred: MLK’s Dream of Economic Justice is Far From Reality

Jessicah Pierre

January 15th marked what would’ve been Dr. Martin Luther King’s 90th birthday.

Most known for his famous “I Have Dream Speech,” King envisioned a future in which deep racial inequalities — including deep economic inequality — was eradicated. He worked tirelessly towards that mission.

Over 50 years after his assassination, sensational media stories have focused heavily on the black unemployment rate, which has reached historic lows.

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The financial apartheid is part of the DNA of colonization through extractive predatory capitalism.

The profile of the system, especially since the advent of visual mass media, is ego-centric titillation with the vast majority of what demands the right to be ‘capitalized’ being superfluous, wasteful, and designed with planned obsolescence. The latter because it is the magic window, the original invisibility sin, the Taaadaaa! new improved ever growing cancer of a sick inversion of the original concept of economics/oikos - the care and maintenance of Spaceship Earth.

Its cheering section does the inverting dance with highly visible and vocal demonization of any revision to its snake-oil show by applying razor wire to legitimate concepts such as ‘social democracy’.

The system is so decadent that it must institutionalize abuse wherever it can. To assure that slide is always handy and greased, the lord high muckty mucks introduced a new traveling circus: financialization, and with that clutch, mechanized the gears in the revolving door to pop it into overdrive.

99%: one of the most important figures ever celebrated in the 21st century.



Actually there was a lower rate of unemployment for Black Americans when they were Slaves. The more things change…

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Hi SuspiraDeProfundis: well it was a dream deferred after the powers- behind- all got ahold of the idea and kept honoring the idea but doing nothing about it. The Powers demurred the dream was deferred, but it’s NOT going away. : ) I think it’s the dream preferred now! : )