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A Drone Protestor Heads to Jail


A Drone Protestor Heads to Jail

Bill Moyers

Mary Anne Grady Flores is in jail today and American citizens everywhere can surely breathe a sigh of relief that we are safe from her criminal behavior at least for the next six months.

That’s the length of the sentence this 59-year-old peace activist in upstate New York began on Tuesday — one day after the United States honored Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for his commitment to nonviolent civil disobedience. If he were here today, the martyred Dr. King would surely be shaking his head that America still has a problem with peaceful dissenters of conscience.


I'll attend a meeting today at which the Pledge of Allegiance will be recited. My peers will wonder why I will stand (out of respect for them), but not recite the words. They do not get it, likely they never will...


Thank you Mary Anne Grady, for your activism, your spirit, and bravery--more bravery than most of us have, I think. I hate it that someone like you goes to jail, and Henry Kissinger, and drone commanders who routinely order strikes that murder civilians, do not. In Horsham, PA there is a drone base that will be active soon; some of us from our local peace center go down to join the protesters there once a month, as we are able. It is a small thing, but our signs and presence make some impact on the drivers who pass by on the busy Philly suburban highways by the base. I have to think that different priorities, through a different federal administration might end this shameful death-by-drone military and foreign policy. It makes so many hate us.


I wholeheartedly agree. But here is the good news (ha, ha).
Defeat is Victory.




good for you! i made that same decision while in the fifth grade.


For me, it was when I learned of My Lai.


The latest "free pass by the oligarchs" being the Feds' ongoing failure to lift a finger against the Talibundies in Oregon ?


Mary Anne deserves great respect for her courage, as do the other members of the upstate drone action group. Sadly, however, most of those willing to publicly dissent in this manner here in the NY rust belt are middle aged, if not elderly.


This case proves a number of things, one of them being "Mars Rules."

The individual in a position to judge is so enamored with militarism and so unquestioning of its creed, that when a HUMAN being protests the FACT that 90% of those targeted by so much "precision" drone attacks are civilians... the legal scholar is inured.

Only might makes right.

The real criminals--those who LIED and whipped the mass media up into a frenzy of propagandized deceptions that led to WARS OF AGGRESSION--present (and collect) their 6-figure ($) speeches, while the ones of supreme conscience are placed behind bars.

Is this any different from Detroit's status--serving as "exhibit A"--in the sad fact that a great deal of our nation's water is now tainted. And while Detroit may stand out for its impossible to hide levels of lead, the reality is that most governors are in the pockets of Big Energy and Big Agriculture.

In my state, Florida, which has a unique underground river system and VERY porous rock, the idiot governor just approved fracking! It's not enough that sink holes as big as houses are opening up in unexpected places.

These bastards hide behind the presumption of innocence in order to DO harm and count on the fact that it will take years to prove them guilty... presuming it can be done at all given the preponderance of evidence clouded by other equally deleterious players (also polluting the waters, soil, and air).

IF our nation valued the contribution of women and the intended YIN counterbalance to all this muscular militarism, gun-worship, macho policing forces, and such cartoon-like identifications with the male super hero... there would be ROOM for the kind of justice that doesn't place violence or the potent proof of shows of aggression at its center.

In other words, the moral & spiritual centers of gravity are WAY off, and as a result, people who themselves should be put behind bars... get to judge their moral betters. But heck, the same ilk (in ideology) murdered JFK, Dr. King, and so many others.

Their idea of freedom is The Boot bearing down on the backs of the world's people. All of this killing is meant to induce obedience.

God bless those who break laws when law itself has become a justification for wrong-doing.


You parrot this same line over and over again.

Possibly half this country sees revolution in the form of the likes of Donald Trump: a pompous asshole blaming foreigners for policies designed by the Deep State. But this largely incurious ilk, largely led by religious figures (who have absolutely betrayed their oaths to the genuine spirit of Creator by pushing the Holy War inanity) has ZERO understanding of actual causality.

In other words, this flush you love to mention would result in MORE right wing ideologues taking office to more quickly facilitate this nation's collapse into economic, moral, and ecological ruin.

Bravo, fool!

BTW: If you were interested in actually learning something--as opposed to merely reiterating your paid talking point--you would benefit from watching yesterday's Democracy Now where an author who has studied the Koch Family explains how far their billions have gone in funding not just senators and governors, but think tanks which have managed to pull the nation radically to the right.

Congress goes where the money is like cows seeking grass. Until the Big Money is no longer the qualifier for who gets air time and likely positions in congress (or anywhere else), the big flush you're so fond of would only result in a new set of turds.

Got it now? (I made it crude enough for even you to understand.)


Many of the video games on the market reflect the death cult/blood lust we project around the world. Killing terrorists is a national pastime.


Make sure to use the generic we.

The video games are designed for young males and created by males and funded by the MIC.

So the force projection is a male thing and that male thing is the fundament of any military society.

Usually it's women (or men who truly identify with LOVE and empathy) who end up arrested at these protests.

And as to the poster who says they're usually the elderly... that is certainly not true when it comes to the many protests against Fracking, fair wages, Big Oil, "the Dreamers," and other vital concerns.

Makes me wonder if positing that item isn't part of the Koch campaign to undermine Social Security by creating (or fomenting) inter-generational resentments?


You're completely in your own little fantasy world. You are a dreamer for sure, believing your own make believe stories. What you just said there is so completely false only the most retarded imbeciles would believe it. The Koch brothers fooled progressives into voting for their puppets? bullshit.


Bush started it. Why aren't you trying to get his ass jailed and all those conservatives who backed him? Biased perhaps? I think so.


Please explain what the liberal, Democratic establishment has done to rein in the corporate state.


I wonder if she would have been better off had she put on a Cowboy hat, packed guns and occupied the base claiming it her god given right to use the lands to graze her cattle there?


The Obamas, Bushes & Clintons & Sanders should be locked in a chain gang at the ICC. We know Jill Stein won't win. I'll still make my vote count for her. The American sheeple keep voting for the Democraps & Replicraps. Mary Ann should be released and the drone pilots should go to jail. More people would protest if there were a Republican in the WH. Since there is Democrat in the WH, there are far fewer protesters and far less media coverage of the protests.:smiling_imp:


The people that deserve to be incarcerated for their murderous war crimes are free and the people like Mary Anne Grady Flores that are trying to stop these heinous, drone war crimes of so many innocent people are jailed?

It might be trite and banal to quote it again, but sooooo true!

" In a time of universal deceit; telling the truth is a revolutionary act." Orwell.


The unfortunate part is that there are really people who are, as the judge said, willing to break the law to call attention to their cause, and they end up inconveniencing a lot of innocent bystanders who might actually be sympathetic if only they wouldn't make themselves look like hooligans. And they get a free pass because of Political Correctness. Can't really blame him for getting a bit jaded about the whole thing.


thanks for the clear and detailed explanation. The article works.

Thank you, Grady Flores, for putting yourself in harm's way for the greater good. You're an example of how to respond to these wanton acts of terror called "drone strikes."

No matter who we think we're killing or not killing, drone strikes amount to nothing less than assassinations. They are illegal under both international and U.S. law, and they go just as far as any war crime in arousing hatred towards our country and our democracy.