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A Drug to Treat a Rare Disease Used to Cost Patients $0. Now, It's $375,000—And Sanders Is Demanding Answers

A Drug to Treat a Rare Disease Used to Cost Patients $0. Now, It's $375,000—And Sanders Is Demanding Answers

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who has strongly advocated for a massive overhaul of the nation's healthcare system, is calling out a pharmaceutical company for hiking the price of a medication used to treat a rare neuromuscular disease by hundreds of thousands of dollars, putting American lives in jeopardy.


If the death penalty (something I abhore) should be used for anything it should be to combat exactly this kind of very premeditated and carefully calculated corporate action which is, itself, a death penalty on its financial victims who have no recourse but bankruptcy, poverty and/or death where they can’t get approved for government payment - and that should be regulated to limit the gouging or just taken over by government, non-profit, facilities, if we can’t do this in any reasonable manner.


So they got a 7-year clear path with no one else allowed to make the drug, including the company which has been making the drug (and we don’t know from this article how much that company was getting from government under the “compassionate” rule).
Why ANY amount of time? This is not needed as a protective reward for research or invention. They did none of those things. This is just flat out massive corruption. And what could have been the motive to give this to that particular company? Or should I ask, “How Much?” Get rid of the damn FDA commissioner while you are at it.


Because of this and other resent money grabs by the pharmaceutical industry at the cost of citizens’ lives, we must nationalize the industry. This industry has proven over and over that the citizens wellbeing does not register with them one bit, it’s time the CEO’s and their minions found a new line of work.


Bernie is talking talk. I’ll be focused on his walking the walk.

And if/when the d-party waters down MFA in another bait and switch, I’ll say “I told you so.”

The farmer who takes care of every field and animal has the best chance to pay all the bills.

A nation of healthy people invents more stuff and make their country strong.

Crass, rank, barbaric traitors want to tear the country’s health and strength down and make money off sickness and austerity.

Medicare for all is free health insurance for all run by the federal government.


Bernie Sanders yet again stands-up for the “little people” speaking against injustice and usury and the crimes of the uber-wealthy and their cronies/co-conspirators, and politicians that remain silent when he seeks justice!. His voice is most often lonely as the corrupt and servants of greed, do not speak-out! As Bernie has said repeatedly, he cannot do it alone, but he IS getting exposure and people talking, and those who profit either directly or politically by doing Big-Pharma’s rotten bidding to gain campaign-contribution bribes are exposed for the complicit swine they are! Bernie is doing what he can…it would be nice if those who throw rocks at everything he does would give some credtit where credit is due!


It used to be that companies caught in this kind of publicity would be magnanimous in their reaction.Fearing a public backlash they would make a comment to the effect that for the sake of ill Americans and for the benefit of all they were reconsidering their position.Not any more.It is dog eat dog ! Our politicians act exactly the same way.

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Well it is good he is bringing attention to this and demanding answers. He’ll probably not get an answer though because the Pharma is not breaking any laws and is well within their right to increase the price to whatever they want. Good ole USA free market capitalism will fix everything.

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Don’t worry. The “invisible hand” will take care of it…waiting…still waiting…oh jeez, where is the magical invisible hand? Libertarians? Can you help me out with this?

Exactly. The market will step in with a solution once everyone is bankrupt or dead. That’s the magic of unregulated capitalism–based on the glorification of greed. Ayn Rand must be rubbing her bony fingers together as we speak.

I hear you. With one ear, but I hear you. I am pretty jaded at this point too. But one way to look at it is–there are no saviors, except ourselves. And if Bernie or AOC tell the truth in public it matters. It builds momentum like a storm cloud, it grows. Even if they falter as individuals, and most will, we have to be our own saviors. Getting some truth out there is critical, even if it is from imperfect advocates.


“Medicare for all is free health insurance for all run by the Federal government”

Not so Garrett. There is no free lunch anywhere and Medicare for all, as we in Canada call Universal health care, is not and cannot be free. It is paid for by taxation of every citizen who is in the fortunate position of being able to pay taxes. It is also fully available to the few who may not be in that position at some time.
What Universal heath care does is take the blood-sucking insurance industry out of the picture leaving health care in the hands of health care professionals. As a result the actual costs of providing good health care are far less than the current US system.
But, it still must be paid for and Americans seem to have a built-in hatred of taxation for any reason even if cuts their annual cost of living in half or less and is most certainly in their best interests.



We all know what happened to the last guy who raised the price of a drug to an unconscionable level!

If talk was really frank Sanders, et al would be talking about the real interest of the medical industry is to turn every person into a drug taking pawn of their corporate interests. Health care was never in the definition of the AMA or the drug industry.

If talk for real health care, instead of a medical industry was real, the push would be for holistic health care with the focus being on building heatlh. The talk would highlight the high level of downright fraud in medical science research (most of which is paid for by our taxes) and the concerted effort to attack and trash all competitive modes of healing. Why aren’t people talking about the fact that the drug corporations pay about 75% of the FDA budget and wind up controlling most of the decisions made by that agency. The corporations seek to medicalize every one of us whether we want or need their toxic drugs (and everyone of those drugs is toxic). What about the Nuremburg agreement to never force drug people against their will? What about real information given the public before being sold toxic and useless drugs. Conservatively, 50% of all drugs are no better than, or worse than placebos. Why is this waste perpetrated on the public. This seems to reflect a level of criminal indifference.

Why is this so hard for bernie to understand? $0.00 is not a profit, $375 000.00 is. That’s what it is all about - profits.

It has become a toss up between who is worse, The managers of Big PHARMA or the skanky lookin guy sellin his wares in Pioneer Square. At least the independent entrepreneur spends his ill gotten gains in the community while corporate pushers tend to ship their blood covered gains to offshore tax havens. Come the revolution this Will Be Stopped!

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I am looking at a future with a very structured social system based on wealth alone. Having the national leadership presented by a figurehead with the dubious qualities of a Donald Trump is an ample exemplar of how far we have come down that road. The only national problem with oxycodone is that those under its effects fall apart to quickly and therefore it presents a danger to a productive workforce. The drug companies need to develop a drug as addictive as nicotine with the effect of valium and the picture will be complete.
A medicated proletariat working to the benefit of a few for subsistence wages in a society that is willing to ignore the plight of the non workers is where we are heading, The drug cartel has demonstrated that it will do anything to insure the fattest profit possible. The only problem is that the users of their complacency drugs become unusable too quickly.

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So how did this little loophole come into existence? The FDA just did it or did the industry write the loophole and congress passed it after $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$past into their pockets.

The corruption doesn’t end, we have not had accountability for 40 years oh Martha Stewart went to jail for inside trading.

I think that the public should call/write Patrick J Mcenany, the CEO of Catalyst Pharmaceuticals and let him know what we think of his ghoulish act. His phone number and address are:

1252 Anastasia AVE, Miami, FL 33134
(305) 442-0039