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"A Duty to Warn" and the Dangerous Case of Donald Trump


“We all know the danger of a disgruntled employee when they’re fired, and we’d be firing the most powerful man on Earth.”
Good point, Diana. Might be an idea to brief those involved in icbm launch procedure to collaborate and consider sensible restraint if the commander in chief appears to have snapped.


“Moyers: Do you recall that there was a comprehensive study of all 37 presidents up to 1974? Half of them reportedly had a diagnosable mental illness, including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. It’s not normal people who always make it to the White House.”

From the text you read, Yunzer. Maybe no “psychopaths” but still mentally unbalanced, and probably unfit to act as POTUS.


Amen. It’s largest clusterfuck in the world.


What is anti-war? I grew up in the greatest nation of creation. We spread peace around the world, but hey, sometimes we have to bomb millions of innocents just to make a point that we want peace–right?


and it’s getting scarier and scarier as dump starts losing it. why in the hell the republithugs, who i am sure at least secretly think he’s nuts and dangerous, don’t do something to throttle him is beyond me. pretty sickening what whores or idiots they all are.


The insane orange one Must be removed, stopped, taken away from the nuke button, ASAP!
Anyone with any sense Must see what needs to happen!


And in my lifetime…(am age 79).


.spreading peace …like Nagasaki and Hiroshima?


Congress…Yeah I wouldn’t hold my breath for those Enablers


Any time I contact my Red rep it is all evasion. They cannot in any way morally justify anything, so they just evade, change subject, throw some white based fear onto the bonfire that fuels their insanity.


Thank you once again Mr Moyers

It may be the case that it took the torture diabolical to bring out the Courage in the mental health community and so it may be true that we as a society must once again find our Spine with respect to a Psychopath President

While it is indeed terrifying that the bus driver is crazy, I find it magnitudes more terrifying that such a large portion of our Country want him driving.

Add to that the scheer glee with which our politicians make their Faustian deals with the Devil.

That would be you Mr Ryan Mr Schumer Ms Pelosi and of course Mr Mcconnell with our dear dear friends in their Cabinet posts


Gosh, who knew this about Trump?
Any minute now, his Cabinet appointees will begin the deconstruction of the administrative state.
Just like WTC; nothing to see (or do) here folks, move along.


I know. It may be a feckless endeavor, but I don’t see any other avenue than pressuring the current lot in congress as much as possible each day. I think real revolution is coming, but the critical mass hasn’t been reached yet. And I’m voting Green wherever I can.


See my reply to Justbreathe.


Goat, thanks for those links. I’m embarrassed to admit I had not seen those interviews. All three doctors of the videos I watched were point on. Now, what to do at this point, I don’t know…other than constraints that congress and his advisors could effectuate if they had the guts…or brains.

I doubt there’s an operative running around loose who could convince dump he’d be a real hero if he reversed all his policies and acted like a real democratic leader instead of an irrational tyrant. I STILL wish to hell Ivanka or Melania would gut up and expose him…or outdo whatever his threats to them are and blow the lid off. And it wouldn’t hurt to put Bannon on the next spaceship to wherever and get him away from dump’s ear (I don’t believe for a second that he’s not still influencing dump).


Fern, the type of mental illness dump has is not amenable to anything but netting him and shooting him with the same kind of tranquilizer darts they use to fell rhinos. Other mental illnesses like depression or bipolar disorder do have medical treatments available. I urge us to be careful not to discriminate generally against just anyone with mental illness. Sociopathy (and dump’s personality disorders) put him in a different category-----and render him unfit for any elected position.


R, justbreathe was being sarcastic!


A ‘Duty to Warn’ is real enough. The conversation should be about what do we do now that we have been warned?

A commenter asks ‘What about the Repubs?’ Americans are asking why the Repubs don’t stand up for democracy and our Constitution?

We stand amid weakened foundations fearing the edifice will fall… and yet our politicians do nothing!

There has never been a worse omen for our democracy’s future than that our politicians see how it is being weakened and still they do nothing to protect it.


Let’s posit that the psychologists agree and then issue their warning.
Then what?
We knew plenty about Don well before he was even a candidate, and he’s been true to form.
Now what?