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A Duty To Warn: The Most Dangerous Man In the World


A Duty To Warn: The Most Dangerous Man In the World

As the Trumpian lunacy spirals onward, 27 esteemed psychiatrists and mental health experts have by-passed the "Goldwater Rule" - no diagnosis without examination - in the name of their "moral and civic duty" to assess "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump." In the book, out next week, they find a sociopath with a multitude of disorders; regardless of the specifics, they stress, Trump "is dangerous to the public health."


crazy as a sack of rats. oh wait that is his body not a sack.


And now it is the duty of all elected representatives to either impeach him, or apply the 25th amendment and remove him from office b4 he can do more damage. No, I most definitely do not want Pence to take his place, but obviously Trump is a clear and present danger that must be dealt with!


" To remain silent about Trump’s violence is passively supporting and enabling the dangerous and naive mistake of treating him as if he were a normal president. He is not, and it is are duty to say so."

So many silent cowards in Congress and in Trump’s administration that by remaining silent… they could potentially destroy us all!

" The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."
Albert Einstein


Talk about closing the barn door after all the horses, cows, pigs, cats, rats, chickens, lizards, mice, and cockroaches have got out…

Well, we’ll see when this book comes out if there’s anything useful for the moment. Most of us already knew…and know…that this orangehole is bat-shit crazy and dangerous. What to do now? Especially with a craven and /or stupid congress and worse, with a different kind of psycho next in line.

To be honest, I don’t know which one’s diagnoses are more dangerous for our so-called democracy, the country, and the world including the planet.


I called my rep’s in Congress about just this thingy and it’s “rule”. Yes, it is all true but Compassion should lead the way, me thinks. The man is very ill and needs medical intervention. It is up to his kids since he can not do it himself but they suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, me thinks. There is enough ugliness and hate already. Why not employ Compassion?


You are a far better human than I. The things I’d prefer to see applied would be impeachment and then a criminal trial and then an execution for treason. The problem with that is you wouldn’t be able to tell if he had on his orange prison jumpsuit or not…


Please don’t get me wrong, all of those are grand ideals. I’m just tired of ugliness and hate. We must be better than those we dissent from. Yes? MLK, Jr and such. It’s a tightrope we walk on.


In a truly civilized country, this would likely be enough to remove a sociopathic fraud from office.
But not in the U.S.


Yes, they’ll get right onto that.


And while they are examining and publishing peer-reviewed papers on Trump, they also need to examine why sociopathy/psychopathy is so prevalent in the culture of the USA (and a few other places - notably Israel). I myself have a clinically sociopathic brother and a few co-workers are ones too…


And so much cowardice in the international sphere too. Aside from those facing existential threats from the USA such as Venezuela’s Maduro, have we heard any frank denunciations from the heads of state of any reasonably progressive democracies? There has been Merkel’s calculated silent-treatment (the recommended “grey rock method” for dealing with a psychopath that one cannot escape from) which seems to really drive Trump into a tizzy. But that has been it. Tudeau and his NAFTA team are positively kissing Trump’s ass.


I agree with the Compassion part.

We just need to get him out of the driver seat and into his straight jacket first.

For the safety of all


something about a sack of hammers too…


Interviews with professionals in the field of mental health regarding DUTY TO WARN


He needs to be removed from office for his own good and the good of others. It doesn’t have to be compassionate.

Great article Abby, thank you!!!


Psychopathy is in the job description.


Excellent point!


Ultimate danger: He realizes he’s about to get removed from power and, due to his infantile and sick need to “win” at all costs, before anybody can get him away from the codes, launches a nuclear strike against North Korea in order for him to remain in power.


All of this was on public display during the primaries for anyone paying attention. If you dismissed it or weren’t paying attention…guess what? You get the blame for the consequences of putting an insane consciously evil person in control of your country. One would wish that the consequences would fall only on you but of course that’s not the way it works. We all are forced to suffer the burden of your ignorant laziness.