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A Dying Industry is Leaving A Deadly Legacy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/19/dying-industry-leaving-deadly-legacy

Eons of carbon leafed out onto land,
or born to float in the great waters,
could only live so long despite life’s wonders,
Pacha Mama gladly took them back into her bosom.

Humans finding this treasure pumped with all fury,
built things that defied their stunted imaginations,
Sages warned that their excesses displeased Mother,
but still they went for all glory until there was none.


It is one of the main goals of TTIP, I read years ago (which is likely to be revived soon) to leave countries taxpayers paying the bills for environmental disasters, not corporations.

It does this by increasing labor mobility, farming out the jobs to international subcontractors who register in lightly regulated countries, and making it easy for the big corporations to escape financial culpability by dumping the blame on these fly by night firms.

So the chances are that since this issue is something we feel our companies will come out ahead on, communities or state or national taxpayers here may get stuck with the bills for the ones that are here. (Its not like the US is the only country in the world being stripped of resources by extractive industries, ya know.)

“collateral damage”

maybe they will just declare darkness (high levels of pollution in water, environment.) “to be the standard”

EDCs present a problem just as big and likely even more costly in therms of its human costs.
In many areas, endocrine dircupting chemicals also present such a huge problem as they cause cancers and many oher costly illnesses and threaten human and animal reproduction. Areas that have affordable healthcare are much better equipped to evaluate the degree to which they are impacted while the US is much more of a black hole where people’s illnesses often go underrecognized and treated, as they tend to be poor communities with the worst prblems and people lack healthcare.

The chemical industry (the primary source of EDCs) is not a dying industry so they should be forced to pay compensation and stop using known EDCs, many of which are also obseoges, that cause morbid obesity in a dose response relationship.

EDCs in the EU thave heavily impacted its GNP, but the EU regulates EDCs mre than the US, and has fr years, so the US likely has a much bigger problem.

Unless we want large areas of the country to have very high rates of human caused illness, we need to stop polluting the environment with these dangerous chemicals which also make people fat and cause diseases like diabetes, prostrate and breast and ovarian cancers, and many other expensive illnesses.

When will be have a gvernment that protects people instead of corporations that knew they were creating a disaster but still did it?

When will we enact laws with teeth that punish and force companies to clean up and end the further environmental releases of EDCs.

What a fine mess our baby boomer generation has enabled.

Trusting a Duopoly of narcissistic misfits instead of burning them at the stake for their greed and destruction of our Mother Earth we are now living with the consequences of allowing Fascism to infect our population.

I weep for our dying planet. Moreover, I weep for the children who will never know Peace and Love other than by reading about it.

At least while there are still books to read.


Stupidity at the highest levels. Again the public coffers of the world will have to pay up/clean up. We the people of the world should seize their assets right now before the ruling class run away and hide their filfify money while we the people pay.

For decades maybe a century they have lied and knew the dangers and have had decades to reorganzie their companies and be better citizens but NO they did not. They gouged every buck they could get and bought houses all over the world and yachts for the seas then stashed cash in faraway places.

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Not to mention the amount of nuclear waste that continues to be stored wherever nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities exist, or ever existed.

Although nuclear waste disposal has not advanced one millimeter during the 75 years since the US nuked Japan, the corporations and their politicians are pushing for more nuclear everything.


Fossil fuel companies and their bought out politicians will make damn sure that if the industry is to die, it takes humanity down with it.

The leaking from capped wells is bad.
The leaking and “flare offs” from active wells is many times worse.
The flare offs from landfills are bad too.
There’s such a glut of natural gas, that it isn’t worth the effort to collect it for use.

Trump, to his (endless) discredit, has eased the Obama-era rules about controlling leaks and flare offs – but no one was following them anyway. And Obama had been selling fracking worldwide, making the problem worse in his typical sleight of hand “all of the above” style.

As for nuclear, I suggest we start a GoFundMe campaign to finance a competitor to Elon Musk’s SpaceX Corp, whose main purpose will be to ship nuclear waste to a storage facility located in close proximity to Musk’s Martian Summer Camp for rich people.


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