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A Dying Mule Always Kicks the Hardest


A Dying Mule Always Kicks the Hardest

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

The reactionary wave that swept across America with the election of Donald Trump is not an anomaly in our history. It is an all-too-familiar pattern in the long struggle for American reconstruction.

The story of our struggle for freedom is not linear: Every advance toward a more perfect union has been met with a backlash of resistance.




Thank-you, Reverend.

As a lifelong progressive, I've never been at such a crossroads. Bush and Cheney were horrible, of course, but now we have Trump and it sobering, indeed. No question that progressives need to resist, but the very fact that things have regressed to the point of having Trump, demonstrates that we need a new strategy and, especially, a united front that brings us all together. That would be a first. How to accomplish that is the question, but we need to get it done, fast.


Thank you for your powerful and positive views on this depressing election.


"It proved to be the perfect way to touch the psychic wound of so many Americans who have not faced our legacy of racism." Psychic wound??? How about calling it what it is: a pernicious and destructive mental illness that infects too many.


Only solid determination and commitment can win this and Rev. Barber personifies those qualities. Too many live in denial or igorance of the past, so we end up with more examples of Steven A. Douglas or General McLellan - Leaders who really don't understand the depth of the injustice and are hesitant to pursue the enemy. If Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is confirmed at Justice, the reborn Confederacy will have a new capital - Washington.


Sorry, but is this just another attempt to cover up Obama's deplorable record while President?


Some of these folks who voted for Trump are going to wish for the return of Obama.


It is time now for true leftists and progressives to leave the Democratic Party en mass and move to and take over the Green Party as the new standard bearer of The People. It is clear that the leadership of the Dems has not learned a thing from this debacle with the elevation of Schumer to lead the Senate Dems, and the probable election of someone like now-lobbyist Howard Dean to chair the DNC. Leave them to run their own sinking ship.


Racism has always been here. It is America's original sin.
We can use this time of extreme racism to ferret out the dormant or quiet racism that we have fought against all these years. Now, as it comes to the forefront of electoral politics we have another chance to bring it out of the shadows and identify it nationally, as we fight for it's end.
My hope is that enough good people that have stayed quiet about it, will now stand up and renounce it broadly. We are the majority, those of us that see it's destructive nature. They may try to bring it back but we are much stronger now and it won't be what they think or how it was even in the sixties. Think about all those that voted for Obama. They are the majority.


I agree. The Dems may be able to help in some ways but to fully end Neoliberal policies we need a third party for the 99%.


Not for long. This country will not go quietly back to the 50's.


Acceptance without investigation, knowledge and understanding of events and their causes is setting oneself up for a repeat of history. This election was a repudiation of neoliberalism started in the mid-70s and ratchet up by every following president answering to the demands of the power-elite. Neoliberalism, supplyside economics or socialization of capital, what ever you want to call it began to falter under W and its exposure by occupy, Sanders and the fake populist Trump has exposed it further. The abilities of robotics and new age technologies has enable easy cost effective duplication of intellectual property aka. Pantents, in a light speed fashion causing zero sum values. Capitalism has to find a way to put value into those zero sum copies. The power-elites answer has been lower labor cost, unemployment, privatize, austerity, socializing capital and legislating stronger and longer patents and property rights to protect profits. I do not believe this is or ever will work, I believe we are up against a paradigm shift taking us in the opposite direction of the power-elites self saving answers.


"The notion of property in capitalism predicates exploitation. It is not the guarantee of public welfare, harmony, and security. Property is the mother of racism, war, genocide, and inhumanity" Change? Where to start?


Good Job. I Love it.
Step to the Line and Tow it.

Walk the Talk in one's most Genuine and Heartfelt way.

Cognizant of the Historical. Knowing that our Core Princibles have not been Abandoned. Everyone has to Shine.

If this is how he starts
This is gonna get tough real fast
But We Shall Endure.
We Will Shine
We Are Already


Yes indeed. Imagine if we as a people faced unflinchingly the actual history of this nation based on the genocide of the First Nations' People and the enslavement of the African then the possibilities of a new people and a new nation based on its actual principles of equality might become a very real possibility. This history is so shameful and unforgivable that the only way out as I see it is to make sure it will not happen again. I suggest that what needs to be deracinated is the economic system of exploitation.


And why the need for the disgusting animal metaphor?


Dr. Barber appears to misunderstand his opposition.

Of course there were plenty of racist Trump supporters. There were also plenty of racist supporters of John McCain and of Mitt Romney, and they then had a black candidate to vote against. These people did not suddenly become racist because of Donald Trump, nor did they become racist because of Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton lost against the second least popular presidential candidate since such things could be with some certainty measured. She and the party lacked and lack credibility with the workers and the less privileged demographic whom the Democrats. That has happened because policies have not favored labor.

Republican policies have not either, of course. Had they, the difference would have been far larger. Many of the people who would usually vote Republican did, including most of the racists. People held their noses and voted Trump because they felt that their alternative was Clinton.


Yes, I thought "Thank you " also, but, I am not as hopeful... I really don't think that a large enough portion of the population, realize, the state of affairs... I talk to people all the time... I see where people are at... it is .... not hopeful... especially with the young... and if they do have some idea that things are not as they should be, they BLAME the wrong thing..... or blame certain people... FEW people, READ... and RESEARCH ... in order to figure out what is going on... they leave it to "leaders" to tell them.....


Um, I would hope that some Green Parties... would be more .... Green than the one I joined... I went for a whole year... for each meeting... missed only one.... We finally got our ratification from the state ... I had brought up a few of my points... during the months I was there... but... the last two or so meetings... I mentioned... how just expecting to switch out our energy source and still not make any sacrifices in our activities or products that we manufacture... was met with .... "oh, don't touch my football.." ..... I had mentioned how... professional sports is a wasteful activity ... with far too much flying and driving and why are we wasting electricity on lighting and running stadiums...