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'A Dystopian Surveillance State Being Built in Plain Sight': Pentagon Tests Radar-Equipped Balloons to Spy on Vehicles Across Midwest

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/02/dystopian-surveillance-state-being-built-plain-sight-pentagon-tests-radar-equipped

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We are SOOOO foolish if we hold still for this, and all the other parts of the dystopian Big Brother State being built in plain sight. I blame TV for so thoroughly atrophying the imaginative powers of the public that many mindlessly chirp, “If you have nothing to hide…” Folks, they are using taxpayer funds for this, We are paying to have Big Brother installed to watch over us, to pluck out subversives early before we can influence the rest of the herd. Perhaps some kind of collapse will set in before they can get their Panopticon fully set up; that’s probably our best hope.


Lets be real clear, all surveillance on US soil is about social control and blackmail of our leaders period. It’s rarely used for good.
Case in point, my parents home was robbed with my mothers cell phone being one of the items taken. When she told me about it, I asked if they tracked her phone. She said no the police told her to call the service provider and cancel the service. I was furious, and my mother had no idea her phone could be pinged for location by the service provider for the police, all they had to do was ask.

As far as these balloons, the story doesn’t say how high they fly, but if low enough, sounds like they’re prefect for target practice by gun owners.


The balloon / radar at high altitiude ( over 6,000 feet above the area ) may, just maybe, have use in a combat zone to track enemies mechanized infantry - if they have trucks, tanks, artillery. The middle east ISIS guys usually used Toyota white pickups.

Besides, NSA can track anybody. FBI also. If your cell phone is near you - they know precisely where you are.
defense = yes, use those 30 day throw away plans if you choose to try and remain private.

We have been foolish since the post 9-11 changes, why would we get smart or fed up now?


Someone will find the captive niche market for beefy flippin birdie bumper stickers

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Of COURSE it’s past time for push back. We have waited so long to do so that popular consensus won’t matter now. Clandestine measures as you suggest are needed. Start with drones and balloons, and move up the ladder.


When the 99% rise against the 1% and their police state cronies, the telecoms will immediately turn off your phone (including burner phones*) and internet. The most important thing learned by the neo-warmongers from the Egyptian Spring was: Do not allow the peasants to communicate with each other. The ‘serve and protect’ force will then take care of the dirty work.

  • The kidnapping of Huawei’s COO by Canadian lackeys and sanctions by Trumpies was a process to force Huawei to imbed spyware in their systems to allow the spooks to control them. Trump says it is a ‘matter of national security’.

We have an enemy and it ain’t the Russians.


Let me also add to the last line of my post above. If you plan on doing this, safety first, make sure you are positioned so lead does not rain down on any populated areas. Happy hunting.


I wonder if any terrible miscreant gun lover has a firearm that can shoot high enough and straight enough to take these 1984 devices out of the sky.
This and so many other high-tech spy/surveillance toys always remind me of predictive movies such as THX 1138 and They Live.
The contractor who makes these devices, their Pentagon enablers, and everyone else involved in pushing them should be imprisoned or otherwise sanctioned.
Snowden was right!
Also note that the contractor involved is sucking massive dollars from the breast of the military-industrial complex:


The task will expand to fit the time, and money, allotted to it. Especially if the taxpayers cover the cost of watching themselves.

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yuppers … the hephalump in the rum

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in a word: lasers

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" As far as these balloons, the story doesn’t say how high they fly, but if low enough, sounds like they’re prefect for target practice by gun owners."

You might wanna discuss gun ownership with some posters on this forum. Apparently lot of them think the government should be the only one with the guns.

Going back to government, a lot of posters here think it’s a perfectly good idea to nationalize banks, the energy sector, and pretty much everything else for that matter. So I am not really expecting too many to complain about the government checking out our daily commute.

Huawei phones already have Chinese government spyware embedded in them. US spyware might not be compatible with it.

Big Brother’s Balloon Rides

They only cost our priceless rights

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But whatever you do, don’t EVER question the seminal event that set all of this into motion. The Dystopian Surveillance State was born, and has thrived ever since. And with full tilt fascism just getting warmed up…

Get me the cluck out of here.

And to you Pentagon goons doing the tests…if you track my car, and me, just know I’ve got a big middle finger gesturing wildly at you.


Dystopian does not begin to decribe where the Pentagon wants to go with technology.

No privacy in body. No privacy in thought. Note how one Ash Carter indicates they would NEVER allow the Pentagon to abuse this technology > It all to keep you safe.

Hearing thoughts in your head? Voices telling you what to do? What was once dismissed as a mental illness might well move beyond that now with technology that allows one to broadcast message directly to anothers brain.

Do not worry though as this all to keep the people safe from Terrorists and Russians.


Won’t it be fun when lasers are affordable and we can all go down to Handy Hanks Hardware and get one.
But at thousands of feet we won’t be hitting much with our slingshots til then.

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