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A Failed Trump-Kim Summit Would Be a Catastrophe


A Failed Trump-Kim Summit Would Be a Catastrophe

Ira Helfand

Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are due to meet Tuesday in Singapore. President Trump impulsively agreed to the summit, has already canceled once, and has entered into these negotiations without any advance planning or apparent strategy for achieving success.


I’m not joking when I say Dennis Rodman should be present when Kim and Trump meet. Kim is a serial killer and Trump is another kind of sociopath. But for all his quirks, Rodman strikes me as a human being and just might be the factor to keep the two madmen from taking offense at each other over some triviality. None of Trump’s war-loving advisors like Bolton or Pompeo should be allowed anywhere near a meeting.


All pure baloney in the attempt to make Trump appear presidential. The missiles shot off by NK in the past more of the same deceit. Bogus from start to finish. The US and Israel are the real enemies of the American people and peace and justice in the world. See 9-11, JFK, RFK, MLK, OKC, Waco, USS Liberty, WW1 and 2, Pearl Harbor, the Federal Reserve and on and on. Forgive and forget and this is what you get. Zero respect for human life and all living creatures on Earth.


Why do we buy this crap??? Kim has no plane that will take him more than a thousand miles----and being reported today the mountain where N Korea nukes are located collapsed a few months ago??? This is all BS to keep pumping up the US military and a photo op for Trumps base.


The talks are meant to fail. The U.S. has never negotiated in good faith with North Korea and is therefore the country most responsible for North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. The author suggests that war may be imminent if talks fail. It seems logical given that corporate America is making a fortune selling weapons to South Korea and the rest of the world. Any conflict just adds to their obscene profits. And who could argue that Bolton and Pompeo are nothing more than puppets of the MIC with Trump being too stupid to realize that?
But a more likely scenario is that nothing materializes with North Korea, Bolton and Pompeo get “dismissed” somewhere along the line and Trump inexplicably boasts of some great success in Singapore in the same sort of the way Trump said he was vindicated when the State of Hawaii produced Obama’s birth certificate. The MIC would still be satisfied that they remained intact, despite the ‘close call to having peace breaking out on the peninsula’ and the media will move on to the next catastrophe du jour.
The next 48 hours should reveal just how meaningless the entire event will be.