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'A Farce': Trump Critics, European Allies Challenge Pompeo Claim About Snapback of UN Sanctions on Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/20/farce-trump-critics-european-allies-challenge-pompeo-claim-about-snapback-un

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As with Venezuela, Trump and Pompous-A-Ho have tried very hard to start a war with Iran.
Obama and the world community worked out a great deal with Iran.
Trump wrecked it.
Another reason to vote Biden/Harris and purge the traitorous liar from the White House.


We need to be prepared for Trump to launch a war on Iran. Only mass action to shut down business as usual, will end a war. Any ideas for specific actions?


France, Germany and U.K. naval ships should begin to escort all Iranian ships until president douchebag goes away.


Looking at these two subhumans brings to mind a good reason for “forced exile.”


What could be a better distraction for Trump than an October war on Iran? And the farce is: WHAT IN HELL HAS OUR COUNTRY BECOME! The Fourth Reich?


Excellent suggestion.


I think that this year our votes will not count unless there is an overwhelming landslide to remove Delirium Tremors from the Oval office. Mary Trump: “he ( Trump ) will lie, steal and do what ever it takes to stay in the White House”.Trump: " if I lose, the election it will be fraudulent".


I’m with Pony Boy. If only the international community would push back in a real way against the Fourth Reich.


My burning question: what does the USA specifically gain from a war against Iran? No, really, why? Is it because Israel is calling the shots? I say it’s unwinnable. Because the US hasn’t won a real war since WW II. Sure the first Gulf War was a win, but a Tuna in a barrel win against inferior forces and old technology that Iraq had at the time. Iran has modern weaponry and strategic advantage in the Persian Gulf at the straight of Hormuz. If it’s for their oil then the leaders, like Trump, Pompeo, Pence, et al should be forced to stew in a large vat of Iranian crude oil 'till the cows come home. And the poor cows are far from home. Oil Pickled Pompeo, has a nice ring to it.


This didn’t get much publicity:



Remember way back when Qaddafi called on the international community to invade the United States and restore democracy?

…and people laughed.


Just how many refugees does the US want fleeing to Europe again? Weren’t there enough after the seven other countries in the Middle East and West Asia you bombed in your blood thirsty ways?

I know a heck of a lot of Iranians here in Canada and I don’t remember finding any of them disagreeable or war like. They are hard-working but fun loving, giving, caring, and very open to new ideas. Most I know speak at least three or four languages. I can’t say that about most English speakers - they insist on loudly saying ‘speak English’ to people who aren’t even talking to them. It’s rich because most of us whose mother tongues are not English will automatically speak English if only one person in the group doesn’t speak the ‘foreign’ language.

On the other hand, I know a heck of a lot of americans who are blood thirsty and violent. Too bad that they create so much trouble for those of you who offer peace. And yeah, I am getting pissed at the idiocies of all our leaders with their demented desires for power at all costs to those of us who just want to live our lives without high drama.

It’s time to take back our power and repair the damages to our countries. That will keep us busy for a long time coming.


Russia and China were both threatened with sanctions from the US due to there supposed violation of various treaties. These Countries do not care. Sanctions have accomplished nothing and in fact Russia have come out of the COVID crisis far better then the USA or Western Europe. What they have done over the past 20 years is make their economy more resilient so sanctions have a minimal effect.

The American economy is not faring all that well either. As they slap sanctions on the costs of goods goes up. With so many people out of work or with lower incomes , the consumer can not buy those higher priced imports. The US does not produce the stuff it imported in amounts needed so the consumer is not spending at all and instead tries to minimize debt.

The US recently announced tariffs on Aluminum from Canada. Canada indicated they would slap like tariffs on goods from the USA again and the US backed down removing those tariffs.

Trump and his team have no idea as to what they are doing. They bray a lot as jackasses tend to do and that braying keeps their supporters onboard.


The last place of employ had two people from Iran working there . Very nice people and I met their families at various Company functions. Again a delight to speak with , intelligent and hard working. The food they would bring to staff functions for pot lucks was especially delicious.

One of the families took a vacation back to Iran to visit their folks. The husband joined later and had a flight from Toronto to Europe and then on to Iran. He had no issues. His wife had left with her kids earlier and their flight went through New York. She was hauled off the plane and questioned for hours as to why she was visiting Iran.


Pompeo as “top diplomat”? That is rather perverse, no?


Officially John Bolton is no longer on the team, but his spirit is still doing its work.

Hi Steve _Fernandez:
Hmm, since Trump is always on the golf course, I suppose the CIA could always send a supersonic golf ball into his head—although I’m never sure who the CIA is working for.

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For years, we’ve watched a bipartisan consensus tediously ramping up “tensions” (i.e. slanders, with acts of war in response to slanderous allegations, naturally) between Empire and (according to the very sharpest “intelligence analysts” TV can find) Russia, China, and Iran – even though all three of our putative opponents more or less despise each other! Traditional imperial follies, but with nuclear augmentation.

Oh, and there’s also the problem with our mad dictator, possibly subject to post-COVID cognitive deterioration (hard to tell with reptiles, but his allergic response to TikTok is suggestive). The severe bulge of that excrescence makes it hard to think about anything else besides urgent removal thereof – you know I’m the last one on Earth who wants to talk about anything else. But honesty, a nearly sadistic taskmaster, forces me to admit, on this one, on Russia, China, Iran, on eternal warfare with whomeverthehell: Should that other guy somehow depose the dictator, who thinks any of this ceaseless warmongering might subsequently reverse direction? I see no evidence suggesting anything peaceful is remotely likely in either case. The antiwar struggle passes to the streets now, alongside the struggle against police terror.

I forgot to mention (what got me started) – a rare clear-thinking US American, occasionally breaking through our media’s firm commitment to eternal ignorance, namely Stephen F. Cohen, the Russia scholar, just passed at 81 of lung cancer. Kaitlin posted an activist obit:



Trumpian ignorance and malfeasance have already killed 200,000 Americans, a bunch of dead Iranians and US soldiers won’t stand in the way of election fixing.