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'A Farce': Trump Critics, European Allies Challenge Pompeo Claim About Snapback of UN Sanctions on Iran

We have plenty of ideas, just no leaders to implement them. Once Iran is under wraps, Israel can have at Palestine in any fashion is wishes.
As far as winning wars, I think they were all winable. We have the hardware, the money, the logistics, the slightly preferred high ground, but not the reason to end wars, because the MIC doesn’t want war to go away. So we occupy for one reason or another.
We are still in Germany, S. Korea, and I’ll bet we would like to get Cam Ron Bay and Da Nang back. Still in Afghanistan and Iraq. Syria and maybe Libya.

Hi gandolf. Thanks for your thoughts. I’m interested in ideas for grassroots actions such as the recent mass actions in Belarus, Chile, and Lebanon.

Our modus operandi has been democracy. You know, congressional action, the courts, faction leadership, and finally dissent by showing solidarity in the streets.
If we want to get serious we will have be willing to be jailed, injured, and possibly killed. Anything short of that can be put down by the AUTHORITIES.

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Please notice that we have already killed two million (2,000,000) Iranians since 1980.
200,000 Iran teen age boy soldiers in the Iraq-Iran war. Sponsored by USA.
Then sanctions stopped medicine and spare parts for hospital equipment.
This is status again today + banks will not process Iran payments for even

Because the bank would get sanctioned by U.S> Treasury.

to the John Bolton war fans = we cannot win a land war in Iran. Too many people and Russia stopped us from invading in 1980. They will not be happy with us on their southern border.

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On our sanctions, I hope someone is helping Iran with humanitarian aid.

Our bigger problem right now is that we allow trump and associates to pull one gaff after another and we look at them as individual happenings. But they need to all be lumped together as one unholy alliance of thugs.

Hi Gandolf. I agree with you identification of what has been the modus operandi in the US, though I wouldn’t characterize it as authentic democracy. I also agree that people will be jailed, injured, and, in some cases killed. I’ve been heartened to see people, in the US, making sacrifices as part of the BLM movement. We will need a lot more to have an impact if the US goes to war.

Sadly, some of the most active will be right-wingers assuming they are putting down an unholy rebellion. Older generation folks feel the need to be helped, more than be part of a revolt. Middle aged workers holding on to employment, or actively seeking employment. Younger folks tied up in school classes, or are non political.
Doesn’t leave much for a revolt since a big chunk of what is left are serving in the military.

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I used the word charity. Should update my vocabulary because i intended humanitarian aid.
I meant this as money, food, medicines, spare parts for hospital equipment, etc.


I hear you. We sure don’t want to be a shit-hole country for the most part, but in fact that’s just what out foreign policies dictate.
It would also be welcome for our government to help Americans that are down and out as well as other countries.

Yes. It will not an easy undertaking and there is a high chance of failure. This is where we are. It’s times like these that the efforts of people committed to taking action for social justice are most important.

I suppose we had better concentrate on keeping trump out of Iran, and out of the WH.

I would be more concerned about the Corona Virus and the potential to weaponize it in terms of more sanctions. Drone wars aside.

Indeed, someone is helping Iran as part of China’s belt and road foreign policy. Of course there is more to it but it address’ a relief from imposed sanctions.

“Not only is China helping to develop the oil and gas sector, but China supports Iran’s ambitions to bring Caspian Sea oil and gas to Southern Iranian ports through pipelines so the resources can be exported to Europe and Asia. Iran relies upon its oil sales to China to ensure its fiscal well-being.”

I think of the Corona Virus as already weaponized. It may be somewhat cynical, but then again, it fits trump’s opposition to everything attitude.

I think you are right about that, I think they are planning to increase them. The virus could be a significant factor in a armed war.

Depending on early results and poilng numbers showing a Trump potential defeat it is very likely that Trump will start a war with Iran.

our policies are being made by corrupt liars being led around by the nose by religious fanatics–I am not sure which is more dangerous–the corrupt liars or the religious fanatics—or the supposed opposition who have seemed helpless and unable to find the backbone to fight for the American people for several decades now(leading many of us to believe they are sell outs to the money------not representatives of their constituencies)

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The world needs to get over the United States. Our 15 minutes are very clearly drawing to a close.

Every succeeding US regime, following the Zionist coup of November 22, 1963, has debased America, shown us to be increasingly a Thug Nation, whose only function is to bleed its taxpayers and youth for the exclusive benefit of Satan’s “chosen” master race.


puppet biden will definitely launch a war with iran