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A Few Days Away from Nov. 3, Another Week of Trumpian Havoc

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/30/few-days-away-nov-3-another-week-trumpian-havoc

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Does Caputo have theatrical cancer like Rush Limpba does ?

Although I was bummed to see double features at the theatres disappear during the 60s, I long ago burned out on 21st century political theatre where the acts and films come so fast there is no time to run to the restroom.


I always love to read this author’s articles, however, like so many other journalists I admire, too many of them are focusing on a Biden win rather than a Trump coup. The day after the election is more likely to go down as a “day in infamy” rather than a day of celebration.
Every indication so far has led us to believe that Trump will not step down after the third of November regardless of the election results. The smoke and mirrors that will be employed to produce this fraudulent outcome are beside the point as we will see corporate America shift into overdrive in their quest to ignore the deeper reality that the U.S. is not a functioning democracy. A compliant corporate media, feigning shock and awe at Trump’s refusal to leave office, will expand viewership as corporate America showers our airwaves with consumer ads, sick political ads and warped “reporting” to side-track the audience from the real issue… the rise of the corporate State.
To pretend that Biden will bring us an “early Christmas” is akin to the ostrich with his head in the sand as the media will not immediately label this as a “coup” but rather “vote discrepancies” or “hanging chads”. Our corporate overlords believe that they will goad the public into social disobedience creating a fictitious narrative in which Biden represents decent American values and that Trump represents the dark forces of fascism. Our MSM will focus on two unpopular Party’s rather than pointing to the special interest groups responsible for this chaos in the belief that the poor will kill each other rather than storm the “gates of the Bastille.” As a minority of so-called “Biden supporters” clash with another minority of heavily armed Trump supporters, the rest of the nation will recoil in horror as this political UFC spectacle will be yet another side show intended to divert attention from the ruling classes.
The only question that all rational people should have on their minds is how long will it take until people open their eyes and discover that their real enemy is not some other poor schmuck in the street, but a tiny cabal of manipulative, ideologically bankrupt, corporate sycophants hellbent on robbing the public treasury for their own personal gain.
Can’t wait to read the comments here 24 hours after the election.


Another excellent article:

About those trees, we should take extra care of those printed copies they have multiple uses, thanks for reminding me. (I do see the value in this type of information)

“We use about 2,000,000,000 trees per year! The amount of wood and paper we throw away each year is enough to heat 50,000,000 homes for 20 years. Approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper are thrown away every year in the U.S.”

Just three more days… And yes indeed!!

“He is that bad, and much, much worse.”

"…spouting nonsense and hate instead of the truth. Voice of America never spouted truth, just pro America propaganda. Trump, on the other hand, made it personal; after all to an extreme narcissist America is himself. Actually he represents an disgustingly large segment of the US, I estimate around 30 percent almost entirely palefaces to use a native term.

Everyone needs to watch or re-watch Idiocracy (2006). That is where we are as a society.