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A Few Easy Steps Everyone Should Take to Protect Their Digital Privacy



From these ACLU recommendations (also in EFF's updated self-defense guide):

Use encryption. [...] Consider using Signal for encrypted cellphone and text message communication and using Tor to surf the web. An added benefit of surfing the web with Tor is that it defaults to using a privacy-preserving search provider.

Everybody - Android or Iphone - install Signal. That's Moxie Marlinspike's Open Whisper System (OWS blog). He's one of the developers of Tor and a crypto-genius! It's also got a great user interface. He's given us quite a gift. And, Snowden endorses Signal.

You can either click this link on your phone: http://sgnl.link/1LoIMUl , Or go to the App/Play Store and search for "Signal". It takes all of 2 minutes. (The Signal protocol has been imported into WhatsApp, but WhatsApp has been acquired by Facebook, so avoid.)

For Android you can use Orbot and Orfox to easily browse using Tor. I'm not sure if that's available on the iPhone.


I downloaded OWS software and it wasn't long before I deleted it. I hope it's gone. I don't trust it not to be hacker spyware itself. It claims end-to-end encryption using various real-world-tested algorithms, yet at least when texting, the default communications are unsecure (?) and apparently in order to communicate securely, the party on the other end needs to be using the encryption software too. Which is it? Our communications are either secure once having downloaded the system or they aren't. I didn't download it in order to sign up for multi-level marketing to everyone on my contact list. Snowden recommends it? Really? Can I check that? Do you have his cell number handy so I can ask him? I know we have no privacy, but I don't trust the people making all these claims about protecting it.


How do I know that the security claims made by these software developers (Signal, Open Whisper Systems) are true? How do I know it isn't just an NSA spy program itself? How do I know Moxie Marlinspike isn't just an NSA agent. He's the most logically placed person in the world - other than maybe Snowden - to be one.


Well, if you want to live in the realm of total paranoia, then besides the ACLU and Chris Shogian, along with the EFF, Matt Green, Bruce Schneier and I myself am probably one, too!

I suggest you read the protocol, some of the code, and spend some time learning who these people are. If you're serious, that is. Otherwise, you can just continue to wallow.