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A Few Thoughts on #BerniesHeart From a Veteran Cardio Rehab Nurse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/10/few-thoughts-berniesheart-veteran-cardio-rehab-nurse


Thanks Dr. Dave, but maybe the people who should most be
concerned about his health are the Democratic Party stalwarts
(Biden &Co.) and those opposing universal health care and the
Green New Deal.


I am a solid Bernie supporter. They could wheel him out on an operating bed on Primary election day and I would still vote for him over any other of the D candidates that the DNC has rolled out in an attempt to dilute his presence in the field. That being said, I am worried that those who are undecided, or leaning toward Bernie, or trying to decide between Bernie and Warren, that those are the people he may lose because of his heart attack. They may not know all the facts, as laid out in this article, and may be too quick to give up on Bernie and give their vote to someone else less deserving.

On the other hand there is the distinct possibility that this will be old news and forgotten by most voters in a couple weeks as the news cycle churns out more drivel and pablum. And if Bernie remains strong, or stronger, in the intervening days till the Primary voting rolls in, then he may suffer no ill effects at all (pun not intended!)



CVD is a easy condition to halt and reverse. What’s truly appalling is that someone as bright as Bernie doesn’t know it. Can Bernie not know the Corporate State is corrupt and doesn’t always have our best interests front and center?


Not one sentence about cost in this otherwise informative, and easily digested health article concerning Sen. Sanders, and the rest of the general populace. Certainly a learning moment.
Sen. Sanders would be wise to come clear this week and show what his interaction with intensive medical care actually cost. Billing, out of pocket expenses; ya know, the whole nine yards of the entire incident.
Sen. Sanders, thanks to being a high-ranking gov’t official, has great healthcare and most likely a supplemental policy, too. He should discuss that and then address what a similar incident would cost a person making $40k, $60k, $90k and so on. Also, how his job would be effected, et al.
Just askin’ Sen. Sanders. Come clear and tell us how we can keep our job, keep a roof over our head, pay for the freight and keep pullin’ our own weight.
In fact, get the moderators to posit this issue as a question in the next debate. Thanks in advance.
A long-time, strong and contributing member of the Sandernistas and Our Revolution.


Dave is a nurse (RN) not a doctor. Unless he has a doctorate in nursing, in which case I suppose you could call him a doctor nurse, but it’s not mentioned.

The news cycle can be manipulated when the ruling cabal wishes it. So it’s up to Bernie supporters to share the hell out of this article, and generally work our butts off for the campaign. On Nov. 4th, 2020 we need to be able to say we truly did everything we could to correct the travesty of 2016.


“Nurses” often have better insight into a patient’s recovery and future than the doctors who perform the procedure. Never underestimate the knowledge of the people who are there before, during and after.


I don’t trust any other Democratic candidate but Sanders. I am so glad that he is doing well. I watched him on CNN tonight and he looks even better than he did before his heart attack.


Exactly. Make sure you all sign up to volunteer at his website #Bernie2020 #StillFeelingTheBern


From my experience having a stent put in last December I can safely say that Dave is correct. Having my artery opened back up gave me the energy I had enjoyed as much as 10 or 12 years earlier.


Excellent - you must have seen unaltered footage. Apparently the corporate media have moved beyond merely ignoring Bernie to actively creating disinformation. Every Berner needs to be aware of this video from Kyle Kulinski demonstrating what’s happening, and counter this disinformation wherever you find it. Please share the hell out of this video:

Though it would generally be termed the Sanders/Turner 2020 Ticket, I like the first name
That’s the ticket we have, I the one I strongly support as our ticket going into the 2020 general election, it that isn’t the Democratic ticket, I won’t be voting for the Democratic ticket.

How would you feel about “BERNIE/TULSI2020!!!” You wouldn’t vote for that ticket? No particular objection to “BERNIE/NINA2020!!!” at all, but…

I like Tulsi a lot, but I’d rather see her do a tour (or two) as Secretary of State before moving into the administration headlining roles. My primary advocacy for Nina is that she is as vital and integral to Sanders policy agenda as Bernie is. Likewise if Sanders decides to retire after one term (or 6 years) as various people have alluded to regarding their discussions with him, I have no doubts that Nina could and would continue and advance our agenda with as much or more fight than Bernie himself. I see Bernie and Nina as huge domestic policy shepherds to help us re-engineer the US economy and society to an orientation that secures and and adds value to our population and infrastructure. Secretary Gabbard and later President Gabbard will create the new global alliances and partnerships we need to help the rest of the world similarly invest in their populations and infrastructure as we all try to deal with the struggles of ameliorating and adapting to the effects of climate change over the coming dangerous centuries.

What we don’t know is how much cardiac muscle damage, if any, Sanders had. He was diagnosed with a heart attack at a minor medical facility by a physician, according to Sanders’ own words. Then he was taken to a hospital. The doctor at the minor medical facility most likely did not do an EKG or take cardiac enzymes to measure his heart attack. Yet it was bad enough for the doctor to correctly make the diagnosis without these tests.

His EKG studies and his cardiac enzyme studies would give the people and other doctors a much better indication of how severe his heart attack was.

The nurse may be right about this, but he could also be wrong, and without the results of these tests and others, there is just no way for experts to tell us.

Trump is being required to give up his tax returns. Should Sanders be required to give up his medical records? I see no reason that Sanders should not be.

It would actually be prudent politically to do so if his cardiac test results indicated a very mild heart attack. Voters would have more confidence in him. If the results indicate a much more significant heart attack, doesn’t the public have a right to know? And if he won’t give them up, then that looks suspicious to many people.