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'A Fiasco Is Clearly Foreseeable': USPS Watchdog Probe Found 1 Million Primary Ballots Likely Delivered Too Late to Count

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/02/fiasco-clearly-foreseeable-usps-watchdog-probe-found-1-million-primary-ballots

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Reporting on this is great.

What we need to see is indictments of the individuals responsible for these delays in delivering this crucial mail.


I am coming to believe that the advice that “progressives” should all vote by mail is very bad advice.

Trump is going to declare victory based solely on the polling-place counts Tuesday night, then, over the following week Trump will send his armed thugs into county election office - with the full backing of the police (all cops love Trump) to threaten the mail-in ballot counters and possible even destroy the ballots. Think of Palm Beach County in 2000 - except that the izod golf shirts and kakhis will be replaced with camo and loaded AR-15’s.

This strife and possible bloodshed will continue into December, when the states will give up on an accurate count and the Republicans in the state capitols will assign all their electors to Trump - claiming they have to to “restore peace”. The right-wing majority of theUS Supreme Court may get involved too. Again, this will be similar to Florida in 2000 - but violent - and happening in as many as a dozen close-race states.

Most counties in my state are fairly confident they will have most or all polling places open normally, and with a mask and hand washing, voting entails no more virus exposure than a brief errand to the drug store. So there is NO NEED to mail in a ballot in Pennsylvania! Me and my wife have decided not to apply for a mail in ballot. If some of the normal polling places are closed and the remaining ones are crowded, we will stand in line all day if necessary.


I hope the Biden campaign is messaging this. Every time Biden talks, he should urge people to vote early.


Another problem is that the whole mail-in ballot procedure is full of opportunities for ballot-invalidating voter errors. The Pennsylvania ballot is an op-scan sheet - like most people know from school exam days, but MUST be properly marked with a black PEN, and NOT a #2 pencil! then you have to put it in envelope, then in another envelope, then the outer envelope has to be addressed and signed. A substantial number of poeple are going forget to sign the outer envelope - IT’S UNAVOIDABLE and GUARANTEED that there will be a few percent of voters forgetting to sign the envelope - the MARGIN OF THE ELECTION in many states.

Then there is the problem that we had in Pennsylvania where the USPS mail sorting equipment mistakes the voter address in the back middle of the outer envelope with the recipient address - and the ballot ends after a few days back in the voter’s mailbox.



Agreed. Voting doesn’t have to be that hard. Biden wants to make Election Day a national holiday—I hope it happens. It won’t fix all things, but it’ll help. States matter most, and down ballot races, like Secretary of State, are key.

I can see them crying corocodile tears now.

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Nobody is perfect

Nobody for president

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Maybe votes will have to be by cities. There would d be one place in small towns, and more places for drop offs in large cities. Then when the ballots are counted, citizens can sit and watch—or in Abe Lincoln’s day. People had to gather inside the building and each would in turn yell out their choice for the elected one. Of course, there were fewer people then, but maybe every city or town could give a voice vote Of course if that didn’t work maybe citizen volunteers would stand over looking the shoulders of the hand counters. On the other hand, with pensions disappearing and trump wanting to end SS—maybe a person done to their last penny will flip out and end Trump.

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This too is not impeachable.

Don’t worry. They will fix all of this for the NEXT election. At least that’s what they said after the LAST election. It seems tomorrow never comes.


With each passing day the republicans are working towards stealing this election. And it is not clear what the democrats are doing to stop it.


this is what we get for the 50 plus years of Democratic inaction on the voter suppression of the Republicans–it is almost as if the Democrats aren’t interested in protecting the vote–like they too are into suppressing the vote–oh wait --they did just that the last 2 election cycles–to make sure the corporate candidate is nominated so our choices are limited to very evil #1 and very evil #2----why if everyone were to vote they might elect a socialist or some damn thing


Slight tangent, on another amazingly huge scam what am today, another Damoclean sword:

The runaway success of the stock market in the present context has come as a shock to many people. Barely two weeks before stocks reached an all-time high, the United States announced the largest 3-month fall in the economy since the Great Depression. Even calling it the largest doesn’t quite capture the magnitude. The 9.5 percent contraction from April to June was four times larger than the previous largest drop since World War II.

Economies around the world are in freefall. The GDP of the OECD countries, the world’s largest economies, fell almost 10 percent in the same period — also four times greater than in the 2009 global collapse — and global GDP is expected to decrease by 5 percent this year, a historic amount. Yet the stock market blithely rushes along, as the mega-rich try to squeeze the last drops they can out of it, ahead of the abyss.



Told ya !
I said again and again , go and get your ballot at the county offices fill it out and then bring it back and drop it off at the county and EVERY
time i
stated this option , i would get some idiot reply of " it’s too inconvenient"
Well , now we know that those people that trusted the mail are nothing but whiners , talking sht on the internet but not willing to do what it takes to defeat trump . Fu#*ing pathetic .

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Well, what’s rebounded outrageously, since the Feb-March crash has almost made sense: e-vendors, virtual meeting/ work from home, social-networking, 1099/app indentured serf and virtual sharecropper gigs are still all skyrocketing. Tiwanese, Chinese, Korean stocks (not JUST technical or pharmaceutical) kicking ass! My shock is at my hippy-dippy alternative/energy-efficency equities? These bounced right back, after that 2018 Christmas crash. But, I’d figured it was because my inbred knuckle dragging, substance abusing Wall Street neighbors had just ignored this sector, booming elsewhere… EVERYWHERE, but here. And they’d bought into companies automating CNG/micro-turbine hybrid trucks & AI capital equipment, so Trump would not need to hire half the workforce to kill the other, darker, half? The valuations are simply ridiculous, just now. I’m setting everything to sell? Since this is the only way, the churls can buy up our shares & destroy nascent innovation, value & competition?

PS: It’s RussiaRussiaRussia time at the Grey Lady, again!




That’s a switch. Lately it’s been RussiaChinaIran time in the agitprop sites I monitor. USA’s democracy hangs by the most fragile of tendrils, which are continuously under attack, so I hear, from foreigners sowing division. Russia wants you to think Biden might have been a bit alertness challenged, from time to time. China wants you to think Orangeman is completely nuts. Iran wants you to think… I’ll have to get back to you, I forget in which direction Iran seeks to squish the putty of USA public opinion, to pollute the sacred purity of our electoral exercise, over here.


Oh, yes. Voters should assume the postal service has been corrupted and that there is no time to fix it before election day.


What I absolutely LOVE, is how very original the agitprop is. I’m pretty sure all the AI algorithms replacing “Battleship Maine,” “Red Cross Nurses,” “Belgian Nuns,” or “Cowardly Tonkin Gulf attack” with “nattering nabobs of negativism” have yet to get started distracting us from the REAL horror about to befall actual human beings, here and abroad? If a intentionally ineffective Impeachment kept all media from noticing how NYC’s private equity tattered medical system was about to kill more COVID patients than Asia & Europe… that’s hardly New York Times’ problem? Meanwhile, in the news







Reminds me how in earlier primaries this year, areas with a majority of younger voters had understaffed polls and voters had to wait hours to vote. So…did Bernie actually lose?

NOT voting for Biden. He’s a moderate Republican in my book.