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A Fire Bell in the Night

A Fire Bell in the Night

Bernard Weisberger

Thousands of you responded positively yesterday to Charles Kaiser’s column about how Donald Trump’s pardon of the notoriously bigoted sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona — convicted of criminal contempt — reveals once again the president’s seemingly endless appetite for undermining the rule of law. Among the responses was this one from historian Bernard Weisberger, a frequent contributor to these pages.

— Bill Moyers

The people will have say next year in the elections. The way things stand now with the Republicans refusing to impeach Trump even though there is growing list of reasons to start the impeachment process basically a vote for most Republicans running for Congress will be a vote for white supremacy and fascism. This country has long history of white supremacy going all the way back to the colonies. It served as the basis for slavery. In recent times it has seemed that white supremacy was for the most part in our past and no longer a major influence. But given Trump’s election this assumption must now be questioned. The white supremacists cannot do much as long as our laws and the Constitution are followed so they need fascism to implement their agenda. If they succeed in overturning democracy it is anyone’s guess how extreme their agenda would be. It could be limited to ending immigration of nonwhites or it could involve instituting some sort of apartheid state or even worse such as occurred during the Nazi regime in Germany. The most extreme white supremacists are calling for a separate white country or ethnically cleansing the entire country.

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Hasn’t our government supported paramilitary organizations in other countries to accomplish US objectives? The thought of that chicken coming home to roost is hair raising.

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I keep hearing the preliminaries - the pregame excuses for a take over based on the troubles generated by catastrophic climate change. Militias walking the streets after a storm like Harvey? Yeah that’s right.

The thing is that it won’t be long before it gets even worse than Harvey, year after year. What will catastrophic climate change look like ten years from now? Twenty?

It really does look like the forces on the right actually do know about climate change coming down the road! What is even more worrisome is that they may actually be waiting for it to hit the fan.


In line with the other posters here -

9/11/2011 was not our Reichstag fire.
From here on out, every environmental disaster will be want to be one.

Do you think one is being currently planned, now that the curtain has been drawn?
A nuclear bomb against a perceived racial threat will be a given once that event has been executed.

The hate has been drummed up to levels similar to 1933.
The currency just hasn’t tanked yet.

What do you think the militarization of police forces is all about? Of course they understand and believe in climate change. They also know it is too late in the game to stop it so they want to make the most of it while they can and have the resources to deal with the chaos that will certainly occur in the near future.

Of course it has. The currency doesn’t officially tank until people realize it has tanked but that is all we’re waiting on. Once things can no longer be propped up with unsustainable debt the fat lady will be singing.

The currency has only officially tanked when
You need a basket of high denomination bills to buy a loaf of bread.
A la Argentina, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and so on.

By your yardstick we have tanked since we went on the Petrodollar.
I get it.

I think that the militarization of police is a step that protofascists seek because it allows for a localized (hard weapon) control similar to that of a military occupation in a foreign land but here at home. I sincerely doubt that the powers that be know the scientific details mainly because practically anyone can see that over the last few years that big changes in the climate have been happening. The PTB sense that catastrophic climate changes are heading our way everywhere. Their answer is only to beef up the hard weapon control that protects their advantages. Like having their soldiers control the last water hole in the desert. A different kind of greed!

They expect that things will get crazy because they sense that they aren’t really trying to prevent the worst as yet. They sense that they will need to rely on hard weapon control in the future because they do not actually trust altruistic enterprise (solar power or wind power is somehow altruistic to them) but only money. Recently they begin to see that solar and wind are more competitive and profitable but they are still reluctant.

In a sense greed comes with its own built in inertia and reluctance to change.

Americans always want a big finale! It is like we have become conditioned to expect a big finale to everything. That is what Hollywood and TV have done to us. The big finale thinking has become a habit.

Are you seriously thinking a nuclear bomb would be used against a racial threat? What is wrong with this picture?

Sorry for the confusion-
I think that is what the build up is currently headed towards - same as Truman -
Once the right victim is settled on, it will be based on race (which, to this geniuses, included Islam)
and wars and parallel events will be setup.
China is too big for them to drop on anymore.

Yes, I think race will be the primal motivating factor - just as it was for the Weimar/Vietnam/Korea, and the only drops of the bomb so far, in my opinion, not going being directed at Germany.
But Trump is crazy enough to use the launch codes without the facade of justification.

I think that your nuclear perspective is skewed by your justifiable concerns about non nuclear race relations with Trump. That is not to say that at some level you may be right about Trump. He should not have the power to initiate a nuclear exchange on his own say so. One person should not be able to hold the whole world hostage!