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A Fish Called Bannon


A Fish Called Bannon

Michael Winship

Whenever I read or hear something White House chief strategist Steve Bannon says or thinks, I’m reminded of Otto, the character Kevin Kline plays in A Fish Called Wanda. You know, the self-proclaimed ex-CIA hit man who believes he’s super-intelligent but really, really isn’t?


Good essay. But I'm surprised the author quotes Bannon's misuse of the term deconstruction without any correction. Deconstruction is a technical term invented by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida and used properly only in literary theory. I'm not aware of Steve Bannon's ever having studied literary theory and I'm quite sure he simply meant destruction, not deconstruction. He probably used the latter term only to impress his audience, just as Trump does with his self-aggrandizing balderdash.


Great article. I like the movie very much and you are right, he's much like Otto. Not completely ineffectual but idiotic and deluded about their own importance. Too funny, I needed the laugh before my head explodes over these bungling fools tearing down everything that benefits anyone but them.
The worse part, that there seems to be no way for anyway in government or out to stop them, is disturbing to say the least.


A fish? How about a slimy creature from the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean. LIke the analogy but Bannon and his sidekick, S. Miller are nothing to laugh at. And agreed, they are very, very dangerous indeed! Let's hope the Bannon ballon breaks (explodes) soon!


When I see Bannon and Trump together, I think of Pinky and the Brain.


Bannon has serious enough credentials. A resume to carry the weight of his political, economic, cultural and religous viewpoints. He's scary and disruptive, like Trump only with a deeper grasp of the effects of a politics of resentment, married to the military/business end of realpolitik.
Military buildups, increased homeland security and a squeeze play on dissent and dissenters. Pundits, analysts, professors and commentators can write until their fingers bleed on this bunch of characters, however, they are selling a very popular myth. The idea of American superheroes and the shaping of a new world, is an appealing conclusion to Trump and Bannon fans. We unbelievers need to watch the hell out, they are actually coming. And, that's no right wing conspiracy theory.


Karma can be a real bumper


I will risk sounding repetitive. I intend to be repetitive. We need to repeat until the deluded voters ‘get it’. The Bannon, Miller, Trump team is easily 100,000 times more dangerous to this country, democracy and our way of life than Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and ISIS combined. Whatever we were willing to do to defeat ‘Global Terrorism’ we need to be willing to do to rid ourselves of this much more insidious and imminent threat.


I am not seeing any sign of principled republicans distancing themselves from this president or his side-kick.

I listened to clips of what Amy Goodman called Mr. Trump's Nationalist speech and I heard resounding enthusiastic applause to all of the themes that are probably the implementation of Bannon's dreams.

I am so sad.


Excerpted from Bannon's CPAC speech (via the NYT of 2/24/17):
"'The third, broadly, line of work is deconstruction of the administrative state. ... If you look at these cabinet appointees, they were selected for a reason and that is the deconstruction. The way the progressive left runs, is if they can’t get it passed, they’re just going to put in some sort of regulation in an agency. That’s all going to be deconstructed and I think that that’s why this regulatory thing is so important.' (emphasis added)


Don't you just wish Trump (and Bannon) would just go trump themselves - or each other? Trump 'em, the trumpin' trumpers.


All of this humor surrounding Steve Bannon is for the most part very displaced. The picture of him at CPAC is utterly deceptive. He is obviously heavily made-up for the event. Reality: Bannon is a very progressed, violent alcoholic. His wife in Santa Monica called the police on him a couple years ago. His is the type of alcoholism which is now showing up on his face People with medical credentials see serious liver disease. It's clear that he is formulating his thinking (and likely has been for years) while actively drinking very hard. Their may be even a sadistic streak behind some of it Rather than laugh him off, I would suggest the safer route is to look for avenues for him to be removed from office, if possible. He's not just dangerous, he is VERY DANGEROUS TO THE COUNTRY'S WELFARE.