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A Fist Raised and a Knee Taken: US Gold Medalists Gwen Berry and Race Imboden Protest Trump Racism and Gun Violence Epidemic at Pan Am Games

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/11/fist-raised-and-knee-taken-us-gold-medalists-gwen-berry-and-race-imboden-protest


It’s turning out that most of the courage to deal with trumpism and other problems falls to our youngest adult generation. Salute to the brave.


Good for them. It’s a disgrace what’s happening to Kenny Stills for calling out Stephen Ross’ support for the racist psycho in the WH.


"predictable backlash from right-wingers who accused both Imboden and Berry of being insufficiently patriotic"

Just for the record, I am proudly insufficiently patriotic. When the U$A stops being run like a
mafia state by a bunch of war criminals and racists (both corporate parties) somebody let me know.



I also subscribe to the idea of insufficiently patriotic. I have had a small American flag pin on my camo green cap for a couple of years now. I wear them from birth til they fray or get a little to ripe.
Today, and until trump is out of our hair, I turned the flag upside down. Small but firm statement.

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Real bravery must be rewarded in this country.

Cowardice, in all forms has been the mainstay for far too long, and is no replacement for it.

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The rule to keep politics out of sport is a demand, a coercion, a domination, commanding obedience and conformity to traditions of racism. Public displays of truth cannot be allowed. Those who disobey will be censured, as authoritarianism married to Jesus is brutal. I didn’t know Jesus was racist. Tell me which lines from scripture…
Taking a knee is one of the holiest things one can ever do. American Christianity is lost, ‘perfectly clear’, and dangerous.
Good work to all kneelers and dissidents for justice and democracy.

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The peddling of patriotism, from grade school on is merely another means of “control of the people”

To reference your point. John Lennon “Working Class Hero.”

They need to be removed from the team

Yes, the ones that didn’t support the mini protest and awareness display should be removed from the team.
Not so welcome I think.