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'A Fresh Start': Ferguson to Withdraw Thousands of Arrest Warrants



Mass resistance is good! Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise! Stand up and fight back!


"... restoring confidence ..." - this is what colonization looks like
... then you have in the American lexicon - 'confidence game' - thats something illegal, isn't it?
Well, at least the judge reveals how shallow the level of context is.

This has nothing to do with "confidence" and absolutely everything to do with empowering civic scrutiny and drying up and blowing away the centuries of slime slathered over the veiling of the secrecy process of the privatization of societal 'values'.

Deepest gratitude to the ArchCity Defenders for aggregating and documenting the files and seeing that they were brought to light. I keep the DOJ report on Ferguson as one of the reminder baselines for future reference.